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Many people choose a member from this directory to list their property for sale and for lease. They can provide the ultimate in Internet world wide exposure.

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They provide exclusive access and world wide marketing exposure for exclusive real estate information, something you can not do on a real estate board.

Search by company, state, province, languages spoken, specialty, market area and much more.

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Get listed in this world directory. You can be receiving calls within minutes of placing your information.

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Only members in this list can search all 30,000+ listings on ICIWorld.

Only members in this list can place information that reaches people in 138 countries.

Only members in this list can place exclusive information that automatically appears on 1,000+ other brokers websites, 18,000 places throughout the Internet and delivers the information by EMail to 20,000+/- subscribers daily.

It is local brokers in your area providing global connections for marketing and networking real estate information.

However much like a real estate board, members are licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the USA and Canada. Mortgage brokers can also join and real estate salespeople from the rest of the world are invited to join. See Who Can Join.

Executive Members of ICIWorld have access to among the most exclusive listings that are not on real estate boards as well as FSBO's (For Sale By Owners) in Database 2. REALTORS on the service provide a greater and thus better selection of opportunities by including exclusive opportunities as well as MLS opportunities. 75% of listings on ICIWorld are not on real estate boards.

Also you should place your "Want" as well as "Haves" with a member and reach an industry, otherwise you can easily be missing doing a deal and not realize it.

  1. Click on a logo.

  2. Search members, their Haves and Wants, visit their home page, contact them by phone, EMail. Each person has a wealth of knowledge and resources that can assist you.

  3. Ask a member for assistance for more information on any message number.

  4. Place your Haves and Wants through a member for Internet global exposure.

  5. Search by Languages Spoken

Click on a logo to see a search matrix of listings of Haves and Wants of members of that company, organization and also members of ICIWorld.  It connects the real estate information of thousands of real estate people no matter where they are located and displays it quickly. Note the speed of the new dedicated hi speed server.

These links should be placed on your high traffic web site to generate leads for your members. The display and appearance can be redesigned graphically to suit your company, franchise, association, country, virtually any network or group of people. There is no development charge of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This generates business for your members! It becomes a valuable service for you to gain members as the testimonials of deals done starts to roll in.

The key is the Haves and Wants appearing of your members appearing on your web site.    The instant networking can make thousands of dollars for your members and organization and provide success for the people you serve.

Call to discuss how this dynamic database platform can help you achieve and meet your goals, mandate and objectives.  You can choose to display strictly active information with expiry dates, reminders, etc. EMail List Servers can easily be set up to deliver information to your group and/or open it up to the public.

These services are many years in the making and are tried and proven.

If you are a leader, President, Chairman or an  information assistant, call anytime to discuss what can be done.  Let us know how you wish to consider to partner, contract or license these services. This is built to provide the powerful services of the Internet for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople to serve the public.

With the advent of iPads and the like, it is information at everyones fingertips for the first time and instant information makes people a lot of money. The highest return on investment of any service on the Internet is for real estate because one lead can make one a lot of money.

Sample for your chapter

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Click here to see Haves and Wants of CCIM Chapter Members

Order a search matrix database designed for your organization, company, real estate board, etc. It is free.  Promote traffic for listings of Haves and Wants of members of your organization, company, chapter, etc. It is networking.

We recommend the links above to be used on your own web site to help promote the listings of your members. You can easily be promoting traffic of prospects to the Have and Want listings of your own sales people by simply adding this link to your own company web site. The link results can be framed within your web site.

ICIWorld becomes a back end search database engine. You only ever send people to your own web site.

How To Use the World Wide Directory
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Search Languages Spoken
Choose a member by language.
All members speak English.
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Search ICIWorld's Executive Member's World Wide Directory

You can make this search form a link in your Blackberry or iPhone so you can lookup and search contact information. It is information at your fingertips! Learn how to find members by city, specialty, market area, and many other ways.  Do referrals. Talk business. If you are using key words try only using four or five letters when doing a key word search. It may improve your results.

It is a form where you make choices such as choose a state or province and search for members in that state or province.

  • To sort use Sort On Field and make a choice.

  • You can find a member by searching for the first three letters of your zip or postal code, or phone exchange, specialty, market area, city, country and much more.

  • In the specialty field, search for residential real estate search for brokers and salespeople who do residential.

  • In the specialty field, search the word residential or commercial, hotels, land, industrial, golf, whatever is your specialty, etc. in the specialty field.

  • In the Market Area field, search the market area for your area.

  • Search the comments area and type in a language. For more information on languages spoken by Executive Members click here.

  • Need assistance? Contact us world wide free or send us an EMail.

ICIWorld is supported by the licensed real estate brokers and salespeople of the world except where we do not have members in an area then principals may join for a one year term until we do have members in the area to provide service. Who can join?

Members world wide are best placed in the industry to identify, collect, disseminate, market and distribute and network have and want information.

Most have a network of 100-200 people so that 1,000 members on ICIWorld have a reach of 100,000 to 200,000 people. Yes it is speculation but not out of the realm of doing business. This is in addition to the advertising reach of everyone.

This service everyone in the industry prospect and  connect to do deals in the most effective and efficient manner known.

Executive Members also have a wealth of knowledge including information not on the service.  They hear about upcoming properties that could match what you are looking for.

Most all love to serve people. They can get enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve you and with their time, energy, knowledge, and connections can help you achieve your real estate goals.

If you have a good business relationship with a member it can open doors that never existed before and help you connect to do deals. 

Contact a member today for the ultimate in networking and marketing on the Internet.

If you are not a member, join today.  Network information not only real estate board listings but Have and Want information in your area.

For these and other reasons it is good to develop business relationships with broker and salesperson members.

Executive Members provide the following:

  • they can search any message number of the service to provide you with service;
  • they can place your Haves and Wants for the greatest exposure in the marketplace. There are over 1,500,000 hits per month from over 100 countries of the world. See Statistics;
  • they provide circulation of your Haves and Wants by EMail List Servers to the industry.   There are over 10,000 EMails that deliver information daily to the public;
  • You can subscribe free to receive information but you need to place your information with a member for this distribution to the public world wide;
  • they provide links in your listings to help market the location of your property.  Sometimes it is not the property that is the problem, it is just getting people interested in your location in the first place. Members provide this service. Our members utilize the power of linking to market your area!;
  • Only ICIWorld Executive Members are particularly well equipped to market the location of your property no matter where in the world it is located.
  • they can work your "wants" through the industry.  Otherwise you can easily be missing doing deals and you do not even realize it.  Place your wants with a member for the ultimate in exposure in the world marketplace.
  • access to the private FSBO Area.  Contact a member broker in your area for information in the Private FSBO Area or send a request to EMail with the message numbers.

Almost all brokers and salespeople who have been in the business a while can provide testimonials of how they have helped people make money in real estate. Are they doing business? You bet! Click here for testimonials.

They can be your best asset to building your assets and creating wealth for you.

The sorting function may be particularly helpful as you can sort on:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Country
  • Telephone Area Code
  • Zip and/or Postal Code
  • Home page
  • Specialty,
  • Market Area

Have your own real estate broker, get them to join the service. It is only $240 per year and we will help them every step of the way to help them serve you for the ultimate in world wide exposure.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime.


Gary Nusca, CCIM
1-877-272-1721 North America
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