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ICIWorld is world registry of real estate Have and Want ads.

It is free for the public.  It is supported by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople world wide. See business being done.


We recommend searching at www.iciworld.com or any of the following search tools.
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These websites can be used on your computer and added as a shortcut to your mobile phone.


World Real Estate Information Listing Service

| https://www.nreils.com

National Real Estate Informatioin Listing Service

| https://www.ILS.realestate

Information Listing Service

All built to handle the future in world real estate networking.

Most all websites provide four choices: Commercial, Business Opportunities, Residential, FSBO's.

Database 1

Search over 15,000 Have and Want ads placed by broker and salesperson Executive Members complete with contact information! Unlimited Haves and Wants for members.

Since 1994


Database 2

Search over 13,000 Have and Want ads placed by the public free. Limited View. Details. Contact Information available and circulated to Executive Members only.

Search Real Estate Haves and Wants

These web pages are still producing leads since 1994.

That is why we are leaving them here.

However we recommend using the newer sites and Apps. We call them information tools for a brokers information tool box. Use the ones you like best.

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30 seconds and five clicks to make connections to network with other people to do business.  Contacts . . . make contracts. Averaging 50-100+ new listings daily.

Search World Markets
Database 1 Database 2 FSBO's
Simple Advanced Simple Advanced
Have/Want ads placed by Executive Members Have/Want ads placed by the public. Free to place.


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Have and Want listings, "messages" are used to identify people with whom you can network with. Inactive and expired listings help you do that as well as active listings. If you wish to search strictly active listings, you can choose to do so using one of the advanced search tools below or visit USA www.iciworld.us or Canada www.iciworld.ca

World Backups Made daily by 6AM Eastern Standard Time


Search Help

Database 1
Status Active

with contact information

Restrict your parameters at first. ie: search the universe of listings then start to zero in by location, type etc. sort by price minimum, etc.

Database 1
Active, Inactive and Expired


Database 2
Search Database 2 FSBO Area

Add your Haves/Wants Free to Database 2

There are many ways to search. Find the one you like. Make it a favourite of your browser or make it an icon on your desktop. Call for assistance anytime 1-877-272-1721 and be in front of your computer. Place it on the home screen of your iPhone, Blackberry, Playbook, iPad. You will have the latest up to the second information at your fingertips! Receive the latest Haves and Wants by EMail.

"Commercial Investment Bulletin Board System"

To zero in on things learn to use Advanced with contact information.
Choose wider categories and areas at first to see the "universe". Learn to use key words, four or five letters in the subject line to find things.

Help with Searching Advanced Methods.

It is contacts . . . that make contracts!

"It is not necessarily the listings that are important, it is the people behind the listings. In many cases they know about other opportunities not on the service. Develop business relationships that can lead to doing business. When you do, you can still say it all started here."

"Real Time Connections"

Links for your resource center on your home page.
Feel free to add any of the above links to your web site as a resource. The public will be able to click on the message numbers.
If you are a real estate broker and prefer to have the public call you on any message number click here.

There are five things everyone should do to maximize opportunities to connect to do business. 

  1. Search Database 1 Over 7,000 11,000 13,000 15,000 Haves and Wants placed by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople complete with contact information. Members can place unlimited Haves and Wants.

  2. Search Database 2 Over 7,000 11,000 13,000 14,000 Haves and Wants placed by the public. A limited view is available. You will have to contact our office or a member of our service for further information.

  3. Add your Have and/or Wants free to Database 2. Executive Members have full access.

  4. Subscribe to Receive Haves and Wants by EMail . . . free . . . for your area. 90% of people choose the DIGEST for their State/Province or Region. One email per day with new listings. You can unsubscribe anytime.

  5. Place your information with an Executive Member of ICIWorld for the maximum and ultimate exposure on the Internet. When they place information in Database 1, it is in a database receiving over 1,500,000 hits per month from people in over 100 countries.

    Also instantly and automatically, their information is distributed to the industry world wide by EMail. Over 10,000 EMails deliver Haves and Wants daily to the public. Database 2 does not receive this exposure.

If you are a broker or salesperson may we invite you to join the ranks of those in the industry who are on the cutting edge of technology to serve their clients. Buy an Executive Membership.

You can employ this service:

  • as a Powerful Listing Tool such as printing out lists of buyers to show how well connected you are to the buyers in the marketplace;

  • add links to your web site to provide this service from YOUR web site Details;

  • to print out statistics (See latest full month) in color to demonstrate your marketing reach to people in over 100 countries;

  • place unlimited Haves and Wants for the world;

  • add special links to YOUR web site structured in a way that YOU get the leads;

  • receive a web site within ten minutes of joining. If you have 60 minutes available we can help customize it to suit you and your real estate business;

  • receive Training and Support, now conducted by way of Videos and Webinars jump into one now, learn see how things can start working for you very quickly;

  • and much more.

ICIWorld.net is an up to date world registry of real estate Haves and Wants as well as cataloging expired listings that in many cases remain valuable contacts for members only. If you see an interesting Have or Want that you can not click on, contact a member today to follow up.

Find the search tool that best suits you and make it a favorite or a desktop icon on your computer. That way you have contacts for real estate information at your fingertips!

Among the most real estate deals being made by contacts started through the Internet. See Testimonials among the most deals being done started on the Internet.

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