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ICIWorld is a world wide service bureau for licensed commercial and residential real estate brokers and salespeople world wide built to serve the public. Operating since 1994.

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"Leads For A Lifetime."

What web site will generate more leads, one with 20 listings or one with 20,000 listings?

What web site will generate more leads, one where a prospect can click and get the contact information of the listing broker or one where the prospect has to call you for more information?

ICIWorld supplies links to real estate listings two types:

  1. Free

  2. Paid. For licensed real estate brokers and salespeople only. The thousands of listings have message numbers. People have to call you for more information on any listing. They can become the best revenue producing links on your web site. Get it working today.

Once you have these links working, you will not send new prospects to ICIWorld to see listings, you will only send them to YOUR OWN WEB SITE to see listings. Tell people you have hundreds of exclusive listings, apartment buildings, businesses for sale, land, and much more ON YOUR WEB SITE.

Tell people to visit your web site often because there are 50-100 new listings per day coming in!

They simply call you or email you the message numbers of the listings that they are interested in.

You can make arrangements to show the properties OR you can do referrals.

Sample of links can include Power of Sales, FSBO's, homes in your area, commercial properties, businesses, etc. If your specialty is apartments then links to buyers and sellers can be highlighted.  You can have over 1,000 apartment buildings on YOUR web site.  You will have over 300 buyers of apartment buildings that show how well connected to buyers in the market place you are. This helps you get listings!

See sample web sites with links that generate leads for every single member.

It becomes absolutely inevitable that you will get leads unless you have no traffic going to your web site or you have material defects in your membership with ICIWorld. We have solutions for both.

Call us for a free consultation to examine your existing web site, how these links can be placed on it. We can make recommendations on how to improve it.

We have an instruction page to send to your web site designer to install these links within minutes!  The very next person that sees a listing must call you!

ICIWorld also supplies web sites that have special links that generate leads. One lead can help you make $5,000 to $10,000 and more. Web sites are only $19.99 per month or $199 per year. THEY PAY FOR THEMSELVES. One lead pays for a lifetime of service.

Our Pledge.

ICIWorld supplies the knowledge and know how on how to get these web sites and links for your web sites up and running.

ICIWorld can teach and train you very quickly on how to make web sites be an effective marketing tool in your career in real estate. This is your office on the Internet. It can make your life easier.  Why? Because you can send your buyers to your web site to see listings and they call you with message numbers they would like to see!

ICIWorld sets it all up for you. 

ICIWorld provides links to listings for you

ICIWorld provides training and support to make sure everything works. You just have to call us for assistance.

You receive the leads.

Do direct business. 

Do referrals.

Add content to YOUR home page. See sample web sites

Just one referral can make you $10,000. 
One deal can make you $30,000-$50,000 and more.
And you can choose to do either or both the rest of your life.

Please consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Gary Nusca, CCIM


Dedicated to helping brokers and salespeople make money in their service to the public.

Since 1994