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The following are all Windows Media Video Files

For the Public and Executive Members

All videos are

Four ways to connect to do a deal Four Ways To Make A Connection otherwise you can miss doing a deal and not realize it.

How to use the Links Bar in Internet Explorer to save you time the rest of your life: How To Use the Links BarThis means your favourite searches on ICIWorld, will be only one click away from producing results on your screen that you can print out along with contact names and numbers. It is up to the second results daily. If anyone, members, buyers or sellers would like assistance for this, take fifteen minutes and jump into a daily workshop webinar and we will help you set this up. It will save you time the rest of your life. Instant information at your fingertips.

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For free assistance to add this feature to your device, jump into a Daily Workshop Webinar. You do not have to be a member or a real estate salesperson. All members would like you to have their information "at your fingertips."

For Canadian Commercial Real Estate Brokers and . . .

Real Estate Salespeople who are not members of ICIWorld.

A promotional information video.

For Residential Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople

See video

Resource web site

Make sure you make it full screen by double clicking on the video to make it larger and to make it smaller if you are seeing it using windows media player.

Seminars Conducted in Real Estate Offices

For both residential and commercial real estate brokers and salespeople

Feb 25, 2012 HomeLife

July 12, 2011 Recorded Webinar

Comments from three who attended:

General Comments: Covered a wide range of internet based topics, like the free or inexpensive phone services, good presentation, large amount of info provided
Knowledge of Subject Matter: very knowledgeable, very knowledgeable, thorough
Relevance to your business: very relevant, very, absolutely useful for my career
Number of years in the business: 8, 1
Testimonials: well spoken speaker

Feb. 14, 2011Recorded Webinar

Dec 13, Mon. 2010 Recorded Webinar

Invite us to do a seminar for your office. Call Cecil, ICIWorld 416-628-4313.

Seminar Movie

Produced for Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople

Click here to view the First full length film video recorded Live - Real Estate On The Internet Produced by, Inc.

Presentation conducted for a Real Estate Board Association, Technology Day Session.


ICIWorld Video Training Programs

Designed for Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople

Some videos are for the Private and Confidential and exclusive use of Executive Members

The following are public.

Members are reporting overwhelming support for the training videos.

At one time we produced on line conference calls where brokers and salespeople from all over the world called in for a seminar. We have video taped the subject matter of these conferences for your use.

- indicates a video link

Windows Media Player plays videos, music, CDs, DVDs, Internet Radio and ICIWorld windows media video files. You should not have to load and save the program before seeing it. It should start loading and play, and continue playing while loading continuously until finished. It is called "streaming video." Some programs will try to save the entire file first and then play. That is okay too if you wish but you will have to wait while it downloads and then play it.

We recommend:

  1. You study each training video and have a pad of paper and pencil available to take notes and questions;

  2. Learn how to pause a video! This will give you time to write your notes and/or questions, go to the washroom, etc.;

  3. Learn how to maximize and minimize the video on your screen by simply clicking on the video to maximize it and, clicking on the video to minimize it;

  4. If you are having any kind of problem seeing these videos call us now for assistance.

For New and Renewing Executive Members

ICIWorld 101C Movie 11 Essential for all new and renewing members.

  • Every member should see this video.

  • It is the first hour of our regular Daily Webinar orientation for all Executive Members.

  • Rather than repeat it daily it is recorded here for your convenience.

  1. Orientation - Your personal record of information that is placed automatically in every listing. Orientation My Record

  2. Orientation - Subscribe to receive Haves and Wants by EMail.

  3. How to Add a Want How to Add a Want.

  4. How to Add a Have Listing How to Add a Have Listing

    Important points to remember: include the four ingredients in the subject line, location, type, price and/or size, sizzle, only type in upper and lower case letters not all capital letters, only select the business area and business categories that your property is located in.

    How To Add Listings (You can print this out)

  5. How To Search Advanced Advanced Search Method for Database 1 and 2.

    How to Search Database 1 Haves and Wants placed by Executive Members

    How to Search Database 2 For Sale By Owners

  6. How To Search by Message NumberEveryone should have special links on their own web site to listings on ICIWorld. The listings are specially constructed so that the public has to call YOU for more information. This means when someone visits YOUR web site and picks out some listings, they have a message number for you to look up for them. You need to be able to search ICIWorld by message number. This is how to do it. To search by Message Number, go to, click on Search Database 1 Free, click on Message # on the left or click on Search Database 2 FSBO's, click on Member Access to FSBO Area, then click on Message #.

  7. Common problems of entering listings. See samples of listings that are not filled in properly. This means you can easily be missing making a connection to do a deal and not realize it. Also samples of spamming business categories, etc. that cause a degradation of the service. This is easily fixed if you are aware of it.

Segments 1-6

For the Private and Exclusive use of Executive Members members only.

They provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Segments 1 to 6 are each about 90 minutes long. All other videos are very short.

  1. Segment 1Marketing Plan Concepts and examining a members membership for material defects. You should have the marketing plan printed out and you can also follow along with the printed version. Marketing Plan for Executive Members (Everyone should print this out)

  2. Version 1 Segment 2Marketing Plan - You should have the marketing plan printed out and you can also follow along with the printed version. This was done using a different display resolution. We need to know if it is showing properly on your computer. You can make it full screen when you are playing it. (One way is to double click right on the picture) Learn how to pause and continue. You could open another browser window and be doing the actions being taught and then flip back to the video and continue. Learn the shortcuts on your keyboard to do that. I use the alt key and the tab key. Marketing Plan for Executive Members (Everyone should print this out)

    Version 2 Segment 2 with interaction with student real estate salespeople

    We would like to know, do you like version 1 or version 2 better. They are the same material but in version 2 you can hear the attendees.

  3. Segment 3Searching Database 1 and 2, entering information, how to place photos, key word searching, EMail List Services, linking - one of the true powers of the Internet.

    Version 2 Segment 3 with interaction with student real estate salespeople

    We would like to know, do you like version 1 or version 2 better. They are the same material but in version 2 you can hear the attendees.

  4. Segment 4 Web Site Workshop For Members only. Members should go to click on Log In Member Management, click on Training videos

  5. Segment 5 How To Promote Your Web Site For Members only Members should go to click on Log In Member Management, click on Training videos

  6. Member Tuneup (You should print this out)

    a. Segment 6 Information Tune-Up You can not hear attendees speakingSingle voice, clear sound.
    b. Segment 6 Information Tune-up. You can hear attendees speaking.Would appreciate your opinion of the sound.

    We are using different techniques with all segments. Is a. or b. preferable for future recordings?

  7. Domain Names For Members only Members should go to click on Log In Member Management, click on Training videos

The whole goal of these videos is to provide you with a major competitive edge in the market place. We do not share this information with non members.

We also want to get the standard web site producing for you so that you appreciate the power of these web sites. Then you should consider upgrading to the Professional web site which provides more features and opportunities to make money in your services to the public.

Here are the differences between a standard web site and professional web sites and Premium. Click here for a summary. You can try the Professional Web Site for two weeks free.

We appreciate your comments and feedback on these videos, EMail.


1) Be patient for the video to start, it needs a short time to buffer
2) I suggest you choose open rather than save the video;
3) Learn how to pause the video;
4) Learn how to double click on the video to make it full screen or minimize it;
5) You will need speakers to listen as well as a windows computer to watch the video.

It is a windows media file. Your feed back is requested.

  • Does the sound work?

  • How is the picture quality? etc.

  • What programs would you like if any.

What is important to help us develop the video services is not the topic but whether the videos and sound works on your computer. This will become the format for many training videos on your behalf and we need to know this format works for you. There is a lot of configuration involved to set this up and we do not want to make a lot of videos that do not work.

Your feedback would be appreciated about the format and suggested topics as well.

This will help us determine the best format for all members.

Could you let us know by way of a short EMail note if it works or if it does not work and any other suggestions, comments or questions you may have.

Thank you.



ICIWorld has produced videos of various topics such as seminars, webinars, and more. We will be making parts of them into youtube videos.

This page is under construction. Assembling material.


  • Who can attend? Executive Members, Prospective Members, Past Members. Why past members?  These webinars graphically demonstrate what it takes to be successful.

  • PREREQUISITE:  Before attending a Webinar Workshop members should please see one or both of the following educational movies:


  • Click ICIWorld 101C to view. (Commercial) 60 minutes.

    Click ICIWorld 101R to view. (Residential) 60 minutes.

    It covers essential features for all new and renewing members. If you have not made any money within a 90 day period you need to see these educational videos.

    Click for Movie 14 Understanding the Powers of the Internet A sample presentation provided live in real estate offices. Invite us to do a seminar in your office.

    Jam packed real estate office presentation for all licensed real estate salespeople, commercial and residential, in the world.

    This movie is full of things learned on the Internet for the last fifteen years, all packed into this one 120 minute session.

    We are assistants to 1,000 real estate professionals and we have learned and teach what is helping licensed real estate professionals how to benefit from the Internet to serve their prospects and clients well.