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One of many time saving productivity tools of The Market ICIWorld Commercial Real Estate Network

Produce Have and Want information on your screen within five seconds.

Also see How to put all your favourite links on your links bar. I give each one a letter ie: H for Hotmail Y for Yahoo G for Google. Your searches can be U for Latest USA, etc. See Customizing your links bar from Microsoft.


Includes not only how to set an icon, a favourite but also using the links bar to save time daily.

To set up a shortcut desktop icon on your desktop, using Internet Explorer:

  1. Click on File, (on your browser)

  2. Highlight the word Send,

  3. click on Shortcut to Desktop.

You will have a shortcut icon on your desktop.

If you want to change the look of that icon, place your mouse over top the icon.  Click your right mouse button, click on properties, click on change icon, pick one.

You can rename the icon as well. Right click on top of the icon and rename the icon to make changes.

Presto, you now have information at your fingertips with seconds!

Try setting up an icon that links to

You can delete shortcuts anytime by highlighting it and clicking on your delete key.


An icon shortcut on your desktop can produce information to you within five seconds.

An icon shortcut on your desktop can help you serve your clients and prospects, yourself and help you connect to do business and make money.

You can be talking with a client or prospect on the phone, click on the icon and bring up a list of Haves and/or Wants immediately that provides information.

Information is "power" and you can have it within fives seconds from an icon on your desktop. 

Information in commercial real estate can make one a lot of money, so fast access to this information is highly beneficial.

Having an icon that produces the information that you need, is a distinct advantage and will make you money by providing a competitive edge.

Any search result that you use regularly on ICIWorld, can be set up as an icon on your screen.

Make an icon for any of the following. If you need help contact us and it should only take less than 60 seconds and you will have it for life!

Good examples of icon shortcuts to make on your desktop:

The latest p to the minute Haves and Wants for:

  • your state or province.

  • your city.

  • a business category

  • your specialty like hotels and motels, etc.

  • tenants looking for space

  • any link on this page Quick View Once a day check for new listings with any of these links.

  • and much more.

Contact us to discuss this and within 60 seconds you could have an icon that produces contacts for business within five seconds.  Now that is information at your fingertips! And it is personalized for the business that you do!

You can have the results sorted by Latest Listings First, by Location, By Type, By Price, By Square Footage, and more.

You can set up an icon to a web site. Any of these sites can be set as an icon USA Market | Canadian Market | World Market | | |

Two of the best places to get a link to the results that you want are found at and Here the complete URL, the links are provided for key word searching for instance.

Let us say you are interested in golf courses.  You set Golf Courses, sorted by the Latest Listings First as an icon on your desktop or sort them by price.

An example is these links the key word Golf, or Power of Sales etc. or your region or city, there are many choices.

If you do not find a choice that you want, contact us. Send an email with your phone number and we can get back to you.

The goal is that sometime in the next coming month or year, you will click on that link on your desktop, see a new shopping center or office building and go off and do a deal. 

You may click on that link and see a new tenant looking for space. 

The permutations and combinations are so great that if your provide us with your Haves and/or Wants, we can help you with the best link. 

Ladies and gentleman, this link is free.  It is one of the most powerful features of the Internet!  We can help set it up for you . . . free!  Our members want you to have access to their information!

You will have access to the information that can serve your prospects, clients or yourself and make you money and all . . . within five seconds.

One more note before you set up an icon.  If you have any trouble setting up an icon, just send us an email requesting what kind of result you would like to have and we will send you a link that produces that result.  Once you have that link, you can make an icon on your desktop for it.

That way you will be only a five seconds away from checking the latest result.  Many do this daily.

Of course you can get the latest listings by subscribing by EMail.

To set up an icon on your desktop, using Internet Explorer:

  • find the information that you need on any of the ICIWorld web sites and get the result on the screen. 

  • click on File, (on your browser)

  • Highlight the word Send,

  • click on Shortcut to Desktop.

You will have an icon on your desktop.

If you want to change the look of that icon, place your mouse over top the icon.  Click your right mouse button, click on properties, click on change icon, pick one.

May we suggest the newspaper icon for ICIWorld since in a sense we are like the classified ads of a newspaper but on the Internet and to a market 600 times as large as a newspaper. (See Statistics and Over 600,000,000 people on the Internet.  We know this is kind of hard for new people to believe but it is the case, I would get excited about it.)

One use in real estate is the ability to produce this onto your screen while you are talking with prospects on the phone. It only takes five seconds and you will have over $6 Billion of Haves and over $1 Trillion of buyers on the screen.

Any link in this file is fast all the time because they are html files created daily before 6am! Another example of a simple icon is our Quick View of the World (backups) made each morning by 6am. Here is the link: See if you can make this an icon now.  Or you can make any link in this file an icon!

While you are on the phone, you can open this file and talk to prospects and clients about Haves and Wants.

In this file do not overlook the Wants.  It also makes for a powerful listing presentation when you can print out a list of buyers!  Demonstrate to people how well connected to the industry you are with a list of buyers that you literally can pick up the phone and start making appointments to show. It cans absolutely be that fast to your next showing!

You may even set up more than one icon, one for shopping centers, one for apartment buildings, etc.

You can delete any icon by simply highlighting it and hitting your delete button.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.  There is absolutely no charge for you to call us and ask for help to set up these icons for your personal use. This service is supported by the licensed real estate brokers and salespeople of the world and other related professionals and businesses who provide services to our industry. They want to provide easy access to you for the information that they have collected.  Do not hesitate to contact us.

Good luck on your next business transaction and send us an email about your success of connecting with someone to do business. We like hearing how this service has helped you.

Gary Nusca, CCIM
The Market ICI World Commercial Real Estate Network