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ICIWorld.net is a world registry of real estate Have and Want information. Building a world community of people interested in real estate.

Consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant. We will show you how to save time and network important information that can make you a lot of money in addition to what you are already doing. Call us anytime for a brief chat.

ICIWorld is a world wide service bureau supported by several hundred licensed real estate brokers and salespeople and growing and is free to the public. It helps people connect with others to transact business.  The success stories by all members and the public inspire us to believe this is an essential information service in the world for everyone who would like to network Have and Want information to connect to do business.   We look forward to hearing about your success stories and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Take a tour of our data center in San Jose, California.

It is no longer a matter of "if you will do a deal but only when."

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The Market ICI World Real Estate Network

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Demonstration and Training and orientation sessions are conducted in your office . . . over the phone . . . while you are on the Internet. There are concepts which are the difference between doing deals and not doing deals. You can have a jet outside your door, but if you do not know how to fly it, you are still not going anywhere. Effective use of the Internet and information services to generate contacts that lead to making money are dependent on your skill talents. 

Call for a free, no obligation, short demonstration today to see what you could be learning.

I have been a broker for over 30 years and there are things that every broker and salesperson in the world can learn that will work to make you money in your area. There is no longer a question of "if" you will make money in your area, it is only "when." Call for a short demo today.

Arrange for a seminar for your company, real estate board or commercial group. 

Your Host: Gary Nusca, CCIM

Gary Nusca, CCIM, past Chairman CCIM International Commercial Real Estate Conference, real estate broker for over thirty years and served in various capacities in the real estate industry.

He has worked with brokers and the public daily since 1990, specializing in helping brokers and salespeople network information and computer technology to help their serve their clients and prospects. He has worked with an average 3-5 brokers per day for over 10 years.

It is concepts and ideas learned from "the school of hard knocks" and working with professionals that has helped design this service to be among the best service providing the public and organized real estate the ability to network Have and Want opportunities, information, in the commercial real estate industry in the world. ICIWorld conducts seminars. You receive the benefit of this knowledge as an Executive Member of ICIWorld.

There are specific concepts that we share with members on joining that will benefit people who deal in commercial real estate.

What areas do we cover? It's a Small World!

Schedule appointments for Training and Orientation through Gary 1-877-272-1721

When you require to speak with Gary there are several ways: 

  1. EMail Send an EMail with your requests, questions, etc. and we can respond by email or call you. We normally check EMail daily however with the volume of EMail you can ensure a response by phoning.

    This email address has a spam blocker on it, you will have to fill in a code once in order for us to receive your email.

  2. 1-877-272-1721 USA Toll Free
  3. For billing enquiries, status of a membership, or if you think you have registered and forgot your password, click here: Login.
  4. If you forget your password, click here and it will be sent to you within two minutes.
  5. Enhancement requests, suggestions, ideas to improve the service, more information, please send an EMail. We do appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

We do have contract work in marketing and administration. You must have your own computer, Internet access and a telephone answering machine or service.

Please do not hesitate to call.

Join online anytime 24 hours per day
Upon payment you will be provided with:

  • Receipt for payment.
  • Instant full access. 
  • Welcome and Instructions.
  • Marketing Plan - Ten concepts that will make the difference between doing deals and not doing deals, experience from over ten years of helping brokers make money on the Internet.
  • Unlimited Haves and Wants.
  • Start adding Haves and Wants with world wide exposure and instant and automatic world wide distribution.
  • Access to the private FSBO Area of Haves and Wants placed by the public.
  • Subscribe to receive EMail of FSBO listings from principals for your area.
  • Access the private Resource Center. This is a tremendous resource that all brokers say is worth more than the price of membership. 
  • Full instructions to add 10,000 listings to YOUR Home Page. Details.
  • Training, Orientation by appointment.

You should book a Training Session for maximum advantage.  There are ten concepts which you should know. Over the last while we too have learned more about how to help a broker make money in his/her business.  We share these concepts in a one on one session with every broker and salesperson member who joins.

We also provide seminars and look forward to being invited to speak for your commercial real estate group.

Although there are many free services, the Ultimate in Networking is achieved only with a full membership.  

We provide training in several ways:

  • Welcome Instructions;
  • Checklist step by step ways to do things;
  • How To Enter Information;
  • Marketing Plan;
  • Videos;
  • Manual for the web site;
  • Telephone assistance - be in front of your computer when you call.

We will show you how to put a stop to missing doing deals in your market place!  This is powerful stuff and it is the difference between doing deals and not doing deals.

All brokers agree that there is a point in our training where they see they have been missing doing deals in their marketplace and did not realize it.

If you have an assistant they should sit in on the call with a hands free telephone so that everyone can hear us.  They can play a vital role for you.  

We spend time with every broker/salesperson that comes on this service to ensure one takes maximum opportunity to connect with others.  It is not that you will be spending a lot of time on the computer. But you must be familiar with how to use these "information tools" in your every day business to generate business for yourself.  For instance, did you know that when you go on a listing presentation you can print out a list of 100 buyers in some cases! This is just one of many powerful features that you will learn about so that the Power of an Industry can work for you in your individual affairs.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate user of computers to an expert, you will enjoy the application of new concepts and ideas to benefit you and your clients.

Do not hesitate to call.  Expect to do business.

The Market ICI World Commercial Real Estate Network


A World Service Bureau for Have and Want Information for the Industrial, Commercial & Investment (ICI) Real Estate Industry. Includes Land, Farms, Businesses, Financing and more. 

Registered Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople support the service with a small annual fee. 

It is free to the public.


Contacts . . . make contracts!

Over 1,500,000 hits per month and growing . . . means business for you!

Hi Tech . . . Low Cost.

Invite us to speak for your commercial group.