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Top Ten Reasons

Why Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople World Wide should Subscribe to the ICIWorld Service Bureau designed to serve the public.

There are thousands of buyers . . . there are thousands of sellers . . . there are thousands of space for lease . . . there are thousands of tenants looking for space.

Licensed real estate brokers and salespeople are best positioned in the industry world wide to provide services to collect this kind of information in an organized, professional, competent and qualified fashion.  And then to help people come together to do business. 

ICIWorld is a major world service bureau that helps people everywhere network Have and Want information that can make one money.  Among its many high tech features, is that it provides two searchable databases of Haves and Wants with over 10,000 listings and growing.  It provides various EMail circulation and distribution systems designed to deliver Haves and Wants instantly and automatically to the public. . . world wide . . . free.  People are doing deals directly from these EMails.  Everyone should subscribe to receive Haves and Wants for their State/Province by Digest. At the most, one email per day with all the Haves and Wants in it, contact names and numbers supplied right in the email.  And it is information, not just listings such as on a real estate board.

  • Database 1 is where the brokers and salespeople place information, everyone can search free, receive information by EMail free, complete with contact names and numbers. 
  • Database 2 is where the public can post information absolutely free, there is a limited view to the public but only the broker and salesperson members of ICIWorld may read the contact information.

See USA Market http://www.iciworld.us

See Canadian Market http://www.iciworld.ca

Consider us a personal marketing and information assistant to you personally.

Top Ten Reasons why every licensed real estate broker and salesperson should subscribe:

  1. Add 10,000 Haves and Wants to your YOUR HOME PAGE! It generates leads and referrals and shows some of your marketing to your clients and prospects. And we can show you how to have a professional home page absolutely free so you can add them! Many have spent thousands of dollars and continue to pay hundreds for hosting. Now you can do it free. If you do not have a home page, and do not have this link, then you are actually missing doing deals and referrals and do not even know it. 

    These listings are structured in such a way that people have to contact you for further information! See Details. Most home pages no matter how pretty they are, become stagnant after a while because it is the same information week in and week out. By adding this link, there are thousands of listings with new ones coming in daily to attract your clients and prospects to come to YOUR Home Page over and over again. One referral can make you a lot of money.
  2. ICIWorld saves you having to make 1,000 phone calls to people to see if they are interested in your Haves or Wants or Listings. It is like us making a phone call to a thousand people for you. Over 10,000 EMails deliver have and want information daily. Over 8,000 pages link to your haves and wants when they are placed.
  3. Time Saver. It takes only a minute or two of your time to write down a Have or Want and you can make a lot of money. Your job is done on ICIWorld. Delegate the placement to your front office staff and your information circulates to the industry. ICIWorld is a service bureau that does two major things.  1. It places your information in a database that is receiving over 1,000,000 hits per month from over 90 countries of the world and 8,000 pages link to this information from all over the world.  This generates contacts for you. And, 2. instantly and automatically your Have and/or Want information is delivered by EMail to the industry . . . world wide. There are over 10,000 EMails delivering information daily to the commercial real estate industry world wide from our servers in San Jose, California. The public subscribes to receive this information free! You can subscribe here free too for your State and/or Province.

    Instant World Wide Networking and Marketing helps you make connections. In addition to whatever other marketing you may be doing, ICIWorld is among the highest traffic sites in the world on the Internet for Industrial, Commercial and Investment Real Estate, Land, Farms, Business Opportunities, Financing and more. See Statistics. An individual home page for a broker does not receive the traffic that major web sites like ICIWorld do. Also people can not afford the time to visit 1000 web sites to check out information. They will visit web sites that help them search thousands of listings within seconds!  That is ICIWorld! It is a major compiler of commercial real estate information world wide providing the platform for people to search quickly, and then people contact the person who placed the information and that leads to them doing business.

    We pay to get rankings in search engines.  Other search engines measure popularity in many ways.  There are over 8,000 pages built over ten years driving traffic to various ICIWorld web sites and the information placed by members and the public.

    We build databases of contacts for you. ICIWorld has also built in house databases of people who deal in commercial real estate. There are over 200,000 email contacts that we have built over ten years and that number continues to grow. An individual in the real estate business who would try to do this would have to spend all their time in front of a computer and you make money talking to people not parked in front of a computer. Think of us as your marketing and information assistant to you personally and you hire us for only $240 per year.
  4. There is no limit to the number of Haves and Wants one may advertise with an Executive Membership. From a cost point of view, if you could advertise in your favorite newspaper all year long for free would you?  Then you definitely should be a member.  The market here is 500 times as large as some of the largest newspaper's market. It is hard to fathom at first but you will come to understand the power in time.
  5. EMail List Distribution Services. Not only is information stored in a searchable database for the public to search, but also Haves and Wants are instantly and automatically EMailed out to the industry!  There are over 10,000 EMails delivering information daily.  This all results in the greatest connections for people to do business in the industry . . . world wide . . . and it continues to grow!
  6. Access to the Private FSBO Area.  Source leads and deal direct with principals. ICIWorld has two major world databases.  One where licensed real estate brokers and salespeople place information and the public reads it and contacts the members directly. But there is another database where the public places Have and Want information free and only the Executive Members of ICIWorld can read the contact information. See About FSBO.

    A member has two choices.  He can work direct with the public on these or he/she can work referrals.

    There is one thing better than selling and listing real estate, and that is referrals. It takes five minutes to do a referral and it averages $6,000 to $15,000 based on data through ICIWorld. The private FSBO Area has several thousand opportunities from the public! 

    Most brokers do not work referrals because they simply do not get them. With the FREE FSBO Area there are opportunities for referrals daily.

    The moment you subscribe you can get them EMailed to you within an hour of them being placed! There is a lot of business being done! You should read the testimonials.
  7. Training. See Training Concepts.  We have learned a lot over the last ten years working with real estate brokers and salespeople, CCIM's and others.  It is now helping us do our job better.  We have learned that you can have a jet outside your door but if you do not know how to fly it, you are not going any place.

    One of the true value added services that real estate professionals offer the public is their information handling abilities.  Many of us are 50-60-70 years old and are learning how to work with computers and technology and we pride ourselves on being perhaps one of the best to teach these information handling skills. 

    ICIWorld develops programs to increase the skill talents of professionals in the business in order to serve their clients well. These skill talents can be the difference between doing deals on the Internet or not doing any deals at all.  See Testimonials
  8. Powerful Selling Tools. Once example we call the Ultimate in Marketing.
  9. Powerful Listing Tools. We suggest that the way members are on the Internet with their information is significantly different than the way other brokers and salespeople are on the Internet and you can see that in statistics where over 70 countries of the world visit regularly.  Secondly, members can print out lists of buyers.  This is a very powerful listing tool and has helped members obtain Power of Sale Listings from banks over their competition.
  10. Free Home Pages with free hosting, $150 home page with free hosting, $599 home page. A site with your own domain name is only $20/month hosting. We teach you how to have full control over your own web site making changes right from your own computer!


  11. Your Personal Commercial Real Estate Database on the Internet! See Details Recommendation 2.  Display your Haves and Wants from your home page with one button! The advantage is that you never have to change your home page.  You just add/modify your listings on ICIWorld and they can be automatically and instantly seen from your home page.  YOUR LISTINGS, will appear from YOUR HOME PAGE within an average access time of 4.9 seconds. And it is so easy to add, modify and delete listings and report and show solds.
  12. ICIWorld gives you a chance to make money with information not just listings. In commercial real estate one piece of information can make one a lot of money. See Testimonials.

    There are a lot more opportunities to make money in commercial real estate that can be placed on real estate boards and the Internet type listing services. We recommend real estate boards and other internet type listings services and other forms of advertising.  However there is a lot more information that can be worked in your area to make you money that can not be placed on a real estate board or the internet type listing services of the world.

    ICIWorld has become the worlds best way to network that kind of information to help you make connections to do your next deal.

    All brokers agree that if you are not working your Have and Want Information through the industry you are missing doing deals and you don't even know it. 

    We suggest that every broker and salesperson who wants to develop the commercial real estate side of his/her real estate practice, can be working many more opportunities in your own market any one of which can make you $10,000 to $30,000, $50,000 and more!. There is a model that works on how to handle this information and that simple model can work for you.

ICIWorld is a major marketing vehicle that saves you time and money. There are millions of hits to our various web sites.  There are over 8,000 pages linking to various ICIWorld web sites. It generates traffic.  You will be plugging into this traffic! In fact if you have a counter on your web page and can track where your hits come from you will see your counter go up the moment you start placing Have and Want information on ICIWorld.

Today, one of the most important value added services that licensed real estate brokers and salespeople offer the public is their "information handling abilities."  If we use the analogy that if there was a jet parked outside your door that could take you anywhere in the world, what good is it if you do not know how to fly it." 

So we provide a Marketing Plan and Training Program for each and every single broker and salesperson coming on the service. You can print this out the moment you join and it is automatic on the Internet. It is conducted in your office, over the phone, while you are on the Internet on one line, while talking with us on the other line. We suggest you review the marketing plan and training program which you can print out, prior to an appointment for your personal, one on one training program.

I can tell you this, I have been doing this for over ten years, and there are concepts which if you miss, you simply miss doing deals in your marketplace and you do not even realize it.  I do not have a problem if you are skeptical.  But it is simply wise and common sense to follow up on this for a free demonstration or simply get started now to take advantage of a service that is industry and the public that it services.

This is a high tech information service on the Internet and yet it is only $240 per year and we have a majority of our members making thousands of dollars. And can it work for you?  You bet! See Testimonials.  If you do not work your haves and wants through the industry, you are actually missing doing deals and . . . you don't even know it.  This works in every area of the world!

You will make contacts.  You will get buyers that you will sell other things to. You will obtain listings and sell them to others.

ICIWorld is the service in the world that will help you maximize your opportunities to make money. There is no other service like it.  Ten years in the making, we continue to be inspired by all the successes of many members.

May we suggest you subscribe now or at the very least let us provide a short demonstration in your office over the phone.  Contact us.

Subscribe Now You can put it on a credit card and be adding information and receiving calls within minutes!

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