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Marketing Plan Item 1
Update your listings every 30-60 days.

You should update your information every 30-45 days for best results.


I have noticed the majority of deals take place at the top half of the database for two reasons.

  1. People simply get so busy working the top half of the database, they do not even get down to the bottom.
  2. And secondly, listings modified AFTER 30 days get EMailed out to the industry.

There are new people subscribing to these EMail List Services who may have not seen your listing. They will now receive copies. One developer has done three deals from the EMails he receives and does not even visit the web site. 

If you have not had any calls, examine your information.

There is an age column so you can see the age of your information.

We know the public is reading the information. It must be your information that is not attracting them or there is a material flaw in your information, ie wrong area, no price, location not filled in, no sizzle, etc.

If you have not updated your information you are probably missing opportunities to do business and do not realize it.

One of the true value added services that real estate brokers and salespeople offer the public today is their information handling abilities.

All real estate brokers and salespeople in the industry must take responsibility for their information to keep it up to date.

Simply go to
click on Member Management
click on My Listings
click on Modify for the listing that you want to update
click on Modify Record at the bottom
click on Latest World to see how the public sees your listing.
Repeat for other listings.

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