Get the power of the Internet and information technology working for you to serve the public.

Why should licensed real estate professionals around the world join ICIWorld now?

Because you will be making connections to do business! ICIWorld has amongst the most deals on the Internet being reported as a result of connections started in one way shape or form from this service.

It is all about people meeting people to do real estate business in one of the most economical ways known to man. It is a growing community of people with a like minded interest and in many cases a passion for doing business in real estate.

One deal can make you $30,000-$50,000 or more, one referral can make you $8,000, with just one of our services and we have many.

  • It can be very quick to do business! Read the testimonials.
  • Save money.
  • Make money.
  • As little as no time except to order a web site with links that generate leads for a lifetime.
  • Make best use of time, work smarter not harder.
  • Provide great service to your prospects and clients.
  • Have opportunities to make money not available on other services.
  • Generate opportunities to make money not available on other services.  In Database 1 of over 8,000 real estate haves and wants, only 2,000 are MLS.
  • Readership, marketing and exposure from people locally and in over 100 countries. Over 40,000+ monthly plus over 10,000 EMails distribute information daily.
  • Powerful listing and selling tools. Lists of buyers makes for powerful listing presentation.
  • Best bang for your buck! It is $240 per year for all your information all year long.
  • Plug your web site into high traffic. A business on a side street does not get traffic. ICIWorld is seventh out of 75,000,000 results in google.
  • It is not just about listings.  It is about developing relationships that lead to doing deals.  It is about meeting people. If you can't meet someone to do business out of 40,000 people visiting monthly then there is something wrong with how you are working. If it is computer and/or information related we can help.
  • As an assistant we help in many ways.  In one case reducing their long distance costs $250/mo.! We are information assistants to brokers through out the world and learn many ways to benefit members, not just the listings.
  • It is education and learning. Teaching fundamentals and advanced concepts of managing and networking real estate information in a productive secure manner.
  • Because for over ten years we have learned what makes brokers money and therefore successful in their service to the public.
  • Access to information collected from years of experience on the Internet brought to you in our Resource Center. Everyone says it alone is worth the price of joining.

There are over 600,000,000 people on the Internet, over 180,000,000 in North America, and according to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 71% of people will search for real estate on the Internet.

Today ICIWorld, a community of real estate brokers and salespeople networking with the public, has grown to one of the largest services in the world and . . . it continues to grow. In google for instance, ICIWorld is in the top ten out of over 40,000,000 results! This means business for YOU.

We then show you how to become number 1 in your market area!

I too have been a broker for over thirty years.  In 1990 we decided to specialize in information technology for the real estate industry. This service is designed by brokers to serve the public.

When you read the following, evaluate each one. Find just one reason that is worth worth $240 per year and let's get information working for you.

Each one can be vital to helping you make $50,000 or making nothing.  Each has been designed with the input of real estate brokers and salespeople throughout the world.

See the testimonials. Among the most testimonials being done on the Internet.  We share this you because there are many services on the Internet and how are you to know which are the ones worthy of your time. 

There may be no one else that will tell you about this service.  If you discover a gold mine, do you rush out and tell others? It is a major competitive advantage. This may be the only place where you will hear the reasons why you should join.

Evaluate each one of the following.  And if just one is worth more than $240 for one year, hire us now.  You get all services with your $240 when you hire us with a membership for the year.

How is this done?

  1. How can adding 16,000 listings to your home page make you way more money than $240?

    Answer: The leads you get you work as referrals. 

    The leads you get can be worked directly by you!

    Referrals average 5 minutes to do and make you $8,000-$10,000! 

    Do ten this next year and half for a total time of 50 minutes and could it be $80,000? 

    If they all went through they could. 

    We call it working smarter . . . not harder. 

    These real estate Have and Want ads are not available anywhere else from any other service that we know of.

    It is great service for the public that you are offering. 

    It is great service for your clients and prospects.

    Instead of you trying to send properties to all your clients, have them visit your web site! 

    This saves you time.  They have a tremendous selection.  They simply tell you which listings they are interested in!  They have to call you because they can not click on the message numbers.

    A home page by itself does not make you money. It is content that generates interest. Without these listings on YOUR home page, you simply miss opportunities to do referrals and work with new clients.

    Full details. We call it "Leads For A Lifetime."

    See testimonials. Buy membership.

    Hire us to work for you. One referral can make you $8,000. One deal can make you  $30,000-$50,000 and more.
  2. Is a home page, fully designed, hosted, within ten minutes a great service to save you time and money? 

    Does it not give you opportunities to make money that you do not have now?

    With ICIWorld you can have a home page up and running within 10 minutes of contacting our office and joining.

    Hundreds of real estate people have taken advantage of this. 

    See sample home pages.

    We have seen people pay $245 per MONTH for these same services!

    This saves you time. 

    This saves you money.

    ICIWorld installs the 16,000 listings to your home page in a way that you get the calls.

    ICIWorld installs a link to your personal Haves and Wants. The moment you add a Have or Want to ICIWorld, it is instantly added to your home page.

    This is good customer service.

    And it all works 24 hours per day while you are doing other things.

    This saves you time, money and makes you money.

    Hire us to work for you.
  3. Unlimited Haves and Wants

    There is no limit to the amount of listings you place on ICIWorld.  In fact the more the better because there are then more opportunities to do business for everyone.

    And it is information not just listings. In Database 1 there are over 8,000 real estate Haves and Wants.  Only 2,000 are on MLS.
  4. Marketing Exposure

    Readership on ICIWorld is over 1,500,000 hits per month from people in over 100 countries of the world.

    ICIWorld is similar to newspaper advertising but to a market of over 600,000,000 people!  And it is for all your listings all year long.

    This saves you money.

    The contacts make you money.

    It is a tremendous time saver when you can post your information in one place and gain so much exposure.  And you can do it with all your information all year long.

    There are literally tens of thousands of people and growing who read the Haves and Wants regularly.

    There is a cost and expenditure of time to market, network and prospect.

    To advertise one property in a newspaper costs a lot of money. ICIWorld compares to 1/10th of 1 cent per line per day. 

    We also recommend other forms of advertising where budgets permit but one should include ICIWorld in your brokers information tool box.

    Hire us to work for you.
  5. You can work information not just listings.

    There are 6,400 Haves in Database 1. Only 2,000 are MLS.

    This opens up the market to more opportunities that can be placed on a real estate board. We recommend placing information on real estate boards or you can miss making a connection and not know it. We also recommend local newspapers and trade publications AND ICIWorld.

    Our surveys show, there is up to ten times as much information that can be worked through the industry to make you money than can be worked on typical real estate board type internet services.

    There really are not enough real estate people to handle it all.

    Some say 90% of shopping centers are not on real estate boards, 90% of apartment buildings, and much more.  You can work this kind of information on ICIWorld.

    These are opportunities to make money you do not have on any other major world service.

    This can make you money that is not available on any other service in this big a way.

    Hire us to work for you.
  6. Access over 8,000 Haves and Wants placed by the public in Database 2 FREE FSBO Area.

    Although the public can post information free in Database 2, only licensed real estate brokers and salespeople can read the contact information so they can work directly with principals.

    You can work with the private FSBO people directly and make money.

    These are leads from principals! Our industry pays a lot of money in advertising to reach people like this.  They are in Database 2 NOW.

    Our industry spends a great deal of time prospecting and networking. ICIWorld has  cut this time to the lowest possible time. If you list a building, you literally can make appointments to show the property by calling the buyers on ICIWorld.  It is that fast. One broker reported making $50,000 with two hours work!

    See testimonials.

    It includes commercial and residential.

    You can work the leads in Database 2 as referrals or direct business.

    The only reason brokers and salespeople do not work referrals is because they do not get the leads.  Now you will.

    Is it worth $240 per year to have access to over 8,000 listings placed by the public?

    How much time and effort would it take for you to dig up this much information so you can access from the comfort of your own office? 

    Wouldn't you agree this is a great, great saving in time and effort?

    Wouldn't you agree this is a great saving in expense?

    Hire us to work for you.
  7. EMail distribution list service.

    Saves you time.  Saves you money.

    How much time and effort would it be to collect thousands of EMail addresses and then . . . to keep them up to date? 

    This is a savings of a tremendous amount of time and energy. 

    ICIWorld instantly and automatically emails your Haves and Wants to the industry. There are over 10,000 EMails delivering information daily to the public.

    This triggers people to contact you.

    The speed with which this happens gives you a competitive advantage over others and this will contribute to you making more money and providing better service.

    This is a tremendous savings in time and effort for you.

    You just have to add your listing to ICIWorld and your information is instantly and automatically emailed out to the public and the real estate industry

    ICIWorld has over 200 EMail list services working for you 24 hours per day.

    You should subscribe to receive these listings once per day.  You will have a jump on the market place.  You will have a competitive edge.

    One broker got an email at 9am in the morning on a signature office building. Talked to a buyer at 10am. Showed it at 1pm, presented offers and finalized the deal by 7pm all in the same day!

    This is a major competitive advantage over others in the marketplace.

    Hire us to work for you.
  8. Powerful Listing Tools.  There is no other service that we know of where you can print out a list of over 100 buyers for different specific types of properties.

    When you go on a listing presentation, and show this list of buyers, you will be showing that owner, how well connected you are into the marketplace.

    Do you have a list of hundreds of buyers for literally all different types of real estate?

    This can help you get the listing over others. 

    This makes you money.

    Is this one feature worth $240 per year to compile these lists for listing presentations?

    You literally can pick up the phone and make appointments to show the property the moment you have a listing signed.  It is that fast!

    Please see testimonials.

    Hire us to work for you.
  9. Powerful Listing Tools. You can print out statistics showing how people from over 100 countries can see your information.

    If your purpose is to get the highest and best price and terms, how can you overlook thousands of people looking to buy and sell real estate if you do not post your information on ICIWorld?

    In google ICIWorld is in the top ten out of 75,000,000 search results. You ignore that and you ignore doing the best possible job for your buyers and sellers.

    There are over 1,500,000 hits per month from people in over 100 countries of the world.

    One really needs to read the testimonials to see all the deals being done.  It surprises most people.

    Hire us to work for you.
  10. Long Term Strategy

    The service is free to the public and supported by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople. Salespeople do not get cut out of the equation.

    This makes more information available from the organized real estate brokerage industry as a result.

    For buyers and sellers, having more information available is a big advantage and benefit of more choices than other services.

    If you only have so much time in the day to prospect and network it might be helpful if one of the services you network on is very large.

    This can make you money and save you time because information is always flowing through the hands of your real estate colleagues.

    This is a service that does not allow principals to advertise direct to principals. 

    By continuing to build this service as one of the biggest in the world, it attracts people and they end up dealing with you.

    Every single real estate broker and salesperson should have a vested interest to ensure this service prospers because it protects the very real estate information that the brokers and salespeople can make money with.

    If a principal can advertise to a principal, it cuts the broker out.  With ICIWorld there is always a broker involved. **except where we do not have a real estate broker/salesperson representative.

    For principals it provides more opportunities than would otherwise be available.

    Other services allow principals to advertise direct to the public.  ICIWorld allows this but only the broker members may see the contact information.

    This also protects the principals from getting garbage off the Internet.

    Hire us to work for you.
  11. Concepts

    Most brokers do not work their buyers through the marketplace.  Now you should.

    Half the marketplace is totally overlooked by most every single service in the world except ICIWorld.

    Most brokers do not receive calls from owners saying, I notice you have a buyer looking for a property like mine, can you show my property to your buyer?

    This is one of the most refreshing calls that a broker can get and you will get them on ICIWorld.

    This is opportunities to do business that you do not get on other services.

    Your buyers are important.  Give their acquisition criteria some exposure!

    This is great service to the public by you when you utilize the exposure methods provided by ICIWorld.

    The largest deals in the industry are done this way.

    One broker placed a want for development land for a builder. Another saw it and new about some land available. Six offeres were presented on this property by others but the brokers on ICIWorld put it together for $24,000,000 and sold it.

    See testimonials.

    Many deals over $3,000,000 are done this way.

    Hire us to work for you.
  12. Training

    Once concept can help you make $50,000 or zero. There is nothing in between.

    Because we have been doing this business for so many years helping brokers and salespeople make money in their service to the public, we know that almost every real estate salesperson is missing doing deals and does not realize it.

    There will be a point in the training you receive that you too will agree, that you are missing doing deals and did not even realize it!

    it is one thing to have a jet outside your door, but if you do not know how to fly it, you still aren't going anywhere.

    it worth $240 per year to receive training to help develop your skill talents?

    Training is conducted from the comfort of your own home or business office. There are four segments, repeated monthly, that you can take in any order. I too have been a broker for over thirty years and see the wonderful successes of members who have applied these concepts.

    For instance one of the most powerful features we teach our members is the power of linking.

    We have a statement that we make that 95% of the real estate brokers and salespeople on the Internet have not really arrived in an effective fashion because all they are doing is throwing properties on the Internet with no due regard to the location.

    When you think about it, some say you are missing three most important words in real estate, location, location, location.

    If you were to try selling the location of your property you could spend $10,000 developing web sites, brochures, etc.

    We show you how to do it free.

    We teach the Power of Linking, one of the most powerful features of the Internet!  You are a marketing person.  We help you develop skill talents to become better at your job.

    We have one report from a member broker that information was passed around a board of directors table while they were making a decision to buy a property. This kind of information can materially affect decisions of people not familiar with the location of your properties.

    What you place in your information and what you don't place in your information can be critical to you making $50,000 or making nothing.

    Training is now conducted in Conference Call Workshops.  There are from 5-20 brokers per week attending these sessions. Every Friday at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time, 9am West Coast time, special sessions for brokers in Asia and Europe. It is from the comfort of your own home/business office. Dial in on your phone, while you are on the internet and listen and learn! 

    See conference calls.

    One item learned from just one conference can make you money for the rest of your life.

    Is this worth $240 to join?

    Hire us to work for you.
  13. Resource Center has been built up over ten years.   We let you discover it. It will be easy to understand when you appreciate the time and effort compiling all the information in this area for your benefit.  How to stop spam instantly saves you time and makes your work more efficient. Unclaimed bank balances has helped some members discover money they did not realize they had. FSBO opportunities, demographics, financial analysis programs, and much more.

    It will save you the last ten years compiling things that can be useful for you.

    Every broker who joins says this alone is worth the $240 to join.

    There are contacts for FSBO properties all over the world.  The whole world of real estate will really open up to you.

    There are things to benefit you in your personal AND business life. There was one item there that stopped pain, it was a health problem and saved that person their job.

    There are just too may items that are priceless and you will have the benefit.
  14. Economical

    Choose $39/mo., $240 per year, or $2,000 for ten years. It works out to be 1/10th of 1 cent per line per day to a market of over 600,000,000 people!

    99% of people simply choose $319 for the first year and then $240 per year thereafter.

    Some people join for one service only, the web site with links.

    When you join, all services are included. It is like a service bureau and when we add services they are included.

    It includes home pages, content for your home page, unlimited Haves and Wants, networking information with a world community.  It includes training workshops that increase your skill talents to serve the public not only on this service but on others.

Please consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant to you personally.  We are here to make you money in your service to the public.

At the very least add the link to $1 Trillion of Buyers and $8 Billion of Properties For Sale and For Lease and let it work to make you money and serve your public well.

Join the service and print out the Marketing Plan. Book a 15 minute session to orientate you. And then book into a 60 minute conference call.

We are confident you will be on your road to success utilizing the Internet to work for you no matter where in the world you are located.

We appreciate to the opportunity to work for you.

I would get very excited if I were you.


Gary Nusca, CCIM

Since 1994

Contacts . . . Make Contracts!