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Part 7 (The Three QuestionS)  
Learn the three questions   This is a 12 minute video that has helped some salespeople earn fifty thousands of dollars within a 3 to 6 month period of learning them. And then ... earn money the rest of your life.

Although it is always best to get a signed listing that you can place on a real estate board, this shows you how you can also handle Have information not just listings. From my unique position in the marketplace I see as much as ten times the opportunities and hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions in real estate as what one can make on a real estate board type listing service. 

Real estate boards are by design restrictive in the sense you require a signed listing with all the details totally filled in. Sometimes this is not possible yet the opportunity exists. Information services can open up whole new opportunities for you but you have to learn how to handle information properly. Learn more.

Part 7 (The Three Questions)

Four Ways to Make a Connection
Click Here to Watch On YouTube

Click Here to Watch On YouTube

How To Use The Powers of the Internet

This action packed educational seminar is geared toward educating and energizing the entire audience for both commercial and residential agents. We do these seminars globally to various real estate boards, organizations and offices. Call us to do a seminar for your office or board.

Have a pad of paper and pencil to take notes.

Buy a fifteen foot video cord. Connect it to your TV and watch this movie on your TV.  Show the security portion to your whole family and stimulate discussion and their experiences. Learn how to pause movies, enlarge them to take up the full screen. Show this to your all your real estate colleagues in your office no matter where in the world you are located it applies. Listings, Haves and Wants are available to you now to put on your existing web site.  Web sites are available. Exclusive and real estate board listings . . . both. This triggers leads when done properly, strategically, with creativity and simple design links. 

2012 Sample commercial real estate seminar C21 Green Commercial Group

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2011 Sample residential real estate seminar

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CCIM Membership Overview

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Information Tuneup

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Movie 11: Orientation

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How To Use My Record (For Executive Members)

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How To Add Have/Want Listings

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How To Search by Message Number

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How To Search Advanced

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How To Add Subscribe to E-mail Newsletter

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How To Use the Links Bar

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Special Videos for Executive Members
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Greg Romundt Centurion Apartment REIT Chinese Interviewer

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ICIWorld Recorded Webinar 9/10/12 Tampa Bay International Real Estate Council presents TD Bank educating Realtors dealing with Canadian buyers in Florida and the USA. Also covered is the CIPS designation Certified International Property Specialist and marketing and network world wide Haves and Wants ICIWorld. Contact Michael Avey, CIPS.

ICIWorld Recorded Webinar 9/10/12 Tampa Bay International Real Estate Council

Networking can make one a lot of money. You just have to know who to network with. This is where ICIWorld comes in. If you could advertise in a world newspaper for all your Haves and Wants all year long for free, would you? Then you definitely should be using ICIWorld because that is exactly what you can do for pennies a day.

And it is information not just listings such as on a real estate board.

Membership details to place Have and Want ads.

Reach an industry!


Network Your Haves and Wants easily, quickly and efficiently.

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