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This Webinar can and should be attended by
all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople world wide

How To Promote Your Web Site

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Everyone who has a real estate website should take this every month until you are producing leads and doing business as a result of your website generating referral opportunities AND direct business leads.

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Up to 1,000 may attend

40 Different Ways
90 minutes

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You should promote your website with a passion.

The reason? Of all the industries on the Internet, the highest return on investment (ROI) is for real estate. That is because one lead can make one a lot of money. (See testimonials)

Until you are generating leads regularly every 90 days and making money, you should take this every month until you are generating leads regularly!

We recommend all Executive Members attend a minimum of three sessions so register for more. There is simply too much information to comprehend in one session. This is really a full day training session crammed into 90 minutes with homework that you can focus on and ideas you can work over the next coming year and work into your marketing plans.

Your web site must be set up properly first! Otherwise you can be wasting your time. Once you understand the widgets supplied by ICIWorld and once you have them you will see that it is inevitable to trigger leads unless you have no traffic to your website.

Two things most important, to have thousands of listings . . . and . . . in a way that you get the calls, leads. Then if you are not getting calls it is not because of the widgets or lack of properly setup listings, you will know that it is because you have no or little traffic to your website. See sample websites with residential and commercial listing feeds all setup by ICIWorld working with member. You do not need to know how to do it. ICIWorld provides a turn key solution for you, working with you. It is like building a house while you stand with us with your input and design suggestions all along the way.

The bottom line, are you getting enquiries. If you are not, you need this session How To Promote Your Website.

Your website must have what we call the sparkplugs for a web site the way we set it up from ICIWorld. There should be links to thousands listings, residential AND commercial, MLS AND Exclusive. If you miss one link, your customers are missing seeing listings that they could be interested in. Then you are missing opportunities to make money and do not realize it. See Sample Web Sites with Links.

Call to make an appointment for a free Demo.

Widgets are included in an ICIWorld Executive Membersip.

A website is free for one month then $199/year. if you want to keep it. See the new revolution in Internet real estate tools Mobile Webistes.

For the Webinar once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with information you need to join the Webinar.

You can have a great web site with thousands of homes with colour photos and slide show displays, thousands of commercial listings, but if you do not have traffic going to your web site, you still won't generate leads and make money.

This special once per month Webinar will focus on all the things you can do to promote your web site to generate traffic and business.  

This is your storefront to the public.

90 minutes officially.  We stay on longer after the meeting answering questions.

This is a special once per month Webinar that will  enlighten you to more opportunities to do business to help you make money.
This is for the exclusive benefit of all Executive Membership. You should register now. This is by approval and for members only.

You will be listening and taking notes.

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Comments from Attendees

Q: Knowledge of Subject Matter, etc.: Very good, but I have a lot to still learn., Excellent, Very informative

Q: General Comments: I learned a lot from this seminar today, Very good

Q: Relevance to your business: Excellent for my business, Real Estate promoting the business, Yes

Q: General Comments: I enjoyed the Webinar today it was very interesting and have a lot to learn. I comprehended a lot of the information you gave but I still have to put it into my promoting my own web on my own. etc. etc. etc.

Q: What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? learning the subject web and operation of the web, More of it.

Q: Testimonials (if any): I am looking forward to make good business contacts and and having a strong real estate business with a lot of money to enjoy my life.  It is very useful, helpful and relevant to the subject.

First you must have a website with a lot of listings in a way that generates leads for you so that you get the calls. (See Links for Web Sites and See Powerful Web Sites for Real Estate Salespeople)

Secondly every licensed real estate person in the world should promote their own web site with a passion.

This is your office building on the Internet! It is located on the Internet where there are over 5 billion people. You may not know how to set up a web site, help it generate leads for you, or how to promote it. The same is true for your car. You may not know how to fix an electronic ignition to make your car go. But you get someone to fix it! The same is true with web sites.

Call us and we totally help you set up your web site, or give you recommendations for all your existing web sites, supply links that generate leads and then when everything is set up and running automatically work with you to help you promote your web site and your Haves and Wants.

Promoting your web site is important for all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the world.

Our Pledge.FOR EVERYONE IN THE INDUSTRY, MEMBERS AND NON MEMBERS: If for any reason you are not generating leads every 90 days, make an appointment with us for a 30 minute one on one workshop consultation with us. Within minutes we can easily do a free analysis of your web site and ICIWorld membership if you have one and make recommendations.

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Up to 1,000 may attend.

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