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What do we do in the Daily Webinar Hands-on Workshops?

We will help you take the frustration out of dealing with computers and the Internet, designing web sites and hopefully have fun doing business.

These are actual workshops where we work on individual member needs . . . all in consultation with you while you see what we are doing on your computer screen.

It is like going to a Doctors office for a checkup but in this case it is an Internet checkup.  Some have called us "the Ghostbusters" because if you are not making money using the Internet who do you call? Think of us a an Internet Doctor where we help you use the tools of the Internet to remedy situations such as:

  1. we help you with better ways to market your listings, using the Internet Links Box to help sell the location of your properties, link to photos of your properties on your web site, and more;
  2. how to add listings effectively. People sometimes decide within 2-12 seconds if they want to deal with you so designing a good ad is important. You are reaching a whole industry!;
  3. fixing and helping you to customize your web site.  This is your Internet storefront to the public where there are 1.9 billion people. There is no way you can learn to do all this yourself without making mistakes and missing important items that are the difference between making money or making zero;
  4. we check links on your website. We are constantly finding links that do not work and then fix them for you.  This is one of many material defects that when fixed makes the difference between generating leads off the Internet or getting no leads. There is a checklist of items that have to be worked on for every single members web site;
  5. we suggest changes to web sites and make them before your very eyes;
  6. we suggest additions to web sites and make them while you watch;
  7. how to add revenue producing links to all your web sites and make them while you watch;
  8. we support all your web sites! Why? We have revenue producing links that can go on all your web sites! They are like billboards, you can have more than one! Link them together. Helps you rise in search engines because of the linking. We help you do it all.
  9. helping you to add listings properly for the maximum in marketing such as using the Internet Links Box, etc.;
  10. consulting on memberships to decide which course of action you prefer;
  11. how to search Database 1 and Database 2 FSBO's;
  12. how to do key word searching.  It surprises most who see this for the first time. It is information at your fingertips;
  13. how to place key words in your information so that people world wide can find you;
  14. identifying and fixing material defects in memberships, the difference between those who make money and those who do not. Once fixed it can be like a light switch, all of a sudden you can start getting leads;
  15. SEO Search Engine Marketing - what good is it if you have thousands of listings and a great web site if you have no traffic going to your web site. Forty ways to increase traffic (members only);
  16. analyzing;
  17. education, security using the Internet;
  18. marketing on the Internet, showing you how to have your listings on thousands of web sites not just on one or two sites;
  19. how to use FSBO web sites;
  20. how to bring up the latest listings on your Blackberry or iPhone. Real estate industry buyers and sellers at your fingertips;
  21. how to generate referrals the rest of your life. ie:  would you mind doing the odd referral that makes you $3,000 to $10,000 and more while you are retired? We will show you;
  22. and much more!

We are your personal Internet marketing and information assistant. Just call and ask for help to get things going! We simply make recommendations based on helping a thousand salesperson members but it is completely up to you if you want to use these ideas, tools, etc or not.

Invite your colleagues to join and learn with you and other members of your office, friends, and receive a three month bonus on your membership as a small token of consideration for your support.

Every single member of ICIWorld should get a USB Headset and Microphone so that all attendance at these sessions are absolutely free from absolutely anywhere in the world using the Internet VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

It will also allow you to make world wide phone calls absolutely free.

All these tools are especially designed to be absolutely effective no matter where on the planet earth you are located and tailored for your personal real estate market areas and expertise!

See Contact us for ways to make world wide phone calls absolutely free or very low cost.

Getting into ICIWorld Webinar Workshops makes good business $ and cents.

Just find a date, register and follow the instructions.

Daily Workshops support Our Pledge that everyone does business every 90 days, either a referral or direct business, collects a cheque or at the very least develops a good business relationship with someone that you feel will lead to doing business or . . . you call us.

We show you how to help yourself do business, serve your prospects and clients well and make money.

Read comments of others who have attended.

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