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For Residential and Commercial Real Estate Brokers and salespeople world wide.

We help the technology challenged real estate salesperson.

If the Internet is like climbing a mountain, let us help you every step of the way.

We provide a video called Web Site Workshop, another called How To Promote Your Web Site. It comes with an online manual showing how to do everything. If you get stuck you simply contact us free from anywhere in the world!






ORDER A Mobile Real Estate Website.

Free for thirty days then $199/year hosting. Complete setup, training and support from ICIWorld. In some cases it is working within 1 hr ready to make you money.

Mobile Web Sites - The new Internet Revolution and ICIWorld Widgets

Sample Mobile Websites AND
ICIWorld Widgets (Links to Listings)

Absolutely inevitable to generate leads!

Free Demonstration on how it all works. 1-877-272-1721 for all real estate professionals in the world. See our demo and then you be the judge.

ICIWorld Widgets for Your Website - One of the most powerful tools of the Internet that every broker and salesperson must have or you are missing generating leads from your website.

We have one of the busiest booths at real estate board trade shows. The reason? We make a statement that "you could have a $30,000 web site and it would not be as powerful as the one supplied by ICIWorld for $199 per year." Yet why would we recommend you keep all your web sites?

It is because of ICIWorld Widgets that should be added to all brokers and salespersons websites in the world. It is the unique listings, Haves and Wants in these widgets that trigger inquiries and bring people back to your website to check for new ones.

See New Designs

See sample web sites.

More Mobile Websites

50 new designs to choose from!

Completely customizable with your own design and graphics!

Powerpoint New Designs

Especially see the links in all the Search Buttons!

  • All designs can be made commercial or residential just by changing the picture to commercial or residential and changing the wording.

  • We totally set up your first web site to get you up and running pronto!

  • We help every step of the way to set it all up for you.

  • We help you take advantage of the Internet. These are powerful tools when set up properly and when you understand how they work.

  • How To Promote Your Website. Take it every month until you are generating leads.

  • First line of support for these web sites. We support all web sites with links that generate the leads for you!

    IDX Links to your MLS, real estate board.

    IDX links to ICIWorld Haves and Wants

Power Point Presentation
(Once you have it in Power Point use your page up and page down key to control going back and forth)
Download or open the following

Seven examples
(1 min. to download)
Seven Examples
(15 sec. to download)
Four Examples
(15 sec. to download)

Support for all your web sites!
We provide special links for all your web sites!

Every day you miss having everything set up properly is missing opportunities for you to do business.

Support is provided WORLD WIDE by way of live Daily Webinar Workshops! This is live on line support for all your web sites no matter where in the world you are located!  You attend on line from the comfort of your own business or home office computer while listening and conversing on the telephone or through your computer using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). We suggest you use a good USB headset with Microphone. This way all your training is free no matter where in the world you are located.

Search Engine Optimization is included along with a special program "How To Promote Your Website." This is also provided exclusively to Executive Members of ICIWorld by way of a Webinar once per month.

See web sites on your computer using PDF file. Use the page up, page down button to view each slide. Save it to your computer and then open it. Advance each slide by pressing enter or page up and go back by pressing the page down key on your key board. View full screen.

Simple to start

Register and get an ICIWorld Executive Membership

Then Order a Website.

It is all about the special links to listings supplied and set up and provided by ICIWorld that trigger the calls for you and the special ICIWorld set up, training, and programs to generate traffic for your web site!

The moment you have these special links, the very next person who visits your web site and then sees and becomes interested in any one of the listings, MUST CALL YOU GET MORE INFORMATION. If they do not see any of these listings, why should they call you?

Operate Power Point to see Web Sites. Allow 1-2 minutes to download.

Download in Power Point format You should have powerpoint on your computer. Open it into a slide show full screen. Press enter or page down to advance each screen.  View full screen.

Download in PDF format. We suggest you zoom to fit the page. Then advance using the page down key or the enter key.  View full screen.

Run 10 sec. per slide of web sites Download. Power Point.

So if your web site has some extra links to thousands of listings on your web site, can you not see the difference of having these listings and not having these listings?  One lead on a referral makes you $5,000 and paid for service for a lifetime!

It is absolutely inevitable that people call you unless you have "material defects" in your membership or you are not getting traffic and we help you fix that pronto! You just call us if you have not generated leads and there is a way to fix things.  Once fixed it is like turning on a light switch.

See why the special residential and commercial real estate links to content is what generates interest from people and provides you with leads.

It is ICIWorld that provides these unique links. It is ICIWorld that provides the support, telephone help, training videos, search engine optimization, to help get it all working.

  • Web sites are free for one month then $19.95/month if you want to keep it!  Most members do not pay this.  Instead they pay the special of $199 per year. 

  • Most all members keep them because they are a powerful Internet tool.

  • You can and should have more than one web site because they are like billboards. All can generate leads. You can link them and more.

  • At $19.95/month you could have the yearly rate for $199. For ten years that would total $1,000.  You could do one referral and make $5,000 enough for fifty years of service!

The domain name belongs to you. ($16.95 per year not included or less from goddaddy.com)

We totally set up your first web site. 

You can change it any way you want.

Every broker and salesperson that uses it loves it.

Web sites are included free for one month in an Executive Membership and then $19.95/mo subject to our distributor's policies and thereafter at your option.

It is our goal to ensure we show you how to make them produce revenue for you. See Our Pledge.

You do this by generating leads. You can selling advertising on it and more! It works!!! We should know. We have been helping real estate people since 1994 learn how to use the powers of the Internet.

Yet why would we recommend you keep all your web sites? We can help you with Search Engine Optimization on all your web sites.

  • We set it up for you.
  • Works automatically on the Internet generating leads.
  • Complete support and training
  • Training videos

Read on and you be the judge.

Buy Membership

Have more than one web site! They are like billboards! Read more.

Add special links that generates leads to all your web sites!

Turn Key Web Sites in ten minutes!

It's high tech . . . low cost.

Works for USA and Canada and now all areas of the world.

They are among the most powerful ternet marketing tools for real estate salespeople world wide. Let us give a 3 minute demo and then you be the judge.

Contact us free from anywhere in the world.

Already have one home page?

Have two! They are like billboards and if the one we supply helps you make $50,000 and more and your other one does then why not?

And you can add links to your existing site!

See sample web sites.

Order it now and it can be working within 30 minutes of you reading this!  Customizable, training, support. 1-877-272-1721

All members can agree "among the best support and direction in the business."

Why is it powerful? Because of links to:

1,000's of residential listings.
1,000's of commercial real estate ads.

All in a way that YOU get the calls!

Do referrals. Do direct business.
All year long!

Brokers and managers can generate leads and give them to your salespeople.

No other web site on the planet earth has all these combinations.

And . . . it updates itself automatically daily and in real time with new listings! It makes your web site "live."

That's what brings people back to your web site regularly.

Get excited!

These are the most powerful web sites on the planet earth for real estate brokers and salespeople. Why? Because not only are they a $5,000 to $10,000 looking web site (that is how much they used to cost just a few years ago), but they contain content to both thousands of residential real estate listings and thousands of commercial real estate listings, all in a way that you receive the leads.

Benefit from the Internet!

Do direct business!

Do referrals!

This is the number one way to do it. You just need the content for people to become interested in a listing and then for them to ask you for assistance.

96% of people searching the Internet are looking for listings.  Now you will have them! When they see a listing, they have to call you! All listings have been agreed to by other brokers to be advertised on your web site. This has taken countless thousands of hours of building, designing, technology, etc. and you get it all. Details to join.

You could have a $30,000 site and it is not as powerful because you would not have the thousands of commercial and/or residential ads all working to help you generate leads. One re/max salesperson has done 15 referrals and made $45,000! See testimonials.

The sites, and the combination of residential and commercial real estate content and the training makes these sites from ICIWorld one of the most powerful marketing tools in the real estate business today.

  • there are 50-100 new commercial and residential listings coming in daily;

  • this means your web site is "live" with new information daily;

  • it automatically updates itself and you do not have to do a thing;

  • this brings people back to your web to look for new listing otherwise why should they come back to your web site once they have seen it! 

This is an important tool for every single licensed real estate broker and salesperson in the world and a  value added service you can provide to the public. You just have to order it.

ICIWorld distributes to you a $5,000 looking web site that is customizable, included in an Executive Membership. Then we consult with you and place links to commercial and residential real estate ads all in a way that you get the calls.

"I have been a broker for over 30 years. There are many great services on the Internet.  But this one, having your own web site, with real estate ads on it in a way that generates leads for you is cutting edge technology! It is a win win situation for the whole industry." It takes only minutes to totally set it up for you and you will have "leads for a lifetime."  It can become your most important internet marketing tool. 

There are special links for your whole company if you have many real estate salespeople.  Click here for Company Links.

Also ask about a special Search Matrix for your company or organization. It is a link to a page that helps people search all the listings in your company within seconds. You can design this tool with the look and feel to suit your company. It is the database search engine that we provide.  It makes it easy for all your sales staff to enter their listings and then the link we provide can be placed on your existing web site and it produces all the listings for your company in a matter of seconds.  And it makes your listings searchable and sortable in a number of ways to make it easy for the public to see all your inventory.

Real estate web sites with content. A web site by itself does not generate leads. A web site with "content" generates leads!

See sample web sites.

ICIWorld provides websites with your choice of thousands of commercial real estate ads and/or thousands of residential ads or a combination of both, with all listings structured in a way that YOU receive the leads!  

There's millions of people on the Internet. This is one tool designed for every single broker and salesperson in the world and ICIWorld helps you set it all up properly and effectively. This will help you stay competitive in the marketplace.

Residential Web Sites

  • Now a network of over 140,000 real estate professionals in North America and the world using these web sites;

  • they allow their listings to be on your web site in a way that you get the calls;

  • add residential homes, photos;

  • add links to 2.5 million listings, and much more;

  • people can subscribe to receive listings daily from your web site;

  • ICIWorld adds a link to 20,000+ commercial real estate ads to your home page;

  • this link updates itself in real time with new listings daily;

  • this is all structured in a way so the ads generate leads for you;

  • work referrals;

  • work direct business;

  • provide a great service to the public;

  • residential brokers do referrals on the commercial real estate enquiries;

  • the commercial link is simply a choice on your web site. If people are not interested in commercial listings they simply will not click on the link.  However if they are interested, they can click and call you for more information.  You simply say you will have someone call them back, and then call the other broker who has the listing and say "is a 25% referral fee okay with you."  Five minutes? $5,000?

  • one Re/Max broker has done 15 of these! In his case being in a small town he made $45,000 for 5 min. x 15 referrals = 75 minutes of his time! 

  • do this someday when you retire! My question to you is, "would you mind doing the odd five minute referral that makes you $5,000-$10,000?" See ICIWorld's Retired Brokers Program.

  • and more.

Commercial Web Sites

  • totally set up for you!

  • we add a link to 20,000+ real estate Have and Want ads;

  • the ads constantly update themselves daily in real time automatically in a way that generates leads for you. 

  • you can work the leads as referrals and/or direct business;

  • there is another link provided for your personal Haves and Wants;

  • when you add your own ads to ICIWorld, your ads instantly and automatically appear on your own web site;

  • you can link to other sites that provide information

  • you can have people to fill in their contact information before providing access to other real estate board type information and more!

  • commercial brokers do referrals on the residential enquiries;

  • and more.

Links on your web site can include:

  • mortgage calculators;

  • weather;

  • about you and your company;

  • about your area;

  • offers of a free evaluation;

  • free documents on buying and selling, area information;

  • and you can add and change things at will;

  • training and support provided.  You will be surprised at how simple it can be;

  • add your homes with photos and slide show displays;

  • keep in touch with customers by automatic emailing;

  • properties are googled from outer space;

  • and more.

I call the ICIWorld combination of this web site on the Internet, with commercial real estate ads, with residential real estate ads, the Mercedes Benz of web sites on the Internet.

No other web site provides "content" like we do and it is "content" that generates leads, not the web site.

Training, education and support is provided by:

  • initial orientation session;

  • printing out our welcome introduction page;

  • printing out a checklist;

  • providing a marketing plan;

  • windows media videos;

  • manuals;

  • telephone support;

We teach you how to take control of your information, modify it at will, customize and design and change things!  This is your storefront to the public.

For example, a NAR survey showed that thus far in 2006, 56 percent of agents spent more than $1,000 apiece on technology and that 30 percent spent $2,000 or more. In addition, 16 percent of agents and 28 percent of brokers are now spending more than $1,000 annually on their Web sites. Realtors® with personal business Web sites – not including an area on a broker’s site – was 71 percent in 2006, compared to 31 percent in 2002, showing a jump of 129 percent.

The survey also showed that the amount of investment in Web sites has a direct relationship to the number of leads coming from the Internet. Thus, 40 percent of those who spent more than $5,000 on their Web site showed that more than 60 percent of their leads come from the Internet.

Realtors® are also reacting more quickly to online inquiries. In a surprising change from past surveys and findings, over half the survey respondents indicated that it takes them less than two hours to respond to an Internet inquiry, and only 2 percent indicated that it took them more than a day to respond. That compares with a 2004 survey showing that only 27 percent of practitioners responded within eight hours to an online inquiry and 46 percent of inquiries received no responses.

  • A web site by itself does not make you money, it is content on a web site that makes you money by generating leads.

  • Get both content and a web site started with iciworld.com within ten minutes! For content see "Leads For A Lifetime."

  • Members no longer send people to ICIWorld to look for listings.  You should now always send people to your own web site to look for listings! Become familiar with what is on your web site. 

There are over 1 Billion people on the INTERNET and according to a survey by NAR (National Association of Realtors) 71% of people who search for real estate will use the Internet. Another survey shows 96% search for listings on the Internet.

ICIWorld provides:

  • "turn key" web sites for brokers and salespeople AND with content of listings that generates leads;

  • they are included in your membership whether you use them or not;

  • There are 50-100 new listings a day automatically entered;

  • This helps to bring people back to your web site regularly to look for new listings;

  • This helps to generate opportunities for you to do business;

  • These web sites are included in your membership whether you use them or not.

You can have a residential looking site or commercial or a combination of both. Generate leads that result in referrals and/or direct business. You just have to order it. Then read our secret competitive report "How to Promote Your Web Site" that is now on video. You can view this the moment you join as it is a Windows Media Video file. You click on it, and it plays on your computer!  Work the calls.

If you are retired or too busy, then just work five minute referrals that make $8,000+/-

Feel free to call anytime 1-877-272-1721 Toll Free North America.

See web sites on your computer using Power Point. Save the power point presentation to your computer and then see them on your computer. Make it full screen. Use the page down key to click to advance it. Click here to download it. (about 3 minutes on DSL or cable) You must have power point on your computer to see this demo.

See web sites on your computer using PDF file. It should open within a minute or two. Using the page up and down button to view.

The only reason brokers and salespeople do not do referrals is because they do not get the leads. Now you will!  There are millions of people on the Internet. This will be a professional marketing presence on the Internet! Provide services to the public and earn money. You just have to order it.

There are 47 different affiliation templates!
The following are mostly all $19.99/mo.
For $49.99/mo and a one time $500-$1,500 we can show you designer web sites.

Here are a few!

Click on your affiliation and view a sample website!


Independent Brokers & Other affiliations
 click here or on the image below for samples

USA Web Sites

There are over 200,000 salespeople using these web sites in the USA and Canada
Only a few examples are provided on this page.

Due to the thousands of web site examples here are just some examples.

C means Commercial, R means Residential

Most all contain both residential and commercial links to listings, but the overall initial impression is determined by the graphics at the top of the web site and on the first page.

Upon joining:

  • we send you by EMail a web site link to your new web site.

  • we help you log in to it

  • we help you design a domain name

  • we show you how to customize it.

  • we show you how to add your listings.

  • support and training.

For Commercial AND Residential Brokers and Salespeople

Powerful Real Estate Web Sites

Turn Key Web Site in 10 minutes!
Once you get it, it is then customized.
ICIWorld provides special links to listings, features and support.

Over 200,000 created in North America

Ask for your web site to be residential or commercial or a combination of both. You add residential listings directly on the web site. You add commercial listings to ICIWorld and they automatically appear on your web site instantly and automatically.

Commercial Web Sites | Residential Web Sites
Or a combination of both.
Residential real estate brokers and salespeople click here.

This is a complete turn key web site up and can be working for you within 10 minutes of joining! We work with lyou to customize it over time.

Join Now and we send you an EMail with a link to YOUR new web site within 10 minutes!

You can change it anyway you want. It is yours to do with as you please even if you do not renew your membership with ICIWorld in one years time.


We know of no other service on the Internet that provides you the content of over 20,000 commercial real estate Have and Want ads in a way that makes you money as well as thousands of residential ads all designed to generate leads for you and it  provides a valuable service to the public who are searching for listings.

It is all structured in a way that YOU receive the calls. It has taken years to build and get agreements to have other brokers allow their ads to be on YOUR web site.

See "Leads For A Lifetime" links that make you money from YOUR web site. Residential brokers and salespeople work leads as referrals which average five minutes each and eight to ten thousand dollars.

USA Web Sites

There are over 200,000 web sites created for salespeople in the USA and Canada
The following are standard web sites which work and generate business.
Professional web sites provide for more customization and features.

R+C http://richardeilert.point2agent.com California
R+C Dennis Alexander, Dencor Real Realty Inc. Home Page Florida
R+C http://www.ohiorealestatehelp.com/ Ohio
R+C http://www.pollycorealty.com/ Florida
  There are over 200,000 salespeople using these websites in the USA and Canada
The above are standard web sites which work and generate business.
Professional web sites provide for more customization and features.
In addition to all features of web sites ICIWorld provides additional special links to commercial real estate Haves and Wants world wide, links to listings, customization and strategies tailored to the user. Support is provided by way of Daily Webinar Workshops.


C means Commercial, R means Residential, rLink means it is a link to their other  residential web site.

http://www.raykouri.com/ Ottawa

C+R http://www.mississaugarealestatelinks.com/ Mississauga
C+R http://www.richardkent.ca/ British Columbia
R+C http://www.gotomydreamhome.com/ Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga
C&R www.mississaugarealestatelinks.com Mississauga, Ontario (Professional)
C http://www.rogerjain.com/ CCIM Commercial
C+R http://www.realestatetorontoontario.com/ Toronto
C+R http://www.commercialrealtysource.com/ Barrie
R+C http://www.torontorealtyspecialist.com/ Toronto
R+C http://www.maheshmarya.com/ Brampton
  http://www.rontomblin.com/ Hamilton
  Free broker site one month | Professional Broker Site 15 agents, pop email accounts | Broker Site Unlimited Agents, Banner Ads, Public facing roster, unlimited email accounts, spotlight ads, neighborhoods, manual prospect routing, unlimited pages.

And you can link to your real estate board listings and many other things to serve your prospects and clients. Learn these in our training sessions.

R+C http://www.mcoughlanrealestateinfo.com Richmond Hill, GTA
C+R www.mhyjek.com Oshawa
C* http://www.sudburyrealestatehelp.com/ Sudbury
R+C http://www.richardkent.ca/ Langley British Columbia
C+R http://www.montrealarearealestate.com/ Montreal Quebec

C means Commercial, R means Residential, rLink means it is a link to their other  residential web site.

C+R www.commercialrealtysource.com Barrie
R+C http://www.jimcorrigan.ca/ Newmarket, Ontario


C Michael Collins, FRI, Broker, Prudential Brampton
C+R http://paulcraig.point2agent.com/ Toronto

C means Commercial, R means Residential, rLink means it is a link to their other  residential web site.


http://www.pictonrealestateinfo.com/ Picton

  http://www.jamiehigh.com/ London
R+C Aubrey Langhorne, Sales Representative, Century 21 Leading Edge Realty Inc. Toronto

C+R+ Businesses For Sale www.icideals.com
R+C www.mukeshtorontohomes.com York Region Markham Richmond Hill
C Gennady Venderov, Sales Representative, HomeLife/ROMANO Realty Ltd., Brokerage

C means Commercial, R means Residential, rLink means it is a link to their other  residential web site.


  http://hunterkirkpatrick.point2agent.com/ Oakville
R+C www.kaisersellshomes.com Ottawa
R+C http://www.raykouri.ca/ Ottawa
R+C Alex Sivasambu, Sales Representative - Coldwell Banker Sarazen Realty Ottawa
C+R http://www.torontosinvestments.com/ Toronto



R+C http://www.lenhuffman.com/ Ottawa

Residential Exclusive+C+MLS
C+R http://www.investinrealestate.ca/ Toronto




Independent Broker & Other Affiliations

C means Commercial, R means Residential, rLink means they have a link to their other residential web site.


http://www.kuldipbassi.com/ Brampton, Mississauga

R+C http://www.remiojo.com/ MLS Toronto Scarborough
C+R soldwithsunny.com Businesses For Sale Page
R+C http://janefeng.point2agent.com Mississauga, Brampton, FSBO's, Power of Sales, Header, Sample different language
R+C www.torontorealestatehelp.com Toronto
R+C http://www.condosandhome.com/
R+C www.realty3000.ca Kitchener, Waterloo
R+C Giovanni (John) Messina, Broker, Realinvest Canada Inc. Toronto
C Tony DiCarlo, President, Incompro Ltd. Toronto
  Web sites work no matter where in the world you are located! They are tailored for your location and the type of work you do whether residential, commercial or something else.

Roger Jain, CCIM, Principal Broker / Owner, Home Page
George Nichols, CCIM, Broker, Home Page

There are over 2 Billion people on the Internet with 180,000,000+ in North America. A recent National Association of Realtors study suggests 71% search for real estate on the Internet. We have helped hundreds of brokers and salespeople to start their Internet marketing. May we help you?

Communication Tools of the 21st Century.

See more sample Web Sites below.

Once you have joined ICIWorld we supply you with a checklist to get your web site working.

We provide the initial programming so that your site is up and running immediately! It is fully functional.

We will show you how to modify your web site yourself add residential and commercial listings and more.

If you already have a web site we have a page of instructions for your web site designer. 

Call or EMail us.

  • We will personally install a simple link to thousands of real estate ads (and growing).

  • This link pulls the information from ICIWorld and displays it on the screen of the viewer within YOUR web site.

  • Listings are structured in a way that you get the calls.

  • The page updates itself by the second with new listings ... automatically ... you do not have to do a thing to update it.

  • In many cases this link becomes one of the best generator of leads for your web site.

  • Works on every real estate web site in the world!

  • The leads help you make money.

  • See "Leads For A Lifetime."

  • We will also install a link to your personal ads on ICIWorld called "My Haves and Wants." That way whenever you add a Have or Want ad to ICIWorld, it instantly and automatically appears on your home page, as well as 18,000 other places throughout the Internet world.

  • We can help you create a specialty page and/or a state or province page of links to selected Haves and Wants that suit you and the kind of business you want to do.

  • We provide a special document exclusive and secret to members of ICIWorld called "How To Promote Your Web Site" that is now on Windows Media Video and YouTube format. It is our goal to help all our members be number one in their respective market areas. You will get leads!  You can do business! It is inevitable. 

  • See Our Pledge.

  • We provide education, support and help through orientation, welcome instructions, checklist, marketing plan, videos, resource center, manual for the web site, telephone assistance and then periodic EMails on what we call Information Tune Ups and Tips.

This program "Leads for a Lifetime," is designed for every licensed real estate broker and salesperson in the world.

The following group of web sites are just a few examples of hundreds of home pages that we have helped to start.

You can start with an economical membership.

Do not hesitate to contact us, 1-877-272-1721.

More Sample Web Sites

Jim Straughan, Sales Representative, Century 21 First Canadian
Ron Stewart, Sales Representative, Hoff Realtors (Illinois)
Gennady Venderov, Sales Representative, HomeLife/ROMANO Realty Ltd.
Stan Pajor, Sales Representative, David Murray Real Estate Broker Ltd.

Brokerage Web Sites


Links For All Your Web Sites

If you already have a web site, here are the instructions to add 16,000 real estate ads to your web site in a way that you get the calls. Send this link to your web site designer.

Sample of links that go on real estate web sites created by other companies:

  1. Real Web Solutions

  2. Gabriel Jeans, Web Tech Dezine

Many, many other companies.
Virtually any web site can have our special links. There are paid links, there are free links.

Paid links do not allow customers to click on the links. This means they have to call you.

Here are some examples of paid web sites that have the ICIWorld links that generate leads for you:

Nawel Seth, Broker, Coldwell Banker Trail Blazers Realty
John Campisano, Associate Broker, Re/Max Niagara Realty Ltd.
Tony DiCarlo, CCIM President, Incompro

Contact us anytime. 1-877-272-1721

Make an appointment with us and see how easy it becomes!

Details to order it today. We will make it easy for you!

ICIWorld is one important way to serve the public by networking real estate Haves and Wants in the most economical way possible in the world today.

Since 1994

Make connections to do business.
Unique Internet tools to help you in your service to the public.