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Business Lessons Bill Gates

Business Lessons Bill Gates

If you take the service approach, arm your knowledge workers with digital information tools to connect with customers and manage those relationships. This service will help every member of your organization or group to connect with potential customers.

Real Estate "Have and Want Information" is like gold on the Internet

In one seminar that I do, I call information
"Diamonds on the Floor of a Brokers Office."

There is a tremendous amount of opportunities in every community in the world that is not being worked that can make a broker's office more profitable.  With the information age now here, learn how to make it work for you and stop missing all these opportunities now!  Make it a part of your Monday morning meetings to explore and talk about these opportunities and learn how to work this information effectively on ICIWorld, providing world wide advertising exposure for real estate board listings and the leader in working information that is not on real estate boards.

In the training sessions on line, there is a point where every single broker who takes this short session, agrees that they are missing opportunities to do business and do not even realize it.  The training session will give you an awareness and tools to stop missing these abundant opportunities that every single licensed real estate person in the world can be working now.

Real Estate professionals are best positioned in the industry to identify, collect, market, network and work "information" in the industry. One piece of information can make one a lot of money. There are many pieces of information in every ones community! May we suggest you include this service in your "business information tool box."

Real Estate "Have and Want Information" is the gold on the Internet.  Just ask many of our members who have made thousands of dollars networking have and want information in addition to advertising their real estate board listings. Does it work? See 31 pages of Testimonials.

This did not happen by accident. ICIWorld was the first commercial information service on the Internet in 1994.  Through tough times and learning the hard way and being a little ahead of our time, we have learned how to make the Internet work for licensed real estate people world wide to help them serve their clients and prospects effectively.

Today it is the largest service of its kind and the best and perhaps the only major world wide service to work "information" not just "listings."  Real estate board internet type listing services require written agreements. There is a model that works effectively to work this open kind of information in a competent and professional manner in the real estate industry today.

Brokers on ICIWorld today have placed over 11,000 Haves and Wants with over $1 Trillion of Buyers and $6 Billion of Haves in Database 1. Principals have placed over over 5,000 Haves and Wants in Database 2. These are from the public!

Members who fail to work ICIWorld's 18 point Marketing Plan, miss out on opportunities. There are deals reported regularly by most all members who apply the Marketing Plan that is provided on joining.  Others who do not apply the marketing plan do not have as much success.

Networking Real Estate "Have and Want Information" has proven itself over the years, to help real estate brokers and salespeople serve their prospects and clients.  In one CCIM Marketing Session for instance there was over $200,000,000 worth of Haves and Wants presented over a two day period that helped people connect to do transactions.

Some of the largest and smallest sales in the world started from "information" not a listing.

To network this kind of information on a world basis requires a slightly different approach than in a single CCIM or SEC Marketing Session where most everyone in the room knows each other and there is an element of trust.

Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople are licensed to trade in real estate information.  They are governed by laws in their state or province. People who are not licensed are not allowed to trade in real estate information unless they are acting on their own behalf or they are working for a company who employs them to do so and then only on account of the company.

Usually a broker will obtain a listing and then advertise that property on various services, including real estate boards, and newspapers, etc.

We recommend real estate board type services, however there is a lot more information available in every ones marketplace than can be worked through a real estate boards.

In the past, real estate brokers did not work open and exclusive listings because why would a broker spend money to advertise a property when that very person would not give them a listing in the first place. 

And secondly there was no control. Many times it was the effort of the broker who introduced a buyer to the property only to have the buyer go around behind the brokers back and the broker was not compensated.

A broker has to build up the knowledge, the contacts and make the effort to learn and understand the business in the first place and have the contacts built up to help people connect with others.

Real Estate Brokers help people buy and sell properties daily!  One bit of advice can sometimes save a buyer or seller a lot of heartache. They have helped people create wealth, a great deal of wealth through investing and buying real estate.

They help people work through their problems and arrive at solutions.  They become a friend to your and your family in many cases.

In many cases, such as with shopping centers, developers will tell brokers they do not wish to list their property with them, however if they bring a buyer, they would be more than happy to pay them a commission. This is called an "open listing."

Most real estate brokers would agree that ninety per cent of shopping centers in their area are not listed on real estate boards.  Ninety per cent of apartment buildings in their area are not listed on real estate boards, and in fact our studies show that there may be three to thirty times as much commercial real estate information available to real estate professionals in their market place than can be placed on a real estate board.

This means there is a lot of business in everyone's community throughout the world that can be worked to the benefit of the public and the professionals who serve the real estate industry and you should get excited about this.

ICIWorld specializes in this kind of information.  Every member broker advertises their real estate board type listings on ICIWorld much the same as they advertise their listings in a newspaper or trade publication.

ICIWorld is like an Internet equivalent of a world trade publication. The information is more similar to the kind of information you might place in the classified ads of a newspaper than a real estate board type listing with full details. Most brokers do not place addresses in a newspaper ad.

Our point is this, there are thousands of opportunities that are of an open listing nature in every persons market place in the world. One showing leads to one making a lot of money.

There are thousands of exclusive listing type opportunities where the owner does not want their information publicized on a real estate board with their name and address.

For instance a restaurant owner may prefer a quiet sale.  He does not want everyone to know his restaurant is for sale, it could be bad for business, or morale, and other reasons, etc. yet he wants to find a buying in the market place. By advertising "Atlanta Georgia Restaurant $350,000 making money," it accomplishes his objective. It does not give away which restaurant it is because it could be any one of many in his market place.

This is particularly important on properties of $3,000,000 to $1 Billion. People simply prefer a quieter method of marketing.  ICIWorld is built for this.  By advertising, "Southwest USA Hotel $20M," that does not give away what it is that the broker has.

ICIWorld is designed to trigger a call from a prospective buyer and then the broker can qualify the person and separate out the tire kickers and curiosity seekers from the real buyers.  This is one important aspect why brokers can be rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

ICIWorld has a simple model that works to protect the broker on an open listing.  The concepts to handle and manage information are perfected on ICIWorld better than any other service in the world that we know of.

It gives brokers and salespeople in every single community in the world an opportunity to approach For Sale By Owners, anyone who might be interested in selling or leasing a property.  Members should contact every ad placed by the public in the classified ad section of their favorite newspaper.

Many developers advertise their own properties but cooperate and advertise that brokers are protected.  This is an open listing!  This is an opportunity to do business on ICIWorld!

We recommend that brokers obtain at the minimal verbal permission to place their information on ICIWorld.

Remember an open listing is one where an owner says, I want to sell my property, but I do not want to give you a listing, but I will pay you a commission.

Buyers and what they are looking for are information on ICIWorld.

IN the seminars that we do and the daily training sessions that we have conducted now daily one on one with brokers now for over ten years, we have found that most all brokers in the industry can come up with at least ten open listing type opportunities to do business, each one worth revenue of from $10,000 to $50,000 AND a lot more, if they wanted to, over the next three months.

This is business that every licensed real estate person in the world can do that is in addition to what you already are doing!

All of these can be handled quite nicely on ICIWorld and in fact this is the only major world wide service of its kind that we know of where you can work open type listing information as well as real estate board type listings.  All real estate boards and real estate board internet type listing services require written agreements in order to place them.

You really must read the testimonials of all the deals that are being being done by brokers who are advertising on ICIWorld.  In one recent month 44% of all the deals that were done were of the open listing variety!

We will show you in your first training session that you are missing to do business now and do not even realize it!

There is also another category of listings called exclusive. Again all these can be advertised quite nicely on ICIWorld.

In fact ICIWorld considers itself an independent third party service, a brother in the family of real estate boards that services the community and the organized real estate industry.  That is because we only allow licensed real estate brokers and salespeople to join the service. *Exceptions

It should be a part of a realtors influence in the market place and we would like to explore working with real estate boards, any commercial group who can take a short break from their busy schedule and daily activities to appreciate what is going on here.

Bill Gates wrote about in his book called "@The Speed of Thought." It is concepts from this book, connecting the thoughts of people, bringing the customer and the client closer together through the brokerage real estate industry that is the essence of ICIWorld.

Real estate brokers and salespeople are best positioned in the industry to analyse, determine what is important information, collect, place and network Have and Want Information.

Once a broker/salesperson learns how to collect and work this information the time spent is minimal, an average of 2-4 minutes to place a have and or want and that is it! One works the calls! Updating is recommended every 3-60-90 days and this takes two key strokes per Have or Want.  Each Have or Want can make one a lot of money.

ICIWorld helps brokers take a thought, "an open listing piece of information", work the information in a professional and competent manner in order to bring the buyer and seller together. 

ICIWorld has built a platform and has accomplished this and it is working smoothly. It is working at the speed of the market in real time.

The information in the databases gives people a chance to connect with others, others who specialize in the kind of business they want to do. 

Once concept we teach is that it is the people behind the service that is the important thing, really not the listings. Many times a person will call on one Have or Want that does not suit the person, discuss something else with the broker/salesperson that does interest the person and they go off and do a deal.

It is the success stories of the public and the members that inspires us to this day to continue to grow the service. We know brokers are only scratching the surface.  There is a tremendous amount of business to be done in every single community in the world. I would get excited about this if I were you.  You may be doing this for the first time, but we have been helping others do it for years.  Please ladies and gentlemen, read the testimonials.  This is unbiased proof it can work for you in your marketplace.

ICIWorld is handling it all as smooth as can be.  We have planned it since 1994 and it continues to work smoothly to this day. 

It is up to the brokers of the world to adopt this service as one of their important tools in their "brokers information tool box."  It really does not take much time at all once you have read the marketing plan that is provided instantly on joining.

We invite you to get onto the cutting edge of technology, and learn how to work "information" not just listings in your community and join today.

You will be part of real "cutting edge technology" and be the first to network the gold on the Internet, "information not just listings."

Do not hesitate to contact us when you questions.

Gary Nusca, CCIM

Jump onto the Cutting Edge of Technology . . . Join today.

ICIWorld was the first commercial real estate information company on the Internet in 1994 when we searched Altavista.com and there were only 25 responses. Today it has grown to the largest service of its kind in the world with servers in San Jose, California, Mississauga, Ontario and Toronto serving people all over the world. We specialize in helping brokers network information on behalf of their clients and prospects. We do this with online training conducted in their offices throughout the world over the phone while they are on the Internet. We have been doing this daily for ten years and continue to grow to this day.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, 58 years old, has been a real estate broker for over thirty years and served in various capacities in the real estate industry. He has worked with brokers daily, training brokers daily for over 10 years. It is concepts and ideas gleaned from working with professionals that has helped design this service to be among the best networking of Haves and Wants in the commercial real estate industry in the world. ICIWorld conducts seminars. You get the full benefit as a member