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Statistics restarted due to the upgrade of our new server.

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It is all about harnessing the power of the Internet to
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We do not have stats from thousands of member web sites that have the ICIWorld links to listings on their web site. It is substantial. We do not have stats from people who read the EMails that are sent out daily, circulation 10,000 to 20,000 daily. Contact names and numbers are in the EMails. It is substantial. If a real estate office has 100 salespeople and 30 access ICIWorld it only counts as one unique site.

Marketing Reach helps you do business: Averaging 50,000 people readership doing business monthly from people in over 100 countries estimated* Read on. This means business for you!

You can reach this audience within a few minutes, by placing a Have or Want. It is that fast! And you can do it for all your listings all year long.

*Total Unique Sites Each request made to the server comes from a unique 'site', which can be referenced by a name or ultimately, an IP address. The 'sites' number shows how many unique IP addresses made requests to the server during the reporting time period. This DOES NOT mean the number of unique individual users (real people) that visited, which is impossible to determine using just logs and the HTTP protocol (however, this number might be about as close as you will get).

If there are more than one person in an office using a computer it only counts as one. We have many offices with many salespeople using the service yet they are only counted as one.

Marketing Reach helps you do business: The statistics does not count the number of people who read the daily EMails of Haves and Wants. There are between 10,000 to 20,000 EMails going out daily. Many of these people do not visit the web site at all. They act on information in the EMails.

ICIWorld averages 1,000,000 +/- hits per month. Hits certainly indicates activity. You will see the times of the day people are busy and days of the week and even some months less busy than others..

For listing presentations: Many members use the stats and list of countries to obtain listings. Print out the list of countries! It demonstrate world wide marketing reach.

For listing presentations: Print out a list of buyers. This becomes one of the most powerful listing tools for a licensed real estate broker or salesperson when you can print out a list of 200 buyers for shopping centers for instance.

For listing presentations: Ask your seller, what is better marketing, to have your listing on one web site or on 1,000 web sites?

This demonstrates how well connected with buyers and sellers on an industry wide, world wide basis as an Executive Member.

Google: by being at or near the top of Google, ICIWorld brings traffic to your listings and to your web site. It is like you have a small business in a major mall where there are thousands of people.

A major upgrade of our computer server is 95% completed as of December 14, 2012. This is the foundation of the server going forward.

A new server was under construction since July/2012 and over 62,000 links had to be reconnected from our former server and a tremendous amount of configuration, reprogramming, connecting links, and on and on. There are still links being reconnected.

May we ask a favour of you? If you see any links not working, please let us know.

You should now notice a marked speed difference as this is a hi speed dedicated server.

There is a new information age different from the previous ten to fifteen years because the participation of the population of people has increased. It is necessary to deliver high quality content in a manner that pops up information in peoples devices such as iPads, Blackberries, Androids, laptops, notebooks, computers, TV Internet and on and on.

ICIWorld databases deliver your content in the fastest and most economical way in the world today.

Since basically July of 2012 statistics were essentially down and not working as changes were being made.

All along the way we are happy to report, and indeed we are inspired by the connections that the members are making to do business. Deals are reported on the listings. Deals are being reported where they got a buyer calling on one thing and they developed a relationship and went off and sold the buyer something else.

Virtually everyone using the service should either be doing deals every three months or at the very least developing good business relationships they feel will lead to doing deals or one should call us. There are some minimum use requirements we can go over with you to ensure you are benefitting.

We pledge ourselves to help you network with the world and do well for yourself, your prospects and clients.


First off, we recommend that members do not send people to ICIWorld ... members should send prospects and clients to ... their own web sites. ICIWorld helps you set it up so people can search YOUR web site for MLS and exclusive listings, residential AND commercial listings.

Members should all have the special revenue producing links on their own web site.  All the listings on ICIWorld should be on a members web site or the member does not have it working properly for them.

This is generating leads for all members ... all members or you do not have it installed or your have no traffic to your web site. A simple phone call to our office can get this all fixed up for you.

There are over 2 Billion people using the Internet.

When one listing is placed on ICIWorld not only will it appear on one of the world's top real estate web sites, but additionally on over 1,000 other brokers and salespeople's web site. It is called an IDX link. Members of ICIWorld choose to allow or not allow their listings to be on your web site.

What is better, to have your listings on one web site or on 1,000 web sites?

We call it the ultimate in marketing on the Internet ... in addition if someone in your community searches "commercial real estate" "industrial real estate" "investment real estate" in ICIWorld appears within the first two pages out of million of results. 

Within 30 seconds and five clicks people can find your information and you knowing nothing about you, your company, your location as long as your information is placed.

This means business for you.

Additionally information is also instantly and automatically EMailed out to the industry. 10,000 to 20,000 emails distribute information daily to the public. This is tremendous penetration of the market place for all your listings ... all year long.

To receive the information by EMail is a free service. Subscribe free. By subscribing to the DIGEST format for your state or province, you get only one email per day, with the new listings in it, whether there are 2 listings or 20 listings, you only get one email.

One member reported placing a shopping center for $4,000,000 on TREB and received four calls. On ICIWorld he received over 30 calls and sold it. So does it work? You bet!

See testimonials of deals being done.

Today, household penetration of Internet access now exceeds newspaper readership. And it's going to continue to grow, especially as barriers are overcome and the advantages of online become more and more apparent.

More consumers are collecting information about potential purchases on line as it provides rich content of virtual tours of homes and commercial property using the Internet's media-rich environment while also providing an information exchange of Have and Want type information. 

Call us anytime to speak in a seminar for your company, group or organization. 

World Internet Usage Statistics

  • 74% of people use the Internet to search for real estate.

  • 96% are searching for real estate are searching for listings. If you do not have thousands of listings you are missing opportunities to generate business from your web site.  See

  • One of the ways to make your web site powerful is to add an ICIWorld paid link to your web site. Thousands of listings all in a way that YOU get the calls.

  • ICIWorld displays over 28,000 Have and Want ad listings This is great marketing penetration of the Internet.

  • ICIWorld is also on the first page in google out of millions. Search commercial real estate, industrial real estate, investment real estate. This brings attention to individual listings that generates traffic and business for members.

  • We have helped many of our members achieve a first page ranking of their own web site for their own key words.  This is called Search Engine Optimization.

  • SEO for YOUR web site included in your Executive Membership. ICIWorld attends world conferences on Search Engine Optimization. Top executives from MSN, Yahoo, Google and more from many specialists around the world attend these conferences to learn how to do SEO.  SEO is an exclusive service that we share with members only.

  • We have helped many of our members get on the first page for their own market area for their own web site through SEO.

  • This is one of our goals to help you and it is called Search Engine Optimization. If you are not showing up call us.  But there are more ways, intelligent ways to promote your web site than just SEO and you will find out in an exclusive video we provide to members on How To Promote Your Web Site.

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Statistics Totals Hourly, Daily, Monthly, By Country, Hits, Unique Sites

Most of all make sure you see some of the deals being done.

Plug your information in to the traffic and do business.

The 2006 Realtor® Technology Survey, conducted by NAR’s Center for REALTOR® Technology, reveals that the Internet ranks third in generating leads, behind referrals and repeat clients, and ahead of community involvement.

The survey also shows that there is a clear connection between technology spending and Internet-generated leads, and that getting leads from the Internet continues to grow."

Increasingly, the real estate market has moved online. A 2004 study by the National Association of Realtors indicated that 74 percent of consumers begin the home buying process online, and 75 percent expect their agent to be Internet-savvy. In fact, according to industry analysts Borrell Associates, online now accounts for more than one-third of all consumer media time - making it more difficult for advertisers to reach consumers solely through such traditional media as television and print.

ICIWorld is one of the Internet's highest traffic generators of people for real estate information and the people who place it.

Click here to see results in google for commercial real estate.

Click here to see results in google for industrial real estate.

Click here to see results in google for investment real estate.

This means if you have property people can literally find your property within a matter of five clicks . . . if it is on ICIWorld.

Read statistics published about readership on the Internet. Details.

Everyone can and will do deals.  It is inevitable. See testimonials.

ICIWorld is like a set of tools you add to your "real estate information tool box".  It is like going into a store and buying tools that help you reach new people and for them to reach you.

All real estate brokers and salespeople, residential AND commercial in the world should click here:

"Information tools for your business information tool box."

Statistics Totals Hourly, Daily, Monthly, By Country, Hits, Unique Sites

January/2012 February/2012 March/2012 April/2012 May/2012 June/2012

Server under construction July/2012

Advertising It is like being at a real estate convention with tens of thousands of people attending. You get to network with them. It is a major community of like minded people interested in real estate.  Advertise your products and services. In addition information is EMailed out to the industry. There are 10,000 to 20,000 EMails delivering Have and Want ads to the public and the real estate industry daily. They open their iPhones, iPads, Blackberries and read the information and contact you directly ... if you placed an ad.

Additionally all information is available for hand held devices with our mobile application. Simply to and our mobile application will identify your device and bring up the mobile application.

December/2011 November/2011 October/2011 September/2011 August/2011 July/2011 June/2011 May/2011 April/2011 March/2011 February/2011 January/2011

December/2010 Over 1,000 other brokers and sales peoples web sites provide information linked to ICIWorld databases. That means when you add a listing not only does it appear on ICIWorld but also on 1,000+ other brokers web sites. What provides more exposure, having your listings on one web site or on 1,000's. explains how ICIWorld provides links for real estate salespeople world wide for their web sites that triggers interest from their web sites for the Have and Want information placed by members on ICIWorld.

Other brokers have agreed to allow their Have and Want information to appear on other brokers web sites because it provides a greater penetration of the marketplace rather than having information on just one web site.

The public then visits and gets personal assistance from a members web site and access to ICIWorld is limited to access to the Have and Want database.

Members should take advantage of our web site services for all their web sites to build their web sites to service the public.

Please note we support all web sites with links not just the one we distribute to members.


Make sure you have our special links on your web site! Call us to consult about what links will be most appropriate. Usually a state or province link, a world link, a My Haves and Wants link, and perhaps a Power of Sale, FSBO link, etc.

We supply special links for all members web sites to the ICIWorld database. When a person visits your web site and clicks on one of the special links that we supply to all members, the Have and Want listings appear on YOUR SITE.  There are 50-100 new listings daily up to the second and you as a member do not have to do a thing.

The customer is then encouraged to make a list of all the listings that they are interested in and ask you the Executive Member of ICIWorld for more information.

The member should either make arrangements to show the property or do a referral.

The Have and Want information on ICIWorld appears on another thousand brokers and salespeople's web sites. If you are a licensed real estate salesperson you can subscribe to get these links for your web site.

This is tremendous penetration of the market place when your listings can appear on thousands of other brokers web sites and not just on one web site.

Information must be placed by an Executive Member in order to achieve what we call the Ultimate in Marketing on the Internet for industrial, commercial and investment real estate.

June, July, August, September, October Statistics were temporarily stopped due to programming a change of server software, upgrading of systems and reconfiguration.

ICIWorld has been on line on the Internet since 1994 with literally 100% up time other than rebooting and the odd change to a new server. Average access time to information is 4.9 seconds. 

In keeping with our goal to serve the world, the database is located on a special server that is closest to the four major backbones of the world.

See our data center in San Jose, California.

If the data takes longer than 20 seconds, it is probably a function of your own Internet Server Provider or your computer. We can easily test your situation if you call our office and we will compare how fast results appear on your screen and our screen.

May/2010 Over 10,000 EMails deliver new Haves and Wants daily to the public world wide. See EMail List Servers. Many people do all their business right from the EMail without ever working any of our web sites. Remember it is the contact that is important with someone whom you feel you might be able to do business with because of their connections. It is all about networking. If you really think about it, most people have a sphere of influence of about 200 people.  So if you reach 50,000 people here through readership x 200 you are potentially reaching 10,000,000 + Search for any of the following terms: investment real estate, industrial real estate, commercial real estate. Within five clicks and 30 seconds people can find your information no matter where in the world you are located IF YOU HAVE PLACED IT IN DATABASE 1. We sometimes say in a joking manner that you can be a real estate agent but if you have not placed your Have or Want on ICiWorld, you are a secret agent. Simply include this service in your yearly marketing plans. See Our Pledge that everyone does business or you call us.  Also our service is becoming more private because once a real estate salesperson joins ICIWorld they will not send people to ICIWorld.  You will only send people to your own web site see the listings that are on ICIWorld. They are specially structured so that you get the calls. Do referrals on the calls.  Do business on the calls. See for all residential and commercial real estate salespeople in the world. If you do not have it you are missing out.  I should know.  I too have been a broker for 37 years but specialize in helping you and your clients benefit using the Internet. Since 1994.

April/2010 Once you become a member you will not send people to ICIWorld.  That is because we have a special service, a link that goes on to YOUR home page, that is a link to the listings on ICIWorld. That means you can send people to YOUR OWN HOME PAGE to see the listings that are on ICIWorld. This link is specially structured so that people have to call YOU for more information. It is absolutely inevitable that ever member generate leads that provide the opportunities for you to do business. This also means when you advertise your Haves and Wants on ICIWorld they will not only appear on over 18,000 pages that ICIWorld has that penetrates the farthest reaches of the Internet but information also appears on over 1,000 members web sites also penetrating the Internet. That is one reason why everyone is making connections to do business. If you are not a member, you are easily missing opportunities to do business and do not realize it. Feel free to call anytime to chat. 1-877-272-1721 membership details.


Executive Members of ICIWorld provide what I call "the ultimate in marketing on the Internet." This is not only through the networking of their Have and Want real estate and business opportunities on ICIWorld but also through their individual web sites.

The web sites that we supply have not only commercial real estate opportunities but also residential homes . . . all marketed with color photos and slide show displays. You can choose to allow them to be marketed on thousands of other broker web sites AND thousands of other brokers have agreed to allow their listings to appear on YOUR web site. This has got to be the best penetration of the marketplace whenever you have a property for sale or lease in addition to your real estate board service and if you have an exclusive listing.

February/2010 Once you join ICIWorld you will never send people to ICIWorld again. You should always send them to your own web site where you will have a link to all the listings that are on ICIWorld. That way your customers and propects will call you for more information on any listing.  ICIWorld is becoming a back end search database engine for licensed real estate salespeople. There are some people doing some very advanced web sites from a database point of view. Here is one.

January/2010 If you are not benefiting from the Internet you should call us now. Within a few minutes and a brief demonstration we can show you why it is absolutely inevitable that you will do business. Gary 416-214-4875 and be in front of your computer. We just need to know where in the world you are located, where you want to do business and whether you do residential or commercial real estate or both. Our Pledge.

December/2009 One feature of an online Internet database is that Have and Want information is stored on line and is able to be retrieved at a time that is convenient for you and everyone else in the industry. The information is not lost. Properties may get sold or leased along the way. Buyers may change their mind.  But opportunities are collected from a whole industry. This is instant prospecting and networking from a whole industry.  We used to have to travel long distances to meet with just a few people at one time to network real estate Haves and Wants. Today everyone does it from the comfort of their own home or business office.

When you place an ad in a newspaper it is in one day and out the other.  If a person did not read the newspaper that day, this becomes a missed opportunity. ICIWorld becomes an ideal place for everyone in the industry to ensure their is a central world database that has virtually 100% uptime since 1994. Information here is not lost.  It is maintained in searchable formats and is kept available to you at all times. It continues to grow as a reliable and competent way to do business. 

Our goal is to encourage everyone interested in real estate in the industry to check the database on a regular basis, monthly at the very minimum, in order to help you connect to do business.  Do not be a secret agent, place your information today in Database 1 where the world can read it and contact you directly. It is free for principals to place Haves and Wants in Database 2. 

With the holiday season here, now could be a good time to review your use of the Internet and ICIWorld. Remember our pledge that everyone does business or call us? If for any reason you are not making good connections to do business or referrals contact us for a short consultation that can help you enhance your use of the Internet for your marketing plans next year.  With with world's Internet usage population statistics of 1.9 Billion and ICIWorld populating the Internet with thousands of entry points, it simply gets easier and easier for all Executive Members to do business as long as your information is placed. Marketing is like fishing you have to keep your line in the water so to speak otherwise you can easily be missing doing deals and not realize it.

November/2009 Once a real estate salesperson joins ICIWorld he/she will no longer send people to ICIWorld to search.  They should only send people to their own web site. ICIWorld becomes a "back end" search database engine supplying information for members web sites of the Haves and Wants of the industry. This is in real time. The listings on members web sites are updated in real time 50-100+ new listings daily.  This is all done automatically and the member does not have to do a thing. Why should anyone return to a members web site once they have visited it?  It is new listings coming in daily.  People need to check the new listings and this brings people back to a members web site, again and again.

October/2009 Statistics and listings demonstrate activity. However this is only half the story because ICIWorld information is listed on members web sites. We help direct traffic off the Internet directly to members web sites for residential AND commercial real estate. When an Internet visitor goes to a members web site, they can see the listing number and subject line of the information that is on ICIWorld but they can not click on it. This generates business for all members if they have agreed to allow their listings to be on other brokers and salespeople's web sites. This exposure is a great penetration of the marketplace and tremendous marketing exposure in addition to all the things that ICIWorld is doing to provide great services the public.

September/2009 All members are instructed to send people to their own web site. Each member of ICIWorld should have links to thousands of commercial listings as well as thousands of residential listings. This is why wherever you are looking for property in any location you should find a member in the location you are looking for because they will have relevant links to properties that may more likely serve you.

August/2009 If information is not placed on ICIWorld can one say they are doing everything in the real estate market to advertise and market ones property?  If you search google for three words commercial real estate you will find ICIWorld on the front page out of over 100,000,000 results. People can find your information literally within 4 clicks no matter where in the world you are located.  You plug your information in the moment you place a Have or Want on ICIWorld. It is world wide exposure for a nominal yearly fee that really pays for itself or you are not using the service properly. In this case you should call our office and we will check your membership for what we call "material defects."  Once fixed virtually everyone on ICIWorld makes connections to do business.

July/2009 Statistics demonstrates continued activity on a daily basis. There are people accessing information daily. There are four things you must do to make a connection otherwise you can easily miss doing a deal and not realize it. Readership is from people in over 100 countries. This service is much like classified ads in a newspaper supported by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople and free to the public. The policies encourage the free flow of real estate Have and Want information not just listings of Haves and Wants in real estate.

There are thousands upon thousands accessing information on a regular basis.  Having an annual fee for licensed real estate broker and salespeople and free to the public weeds

June/2009 If you do not have a showing today, you will not make any money today.  This service triggers interested people in what you want to buy or sell in real estate.

May/2009 The following is one of hundreds of ways people can find your information and call you. Place your information on ICIWorld. When someone searches google, within five clicks and 50 seconds, people can find your information and contact you.

One way to appreciate the power of what is going on here:

go to  search commercial real estate, or industrial real estate, or investment real estate.  You should find The Market ICIWorld Real Estate Network on the first page out of 55,000,000 results. Click on your continent or country, click on a province or state, pick your business category. IE: within four to five clicks people find YOUR information!!! (if you have that information on ICIWorld)

If you are an agent, don't be a secret agent. Get your information onto ICIWorld built to provide you with the most economical way in the world today to help you make connections with people with whom you can do business with.

Unlimited networking and advertising all year long for $240 per year.  See the most testimonials you will see on the Internet click here. This means the public and real estate brokers and salespeople are doing business in an ongoing basis, day in and day out, month in and month out, year in and year out. It simply works from every broker and salesperson in the world. Simply sit in front of your computer and call us absolutely no obligation. Search and contact members and talk to them.  

This service was built to serve the public.  Only licensed real estate brokers and salespeople can join to place information in Database 1 where there is what we call the ultimate in networking.

Database 2 is free but there is limited exposure of contact information to members of ICIWorld only.

In our opinion it unlocks the power of real estate people to really help the public. You will learn it works great with real estate boards. Ask us how anytime.

April/2009 Statistics indicate a level of continued activity.  One reason why statistics continue to grow is the searching that is going on, on all our members web sites.  There are new listings added every day.  These new listings appear on members web sites as well.  People will revisit members web sites to see the new listings coming on the market. This is one way to generate traffic for your own web site. It is a listing feed that provides listings from your own web site in a way that the member gets the call.  See


February/2009 Any month statistics can be used in a listing presentation demonstrating the countries of the world that people access ICIWorld.  Keep in mind that ICIWorld has information appearing on over 18,000 pages penetrating the farthest reaches of the Internet.  When you add information here it has a tremendous exposure and readership.

January/2009 Residential statistics are available from within the web sites that we distribute.

December/2008 The bottom line are there deals being done?  Everyone should read testimonials. You will find ICIWorld is really a networking service of people. That is the true strength.  The listings trigger interest, identify people with whom you might do business.  This helps you build your own database of people for future business.  All this leads to doing business.

If you do not have a web site generating leads of the Internet you are missing doing business. If you do not have ICIWorld listings on your web site for people to see, to become interested in, you can easily be missing doing business and not realize it.

Only members can benefit from the unique services of This applies for brokers and salespeople throughout the world no matter where you are located. THIS IS THE POWER OF THE INTERNET.

See four ways to make a connection.

November/2008 Statistics demonstrate activity.  This activity demonstrates people exploring opportunities to do business. 44% of sales studied by us in one month some time ago indicated the sale came from one person calling on one ad that did not suit the caller.  They developed a business relationship, discussed other things not on the service and went off and did a deal. ICIWorld is really all about networking, about the people behind the service, the contacts and knowledge and potential contacts they all possess that can benefit the people they talk to on a daily basis.

One piece of information in real estate can benefit someone immensely and licensed real estate salespeople in every market area of the world are best positioned to identify information that can be valuable to someone else and then provide real estate services to the relevant parties to a potential transaction and make money.

October/2008 Activity demonstrates people meeting people.  People meeting people demonstrates contacts to do business. Contacts to do business leads to contracts and benefits for everyone.

Literally all commercial property sellers and all buyers can place their Haves and Wants on this service. Everyone can see these Haves and Wants the moment they are placed. 

For the public it is free.

For licensed real estate salespeople it is $240 per year for unlimited ads.

Nothing could be simpler or faster to connect to do business.

There are four ways for everyone to make a connection otherwise you can be missing doing deals and not realize it. Here are the four ways.

There is a world market at work here.  If your property for sale or lease or your acquisition criteria is not listed here, you are missing opportunities to do business and do not realize it.  See testimonials.

September/2008 Statistics today do not show up until tomorrow. 

This service generates leads for all members web sites. There are over 1.9 billion people using the Internet. 74% of people who look for real estate start their search for real estate on the Internet.

96% are looking for listings.

ICIWorld supplies listings for all members web sites.

We recommend that all members send their prospects and clients to their own web site, not to ICIWorld. 

It is residential and commercial listings on a member's web site structured in a way that they get the calls that generates interest and provides the opportunity for each member to do business and/or referrals. 

This is one of many ways that members do business.

Members should also check the statistics on their own web sites to see traffic. 

You can have a beautiful web site but if you do not have traffic you still won't make any money.  See our vide "How To Promote Your Web Site" and print outs and the manual for the web site we supply to increase traffic.

August/2008 Remember the readership on the Internet is not only growing, but people are learning how to use it better and better and this increases readership for all members listings and the fsbo area.

There are thousands of ways people access information on ICIWorld.

This generates business for everyone.

July/2008 Statistics demonstrate this site has tens of thousands of people of a like minded interest in real estate doing business locally in your area and world wide.  Statistics are not clouded by pop up ads or in your face advertising.  It is clean, pure real estate. 

The statistics do not include over 10,000 Emails delivered to the public daily. You can try them out anytime.  Subscribe and unsubscribe free for your state, province or  area.

This generates business for everyone.

June/2008 Powerful Listing Tool. May we suggest members print out the statistics for the previous month on glossy paper and in colour. 

It demonstrates your marketing reach around the world and is a powerful listing tool.

This can generate business for everyone.

May/2008 Another record month with over 1,900,000 hits in one month.

7 out of 10 adults in 2005 were using the Internet in some way. In absolute numbers, that would mean that roughly about 137 million adult Americans reported going online at the end of 2005. For that universe, two survey groups — the Pew Internet and American Life Project and the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.

People who read classified ads in newspapers world wide use the Internet! The computer and the Internet beats paper for speed hands-down for delivery of information!
One ad can be $240 in a newspaper.  Unlimited real estate ads on ICIWorld are $240 on the Internet . . . all year long. Details. Household penetration of Internet access now exceeds newspaper readership. And it's going to continue to grow.


  • 1,800,000+ hits;

  • readership 51,000+ people;

  • as many as 14,000 hits in one hour;

  • as many as 116,000 hits in one day;

  • almost 160,000 visits;

  • and a record visitation from people in 128 countries!

If you do not advertise here, you can easily be missing doing a deal and not realize it.

Statistics are increasing based on two fronts:

  1. When a member places his/her information on ICIWorld, the information is available from over 18,000 places on the Internet penetrating the farthest reaches of the Internet.

  2. When the public visits any one of our Executive Member web sites, they can click on links that display the information on ICIWorld.

The more traffic our members get to their web sites, the more opportunities there are for people to click on the links to the information that links to the ICIWorld world database of broker Have and Want information.

We provide the database engine that collects the information from members, from the public, and then provide the means to display it all from a members web site in a way that the member provides the service to prospects and clients. It is working very smoothly. 

When a member receives an enquiry out of their market area or expertise, they simply do a referral.

With the special web sites we distribute, there are also thousands of residential properties displayed as well.

With ICIWorld's official distributor status and official educator we ensure that the web sites are set up properly to take advantage of new features of the Internet. This helps to increase participation by all involved and is reflected in the statistics here.

March/2008 Statistics are a sign of activity levels.

ICIWorld is an advertising vehicle that takes full advantage of the Internet to serve everyone on the planet earth who wants to communicate to do business in real estate. 

The power of the Internet and specially designed software allows you to communicate your thoughts, in our case, your thoughts concerning your buyers and sellers, their acquisition criteria, their wishes to sell, etc.

It makes the case of marketing property that much more easier than ever before.

They say the stock market is liquid.  Well this helps to make the real estate market as close to liquid as it can ever get.  Think about it; you have a property for sale and everyone knows about it within seconds. It can be done confidentially. Qualify, put your agreements in place, do your showings, due diligence and write the offer.

One broker spent a total of two hours from showing, to time spent getting his offer accepted. As time goes on, more and more real estate people appreciate the penetration of the market place that this service provides and benefit to themselves and their prospects and clients. Statistics of readership attest to that. 

If your information is not here, if you do not research all information on this site and you do commercial real estate, you are simply missing opportunities to do business and do not realize it.

February/2008  Statistics today will not show up until tomorrow.

January/2008 With our new services of providing web sites for members, we recommend that members no longer send their clients to ICIWorld.  We recommend members only send prospects and clients to their own web sites not to ICIWorld.  Most all listings that are on ICIWorld are on every members web site.

If you are a member and do not have this set up you must call now for assistance to set this up.

Members should check statistics on their own web site and analyse them.

We work to help every member generate traffic for their own web site. All members should see the ICIWorld produced windows media video called - Segment 5 How To Promote Your Web Site. Increase the traffic to your web site.

When you increase statistics to your web site which is people seeing the listings on your web site, that triggers enquiries from the public which leads to showings and referrals for you.

Every real estate broker and salesperson in the world should offer this content from their web site.  And . . . you are providing a great service to the public. 

All licensed real estate salespeople in the world should see:


There are over 1.9 Billion people on the Internet world wide. Details. ICIWorld provides Internet marketing tools to help you benefit from the best communication vehicle known to man, the Internet.

December/2007 There are over 100,000 visits per month from over 40,000 people per month and a great deal of business being done. Do not keep your Have and Want opportunities a secret from them, add them to the ICIWorld community two ways:

  1. the public can add information in Database 2;

  2. the other is contact a licensed real estate broker or salesperson member and have them place it in Database 1.

There are four ways to make a connection to do business on ICIWorld otherwise you can easily miss doing a deal and not even know it.

If you are a licensed real estate broker or salesperson anywhere in the world you can join today for unlimited networking and expect to do business.

November/2007 There are over forty ways ICIWorld promotes real estate Have and Want information to the world. ICIWorld is one of the largest collectors of real estate information in the world. There are thousands of people doing business.  We invite you to place your information and look forward to making connections to do deals.

October/2007 ICIWorld recommends special links be placed on member web sites to all the information on ICIWorld. Once these links are in place on a members web site, members should only send prospects and clients to their own web sites to look for information, not to any of ICIWorld's web sites. We help members generate business in their market areas no matter where in the world you are located. ICIWorld also supplies special web sites for members in addition to any web sites they may have. We then help members build traffic for all their web sites. With special search optimization techniques this generates enquiries on all the information that is on ICIWorld but from each members web sites. Members have full access to look up message numbers in Database 1 and Database 2. Although it is free for the public to place information in Databse 2, it is limited exposure compared to what members can do in Database 1. It is members who have the ultimate in marketing information on ICIWorld. This works for all salespeople in the world no matter where you are located. For a  full explanation click here:

September/2007 Many brokers and salespeople do not realize that we recommend that they do not send people to ICIWorld.  Instead they should be sending people to their own web site where they should have links displaying all the listings that are on ICIWorld.

We supply links for their web site. Virtually any result that a person likes can be displayed on their own web site. 

How does it all work for a salesperson?  See

August/2007 Shows activity levels of 50,000+ hits per day.

July/2007 Statistics operating normally after our major upgrade of servers and software. Not all but the majority of our sites are now included for statistics purposes. 

You can consider this service as a major shopping mall of activity on the Internet in the business of commercial real estate networking. It drives traffic to our members and their customers information and to their web sites.  Picture your business located in a shopping mall or . . . on a side street of a business district.  Which gets more traffic? That is one of the purposes of ICIWorld.

June/2007 Statistics are now fixed and back to working normal and all systems have been upgraded and are working properly. 

May/2007 Statistics are fixed as of Friday May 18, 2007. Since January we have not paid a high priority to it, as the new server and all the different functionalities had to be worked on. 

April/2007 Our statistics program has not been configured to the new server properly so the statistics for this month are still not fully functioning properly.

77% of people who search for real estate search the Internet.  96% of them are searching for listings.  Now with the unique services from ICIWorld for real estate brokers and salespeople, you can have thousands of residential and commercial real estate listings, all on YOUR web site in a way that YOU get the calls.  You never send people to ICIWorld.  You send them to YOUR web site to see all the listings. For details see: It is a great service to the public that gives them a great selection of listings for both residential and commercial real estate, right from YOUR home page. 

ICIWorld was the first real estate information service on the Internet in 1994 and has continued to develop services for real estate professionals to serve the public every since.  These services now serve thousands of people in the real estate industry world wide.

March/2007 One way statistics are used is for Executive Members to print out one of the previous full months of statistics. It demonstrates your marketing reach throughout the world.  There are people in over 100 countries accessing this information and it lists the activity and the countries. This is a powerful marketing tool demonstrating your reach around the world.  Indeed our members report sales to people from around the world. See testimonials It is among the largest collection of testimonials of people doing deals as a result of connections started on the Internet.

January/February 2007 During this time, there was a major upgrade under way. No statistics are available as the server logs were not properly operational during this time. December/2006 was last full month of proper statistics due to construction of new server.

December/2006 Statistics demonstrate activity and readership, one of the highest readerships, locally and throughout the world on the Internet for real estate information. Search Database 2 AND Database 1 for information in your area and you will see there are people interested in real estate in YOUR area.  If you are an agent, don't be a secret agent.  Get all your information on to the world stage.  To see what is included in a membership click here. 

Services for both residential and commercial real estate brokers and salespeople. See:

Click here to see results in google for commercial real estate.

Click here to see results in google for industrial real estate.

Click here to see results in google for investment real estate.

And it is economical to place all your information all year long.  Details.

November/2006 Statistics for today will not show until tomorrow. If you have any questions on anything please feel free to contact us.

October/2006 Print this out in colour and point out the list of countries accessing all the information.  It makes for a powerful part of a listing presentation. It demonstrates your marketing reach around the world. Learn how to use this and a list of buyers to list property. It is a fiduciary responsibility of all brokers and salespeople in the world to get the highest and best price for a property when selling it by exposing it to the most powerful services in the industry, especially when you can reach the world so easily.  And at $240 per year it certainly is reasonable for all your information all year long. Details.

September/2006 ICIWorld drives traffic to members web sites in several ways.

  1. By placing your listings on ICIWorld, the links in the listings to your web site enhance the recognition by search engines;

  2. the public clicks on these links and visit your web site;

  3. every new listing you place on ICIWorld, and every listing modified after 30 days, also generates EMails to the industry to various list services based on geographic areas, and business categories, etc. The public clicks on the links to your web site.

  4. home page links are in all your listings;

  5. if you have photos and/or links to pages of photos this also generates traffic for your information.

  6. the database of members is also provided for the public to search for a real estate broker or salesperson in their area;

  7. testimonial links to web sites are provided to the public.  Some people choose a real estate professional from this area because they see a broker who is doing business in their area and that is who they want, an active successful broker giving them the best chance to market their property for the best price and terms.

  8. educational seminars provided by ICIWorld teach how to promote your web site.

August/2006 Today's statistics do not appear until tomorrow.

July/2006 Members should incorporate statistics to make their listing presentations very powerful.  This is taught in our Weekly Training Conference Calls. Demonstrate the world market activity, your reach to the world of buyers.

Statistics indicate the continued daily networking.  It is like a city that has taken on a life of its own and is operating on its own. People making connections, developing business relationships that are leading to doing business. See some of the business being done. 

It is very exciting to see the benefits of networking information using the Internet. As we reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly, of the Internet the old maxim of the only thing that does not change is death and taxes.  Our use of the Internet is changing. The programs and technology helping us to use the Internet are changing.  It seems every few months ICIWorld is changing as we develop new tools to help people connect to do business in real estate.

Real estate brokers and salespeople have had to reinvent ourselves to provide real estate services or get left behind. In order to keep members up to date with some of the most powerful tools in this "information revolution" that we are all in, we have devised several training programs.  These seminars, workshops, "live" conducted every Friday in your office over the phone while you are on the Internet. That is why many pages on our service are color coded for training purposes. See weekly conference calls.

Every single member of this service should be doing deals on a regular basis. Every single one of us has family and obligations to support. This is for residential AND commercial real estate. We have noticed that some members who have not done deals or at the very least made great connections to do deals have what we call "material defects" in their membership.  That is they are missing one or more items that are the difference between making money and not making money.

One should call for a 15 minute consulting session.  A marketing plan will result and success will follow.

There are many ways to make connections:

  • EMail list servers that deliver Have and Want information to thousands daily.  Over 10,000 EMails deliver information daily to the public;

  • Web sites for members that provide a storefront to the public;

  • Ads placed by members instantly appear to the public.  Readership is over 50,000+ people monthly;

  • Database 1 for members to advertise their Haves and Wants to the public.  The public picks up the phone and contacts members directly;

  • Database 2 is free for the public.  There are over 10,000 ads placed by the public free.  This is a tremendous source of buyers and sellers looking to do business!

  • Training to help brokers and salespeople enhance their skill talents in networking information.  There is a lot of money that is being made with real estate information not just listings. Learn how to make it work for you;

  • Web sites are an important tool for every single real estate broker and salesperson in the world. ICIWorld provides comprehensive training and support to supply and enhance existing web sites;

  • Web site promotion can be the difference between having your web site producing or making zero. We show you how to promote your web site. This is a proprietary program not taught to non members;

  • Powerful listing tools.  Imagine being in a listing presentation and printing out a list of buyers! It is a powerful tool that has helped members obtain listings for bank power of sales;

  • Do you speak another language other than English? People can search our member records to find a member who speaks other languages;

  • Resource Center.  A place where resources of the world are brought to every member for their benefit. Many say this alone is worth the price of admission to ICIWorld;

  • Personal Database of your listings for your web site. Add listings to ICIWorld and they are instantly added to your own web site!  If you have a company, this is particularly useful so that all your company listings can be displayed and searched in many ways.

One broker has said "it is crazy not to have this service." Remember when the fax machine came in and some had reservations. ICIWorld has been built for every single broker and salesperson in the world to serve the public. It is one marketing and networking tool.  It is training to enhance your skill talents in using all your services using computers and the Internet. It can be as simple as placing ads, the same you do in placing ads in the classified ads of a newspaper, except to an audience now over 1.9 Billion people. Details.

Are there deals being done?  You really should see Literally among the most deals displayed in the Internet of deals being done.  This is not the only service in the world.  It is simply one that is designed for every real estate sales person should include in their marketing plans for the year.  Built by someone who has been in the real estate business for over 35 years in conjunction with several hundred brokers and salespeople.  Designed to be compatible with all services in the industry and competitive with newspaper classified ads. At 1/10th of 1 cent per line per day and reaching over 50,000 people monthly we repeat what one broker said "it is crazy not to advertise on this service."

June/2006 marks a major difference in the direction of traffic generation.

We now recommend that members do not send their prospects and clients to ICIWorld.  They should now only send people to their own web sites to view the information on ICIWorld. We provide links to the information on ICIWorld.  These links are placed on members sites in a way that the public contacts them for more information.

The web sites that we distribute to you, have their own set of statistics for you.

Now individual members should promote their own web sites and the listings that are on ICIWorld locally in their markets. The penetration and marketing exposure means there will now be thousands of individual portals to the information on ICIWorld. This means greater exposure for all the buyers and sellers. 

Instead of having just one site promoting listings, there will now be thousands.

There is a tremendous benefit to the public because they will be informed about information that they would not normally have found. They will get immediate assistance and referrals. The benefit to the broker who generated this business is through referrals and direct business.

This is a win win situation for the whole industry.

Web sites are included in an Executive Membership. Web sites have links to this information, all in a way that every one benefits. These web sites, with links, can be ordered within minutes by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople only. Details and summary of services.

May/2006 Members should print out this complete month of statistics. It illustrates your marketing to people world wide and lists the countries.  It is a powerful listing tool and demonstrates that even though you may be from a small town, you have world wide exposure, you can provide this for your customers when they list with you. 

Only licensed real estate broker and salesperson members who advertise on ICIWorld have this marketing exposure to the world wide public.

Another powerful listing tool is to print out lists of buyers. It demonstrates how well connected you are in the market place. Once someone lists with you, you literally can pick up the phone in many cases, and start making appointments to show the property.

If you search the words "commercial real estate" in google you will see The Market ICIWorld World Network in the top ten out of over 300,000,000 results. This means business for you. When people search "industrial real estate" or "investment real estate" and other terms, they find ICIWorld and then find your information very quickly, if you have placed it. 

ICIWorld is one of the Internet's highest traffic generators of people for real estate information and the people who place it.

Click here to see results in google for commercial real estate.

Click here to see results in google for industrial real estate.

Click here to see results in google for investment real estate.

We have statistics for how many times people search the words "real estate" in your area. This is reserved for the special training sessions we conduct for members to help you reach people in another way by having your web site come up if people search real estate in your specific area. If you do not have a web site, we supply you a $5,000 looking one within ten minutes! See samples. This works for every area of the world no matter where you are located. In fact we just supplied the first web site for a broker in China.

The web sites we supply also have statistics you can review.

Information is the power to do business. People find the right people to do business with through the information. This is one of the greatest strengths of this service.

  • When one places information on this service it is available in over 18,000 places through out the world instantly and automatically.

  • And there are over 10,000 EMails delivering information daily to the public.

  • This is for all your listings all year long as a member.

March/2006 Record setting month in many categories.

  • Readership over 50,000+ people

  • People from 125 countries

  • Over 1,800,000 hits

  • All this demonstrates tremendous activity in the marketplace.

The powers of the technology, computers and the Internet that were previously only reserved for Fortune 500 companies are now being used daily by smaller companies such as ours now for your benefit. 

It is for you to learn these powers to serve your clients and prospects with the tools that provide for the proper flow of information.  There is a responsibility on your part here that should not be taken lightly.

I saw a great cartoon recently that showed a General in the army in the olden days who was fighting with muskets.  Someone wanted to talk to him but he said he was too busy.  The person was trying to sell him a gatling gun.

February/2006 Statistics are compiled once per day by 6am each morning. Today's statistics will not appear in full until tomorrow.

January/2006 Now over 56,000 people readership from over 122 countries as of last month.

ICIWorld is a growing real estate brokers network of real estate Haves and Wants. It is direct contact with the public for information that is valuable in the real estate business.

This service can serve your country, any segment or group within your country. A good example is how it now serves Canada.  See

This can easily be set up and tailored for your country or any group or organization in the world.

It is not an MLS type service but rather an information service more similar to classified ads in a newspaper. Learn more.

December/2005 It is now recommended that all ICIWorld members only send their prospects and clients to their own web sites, not ICIWorld.  ICIWorld provides links for members web sites to the listings that are on ICIWorld.  See Leads For A Lifetime. The public  searches on a members web site for listings.  When they find something they like they contact the member to follow up.

RECORD HITS IN ONE MONTH FOR NOVEMBER 1,600,000. This simply means more business for everyone. Quick editors note:

  • if any member has not done a deal in the last three months contact us now. There usually are things that can be done to help you make connections.

  • we operate on the "squeaky wheel gets the oil" kind of thinking after all training is taken by a member. If we do not know you have a problem, we can't fix it. this is true for the public as well. If you are having a problem of any kind, please please please let us know. It could also be a problem for others otherwise we may not be aware and can not fix it.

  • It is very exciting to be a part of an industry wide information service and we continued to be inspired by the hundreds of success stories. Please let us know about your success stories.

  • Over 2,000 brocures were handed out at a recent trade show.  We find that thousands now know about the service and visit it regularly. Once people learn about it, they usually become readers or visitors for life. It is a constant source of new information.

November/2005 Record Month! The more the readership, the more there are benefits to all communities.

  • There are businesses started with new owners and new enthusiasm;

  • jobs are created;

  • housing is being built;

  • land is being bought and developed to provide services to people;

  • people are retiring on the wealth that was created through real estate;

  • the tax base of communities are enhanced by new investment;

  • service industries are sustained by the commerce created and infusion of new money;

  • senior retirement homes are being built to house our aging population;

  • real estate professionals are benefiting their families and love ones from income made;

  • and the list goes on and on. See success stories.

This service is open to all to use as an information tool. It is one tool that can help absolutely everyone when used properly and efficiently. However we find many do not know how to use it and in most all cases, it is so simple.

It is the real estate brokers and salespeople of the world who are contributing to the community to make this all happen. They are in unique positions to assist people achieve their real estate, financial and economic goals. Call one of our members today to help you or have your personal broker or salesperson join the service today on your behalf.

October/2005 When you consider the economical cost of $20 per month for all ones ads all year long, tax deductible, to reach over 40,000 people from over 110 countries per month it is rather incredible.

It is the power of the Internet many powers of which were previously reserved for only fortune 500 companies because of cost. Now the little guys, the real estate brokers and salespeople of the world have that power with ICIWorld. 

ICIWorld members are now reporting almost 1,000 sold and leased properties! If you do not advertise on this service one is simply missing one of the easiest and certainly the most economical ways possible today to reach over 40,000 people world wide.

Many of the latest deals reported that the buyers were not from the area that the property was sold. 

If one part of the definition of market value is to reach the highest number of buyers in order to achieve the highest price and best terms, then to overlook advertising a real estate or business opportunity on ICIWorld could quite conceivably be missing among some of the best buyers in the world today.

If an agent does not place his/her offerings on ICIWorld, then could one dub that agent a "secret agent."  Could be quite harsh but there are thousands of buyers and tenants looking for properties. ICIWorld has four ways to help people connect to do deals.  You miss one, and you can conceivably miss doing a deal and not even know it. It takes literally a few minutes to place information. Details.


As ICIWorld rolls out the new program "Leads For A Lifetime" our recommendation is that all members send people to their own personal web sites to search, not to ICIWorld. 

Every member can have a turn key web site.  One just has to ask for it. It is included in a membership whether you use it or not.

This directs traffic to individual member web sites where members can provide a great many services to the public including the ability to search listings in Database 1 and Database 2 but from the individual members web site.

We recommend that every member have their own web site.  We set it up with the links to real estate ads that are on ICIWorld so that people can contact you for more information on any real estate ad. Having your own web site helps the public in many respects. You also have full control to change it as you wish.

With these programs in place, this should reduce the hits on ICIWorld while increasing the hits to individual members web sites.

ICIWorld Databases become the backbone of each members web site in terms of collecting information and displaying it on each members web site.

This way members web sites can supply more information that is more localized and specific information to their clients and prospects. ICIWorld operates in the backbone in that sense on behalf of brokers and salespeople world wide.

August/2005 Statistics are a reflection of activity of people searching for opportunities to buy and sell real estate. When you are selling a property you want the best price and terms. You need exposure. When you are looking to buy some property you need selection and choices. ICIWorld is free market enterprise in action at its best with activity for everyone who is interested in real estate, no matter where in the world you are located since everyone can get on the Internet so easily. 71% of people looking to buy real estate search on the Internet. In google ICIWorld is seventh out of twenty million. This means business for you! Just a matter of a few clicks and they find ICIWorld and then YOUR information and call you! Join today!

July/2005 It only takes one showing to help someone find a property. Generate that one showing through ICIWorld. There are four things you can do to maximize your opportunities to make a connection for your next deal. Here they are.

June/2005 Readership now from people in over 110 countries of the world. Members should print out last months statistics since it is a complete month and demonstrate your marketing reach to over 100 countries of the world. It is a powerful listing tool.  If one does not advertise here, you miss exposing your property to one of the biggest sources of buyers in the world. Search commercial real estate in google for instance and ICIWorld is in the top ten out of 70,000,000+ results! Then people search their area on ICIWorld and find your information very quickly from no matter where in the world they are and you are. We too are constantly amazed to this day.  See among the most testimonials of deals now being done as a result of connections made through ICIWorld. Four things you can do for maximum results.  And remember to keep your information up to date every 30-60-90 days, otherwise your information goes to the bottom of the database and people simply get so busy working the top they do not get down to the bottom. There are over 10,000 EMails delivering information daily. Click here to receive new listings for you area.

May/2005 Record over 1,600,000 hits in one month. It is a good measurement of activity of the growing community of people interested in real estate. Record hits over 100,000 in one day.

You can network as much or as little Have and Want information as you wish, enough to find qualified people that you can develop business relationships with that lead to doing real estate business.

This service is built with special database programs, programmed by a former senior search engineer at the Nortel Corporation, to grow with the world. Your comments are appreciated.

April/2005 Statistics continue to grow. Record over 90,000 hits in one day. It has doubled in two years.  And so have the reports of deals being done. See testimonials. The more people who use the service, the more opportunities there are, the more connections are happening, the more deals are getting done.

You can print out monthly statistics in color to demonstrate your marketing reach throughout the world.

It is a powerful listing tool. Other brokers will say they are on the Internet and you will too.  However we suggest that the way our members are on the Internet is significantly different from the way others are on the Internet and by printing out the list of over 100 countries with all the stats you can show people the difference.

One can be on the Internet and not be receiving any traffic. It is like having a business in a busy city but on a side street.  However, ICIWorld is like a shopping center on the Internet for real estate information with high traffic.

March/2005 Readership is world wide. Record readership from people in over 115 countries.

Ten years ago one company we know spent $50,000 on brochures and promotion to reach several countries with their properties for sale. Today you can reach over 40,000 people monthly in over 100 countries through ICIWorld for only $240 for all your properties all year long.

And you should read the testimonials of the connections being made. In one sense it is like a gold mine and you may not hear about this service from any other source.  If you discover a gold mine do you tell everybody else about it? Many of our members use this service as a competitive advantage. 

One broker collected three cheques in one day and does not tell others in his same office about ICIWorld.

February/2005 Readership from virtually everywhere people have access to the Internet!

January/2005 RECORD HITS IN ONE MONTH 1,500,000. Record Hits in One Day 90,000.

Use January statistics as a powerful listing tool.
Print out January statistics in color.
It demonstrates your marketing to people in over 100 countries.
It is a powerful listing tool.

NOTE: For another powerful listing tool, print out lists of buyers. It shows how well connected you are into the marketplace.

ICIWorld is one of the most powerful information services in the world designed for real estate brokers and salespeople to network information with the public. This generates leads, referrals and showings. Without a showing today, you don't make any money today.

December/2004 RECORD HITS IN ONE DAY 76,000 You will see totals for the month as of yesterday, each day. The growth trend continues indicating a solid service providing information services to the real estate industry world wide. If you consider that information is the gold that is on the Internet then ICIWorld is a goldmine. There are four ways to mine that gold and make a very quick connection for your next deal and we show you how.

November/2004 RECORD HITS IN ONE DAY 74,000! And now a record month with over 1,400,000 hits this month from people from over 100 countries.  The readership is here.  You do not reach them unless you place your Haves and Wants. Haves are the properties for sale and for lease. Wants are what buyers are looking for.

Readership from the public is estimated at 40,000+ per month which is a combination of total unique sites and estimated distribution of EMails to the industry.

October/2004  This is made up of unique sites 38,340.  If there are ten people in one office using the same computer, then it is counted as one. Additionally there are over 10,000 EMails delivering Haves and Wants daily to the public.

Executive Members can now print out statistics in color for October/2004. For a powerful listing presentation, you should:

  • print out the statistics for Oct/2004 to illustrate the world wide marketing exposure you provide your clients and prospects to people in over 100 countries.

  • you should also print out a list of buyers for the type of business or real estate you are trying to list. In many cases you literally can start calling these buyers to make appointments to show the property.  It is that fast!

Sites is the number of unique IP addresses/hostnames that made requests to the server. This is as a rough gauge as to the number of visitors to the server. There could be 5 people using one computer.
Total Unique Sites October/2004 38340

There are also 10,000 EMails going out per day to the public.

Visits occur when some remote site makes a request for a page on your server for the first time. As long as the same site keeps making requests within a given timeout period, they will all be considered part of the same Visit. If the site makes a request to your server, and the length of time since the last request is greater than the specified timeout period (default is 30 minutes), a new Visit is started and counted, and the sequence repeats. Since only pages will trigger a visit, remotes sites that link to graphic and other non- page URLs will not be counted in the visit totals, reducing the number of false visits.

Total Visits October/2004 65,212

Hits represent the total number of requests made to the server during the given time period (month, day, hour etc..).

Total Hits October/2004 1,257,849

Files represent the total number of hits (requests) that actually resulted in something being sent back to the user.

Total Files October/2004 756,669

Tip: By looking at the difference between hits and files, you can get a rough indication of repeat visitors, as the greater the difference between the two, the more people are requesting pages they already have cached (have viewed already).

Prior to October, the last complete month was July/2004.  We were making changes to our server in August and September and the statistics program was offline periodically.

August/2004 A major problem occurred this month. There were so many hits, so much activity that the server and software did not handle things properly and things actually froze. We started to manually restart the server to keep it on, but it continued to time out due to the demand. 

Identifying the problem became a main issue and problematic.  Looking to a new server became an option which we set plans in motion to do and it was completed by the middle of September, 2004.

At the very same time, we took the opportunity to install new software that we have been developing for two years. In the case of ICIWorld it is almost impossible to test everything.  However we can install it and start to fix the problems as they crop up.

No pain no gain. We had a lot of pain during August and September of 2004.  You could say we are a victim of success. 

We thank everyone who had the patience to see this all through.

Due to changes of our main server and new software, stats for August are only available for 13 days.

First time there has been over 1,000,000 hits in one month during the traditional summer holiday month of July. Increased activity means more opportunities to do business. No matter where in the world you are located it is so easy to connect with others.

The success stories just continue to pour in as members learn how to work information in the marketplace, not just listings such as on a typical real estate board internet type service. See testimonials.

July/2004 Statistics have doubled in two years. Number of listings delivered daily has doubled. Number of hits per month went from 400,000 to over 1,000,000.  Number of unique sites (visitors) went from 20,000 to 40,000.

The service is designed to grow with use to eventually migrate to the best database in the world on the Internet which many say is Oracle. This has required java programming and much more so that it will not be hard to change over some day when we need it. 

To date the average response time to view a listing continues to be 4.9 seconds. The service can handle unlimited number of enquiries.  Twelve years ago with our on line bulletin board system we had five telephone lines and that was it!

With everything automated the way it is the service can easily handle thousands.  However each member broker user needs to have the skill talents on how to use this world wide information service.

For that we provide a one hour training program for virtually every broker joining and renewing. This training literally makes the difference between brokers doing deals and not doing deals, between making $50,000 or making nothing.


Explanation of Statistics

There is a way for the public to link to ICIWorld and a way for Executive Members.
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