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The following represents a great deal of time and expense. If you tried to do this all yourself it would cost thousands of dollars and countless hours of time.  This service has all been built up with over ten years of daily work. There are thousands of dollars of programming.

Please consider ICIWorld as a personal marketing and information assistant.  Instead of you having to pay $100,000 per year to someone and supply all the office space and computers necessary, to help you find the right buyers or sellers for your business and real estate opportunities, you employ ICIWorld for only $240 per year or .67 cents per day.  It is a high tech . . . low cost solution for the ultimate in marketing and networking on the Internet.  You reach a whole community of people with a like minded interest and it makes it so much easier.

Search Engine placement is one of many things that contributes to high statistics. This creates traffic generated by people interested in your information!  A great deal of business comes via search engines for home pages on the Internet.  

We were the first commercial real estate company on the Internet in 1994 and we have developed ways to achieve top rankings on search engines. For instance try www.google.com to search the words commercial real estate, or investment real estate, or industrial real estate. You will find that ICIWorld is listed in the top 20, and is listed in the top 20 on most of the major search engines. Google receives over 40 million visits per month and 51,000 visitors per hour, and ICIWorld is in the top 10 out of 5,000,000!

It is in the top rankings for key words "industrial real estate," "investment real estate," "commercial real estate."  This means when people search those words, they find ICIWorld and then find your information in your area very quickly. Literally within just a few key strokes a person who gets on the Internet can find your information.

Of course these are not the only words people search.  By having pages on the Internet of all kinds of real estate, people find information on ICIWorld quickly.  This benefits everyone in the industry when they place information on ICIWorld.

There are 31,000,000 companies listed on AOL, and again, ICIWorld is in the top 10. This is extremely beneficial to you.  

The following link is a small glimpse into the world of a web ranking report.  Only a few of the search engines are listed, but ICIWorld is on page 1, and this is out of millions of pages.  

Why should your information be on a Web site that is consistently listed in the top 20 of Search Engines?

Is it worth $240 per year to place your listings? If you answered yes, then you should be a member of ICIWorld. Join Today. Read the testimonials of our many satisfied clients.   

We provide a vital service to real estate brokers and salespeople by having the largest service in the world that deals in Have and Want information (not just listings), and to effectively manage and control it.

It is also the only major worldwide service that we know of that allows access to open and exclusive information, not just real estate board type listings.

It protects the interests of the licensed real estate industry in a way that is beneficial for the public.


ICIWorld—One of the highest readerships in the world for commercial real estate information.

Traffic means people are reading your information . . . when it is placed!  Otherwise, you are missing opportunities to do deals.

Traffic means there are people who can contact you and that leads to doing business . . . when you place your Haves and Wants.

Information in commercial real estate can be very profitable. Join Today.

New record of over 1,000,000 hits in one month; this demonstrates public readership!

Among the highest activity of any site on the Internet for commercial real estate.

Contacts . . . make contracts!

This means business for you.


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Note: Upon membership you must read the marketing plan that you will automatically receive online. It is important for every licensed real estate broker and salesperson to take responsibility for their information and apply the 18 concepts in the marketing plan.

Other methods of advertising and generating readership on ICIWorld. Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss this or any other questions you may have.

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One unique site could have five people in one office using the same computer. This measures only sites.
These statistics do not count the Emails delivered daily worldwide (10,000), the once per month Email Multi-Casts worldwide (180,000+), or the Fax Multi-Casts (5,000+) and attendance at major conventions, conferences, seminars, etc.  For only $240 per year, we do all this for you.  Let us be one of your marketing and information assistants. Hire us today.

Members should print out Statistics for January 2003 in Color, as they help to create a powerful listing presentation. For easy access to ICIWorld, place an icon right on your desktop or make it a favorite in your browser. 

Placing quality information and keeping it up to date is all it takes to begin receiving calls. We will help you learn how to place that quality information in two minutes. Contact us today and make an appointment for a demonstration in your office over the phone. Call anytime for more information.