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NOTE FOR THE PUBLIC AND PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS: Visit our YouTube Channel Youtube ICIWorldInc Channel Most all these videos are on YouTube.

NOTE FOR EXECUTIVE MEMBERS ONLY: After a six month project videos have now been converted into YouTube format: SEE THE EXCLUSIVE ONES HERE, such as How To Promote Your Web Site and more.

Help Educational Videos for Executive Members and the Public

You can have a Mercedes Benz outside your door but you are still not going anywhere unless you have the key.  The same is true using the Internet.  The same is true using ICIWorld. The key is learning how to use  "information tools" that help you connect other people with an interest in real estate.

The following are videos that you can see on your computer. 

You will need:

  • hi speed Internet;
  • speakers to listen;
  • windows media player software on your computer to see the videos.
  • we also recommend that every single member have a USB headset and microphone. This will give you the best quality of sound possible. This is useful for making world wide phone calls free and also for our Daily Webinar Workshops where up to 1,000 may attend at one time. 

These videos can be seen by everyone in the world who has a computer and who is interested in connecting with others to do real estate business.  This is a world wide real estate information service serving everyone on the planet earth.

If you need assistance on anything contact us anytime.

Windows Media Player will play these videos

  • learn how to pause a video while watching and listening to it;

  • learn how to restart the video after pausing it;

  • that way if you listening to it but are interrupted with something else that you have to do, you can always come back to that exact point and continue; 

  • learn how to make the video full screen;

  • learn how to reduce it in size;

  • learn how to close it;

  • you can also click twice on the video anywhere with your mouse to make the screen full screen and then minimize it again;

  • and once it is full screen, you can click twice again anywhere on the screen with your mouse to reduce it back to a smaller screen.

  • indicates a video link

  • Buffering - Your video player downloads a video as it plays.

  • A buffer allows the video to play more smoothly if the connection isn't fast enough.

For the public.

Four ways to connect to do a deal Four Ways To Make A Connection otherwise you can miss doing a deal and not realize it.

For Residential and Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Salespeople everywhere in the world.


See video

USA Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople see

Canadian Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople see:

An information video.

Seminar Feb 11/2012 C21 Green Commercial Group - More commercial real estate orientated.

For everyone who wants to make a connection with others to do real estate commerce.

  1. How to Search Database 1 and Database 2 For Sale By Owners Advanced Search Method How To Search Advanced

  2. How To Search by Message Number

  3. How to use the Links Bar in Internet Explorer. How To Use the Links BarIt will save you time typing . . . for the rest of your life. Time is money. Learn how to use this valuable time saving convenient tool. Set onto your links bar.

    Microsoft Instruction on How To Use the Links Bar.  It really will be real estate at your fingertips.

  4. Subscribe to receive Haves and Wants by EMail.

  5. How to Add a Want How to Add a Want.

  6. How to Add a Have Listing How to Add a Have Listing

    How to add listings (you can print this out)

  7. Orientation - For Executive Members your personal record of information that is placed automatically in every listing. Orientation My Record

Exclusive and Confidential Videos for ICIWorld Executive Members.

Includes Search Engine Optimization How To Promote Your Web Site, Web Site Workshop, Searching FSBO Area, and much more.

  • Members should go to

  • Click on Member Management

  • Click on Resource Center.

  • You will have to log in.

  • Look for the link to Help Training Videos.

  • There are six exclusive training videos for the exclusive use of members only.  They provide a big competitive edge in the Internet market place.

You could be a member on ICIWorld for ten years and at $240 per year that would be $2,400.  One lead generated in the first three months can make you $30,000 and more.  One referral can make you $5,000.

Everyone on this service does business or you call me.

Your feedback would be appreciated about the topics as well.

Your assistance by providing feedback on the video quality and sound quality is appreciated.

Call 416-840-6227 or After hours and weekends 416-214-4875 or 1-877-272-1721 anytime for assistance.

Any suggestions and comments you may have is most appreciated at this time.

Thank you.

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