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A Search Matrix for your Company, Chapter, Real Estate Board, Franchise!
"Have and Want Information from a whole industry at your fingertips!"

You members will be only seconds away from starting their next deal!  The people you serve will like it!  Every organization, company and group in the world should have it! It can be designed within hours for you. We can provide introductory services to demonstrate it all in action to your whole group. Information is delivered from one of the most powerful servers in the world located in San Jose California.

Search Matrix for your company, group, organization, etc. 
Place the appropriate group link that you see below . . . on YOUR WEBSITE . . . free.  Complete data basing is provided for the Haves and Wants for your group.  Call today to discuss ideas that will generate business for your organization. 

Prudential Re/Max Royal LePage
Sutton Group World Search Matrix Century 21
Coldwell Banker Prudential Sutton Group
The Central Canada CCIM Chapter CCIM Institute Western Canada CCIM Chapter
Sample for a 
Major Real Estate Board

(such as TREB)
Search the World Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver

For the absolute best in networking Have and Want information, implement a Search Matrix for your Chapter, Association, Real Estate Board, Company, group, etc.   It will help your organization network in the best way possible in the world today.  They will do business that we believe we can show you are missing doing now!  You can be skeptical, but give us a chance to demonstrate it!  Contact us now.  If for any reason you are a member of ICIWorld and your listings do not appear in the appropriate search matrix, contact us. 

Place information at your fingertips!  You should add an icon on your desktop that pulls up your favourite search matrix onto your screen! That way you are only seconds away from identifying an opportunity, and starting your next deal! Get the search matrix on your screen.  Or go to Once it is on your screen, click on File, highlight the word Send, click on Short Cut to Desktop.  Presto you will have an icon on your desktop! You can rename it properly and you can change the icon. We suggest a newspaper icon. With this icon, you are only seconds away from information that can help you generate your next $30,000 to $50,000 and more.

One piece of information can make you a lot of money.  Promote your information in an effective manner to connect to do deals.

It can help you gain new members for your company, organization, chapter or group.

Strengthen your company, organization, chapter or group.

Call for a demonstration.

Introducing Group Networking
The ICIWorld Search Matrix for your Real Estate Board, Group, Company, ICI Council, Overlay Board, Commercial Division, Chapter, and more! 

Bringing you the very latest in information technology for the commercial real estate industry. May we be sold bold as to suggest you communicate this to the leaders of your group or organization and take the lead in your market place.

"Your members will start to connect to do deals . . . very fast!"

It's fast and easy to set up.  Just place a link on your site to an ICIWorld Search Matrix page we will make for you!

Average search access time . . . 4.9 seconds!

The best possible way to network information on behalf of your group in the world today.  


If you are a leader in any organization, company, chapter, group, council, overlay board, etc.  we offer service to demonstrate the power of this service in your market.


  1. On request ICIWorld makes up a Search Matrix Page for your group. 
  2. You place a link on your site to this Search Matrix Page.
  3. Or . . . you can place the page on your site and redesign the appearance! The functionality of the buttons would remain the same.

That's all there is to it.

Your members will start to connect to do deals . . . very fast. 

Place a link on your page to your Search Matrix Page.  What can you call this link?  Here are some ideas that you can use:  

  • Commercial
  • Database
  • Haves and Wants
  • Search
  • Listings
  • Our Database Inventory
  • Properties For Sale and For Lease

To see your link, place your mouse over top the link but do not click on it.  Look at the bottom left hand corner of the screen where it says Start on your Task Bar.  You will see the link.  click your right mouse button and you can copy shortcut and paste it into your email to others.

Created to help members of the following groups network information unlike any other service in the world 

  • Real Estate Boards

  • Commercial Divisions

  • Professional Chapters

  • Commercial Overlay Boards

  • ICI Councils

  • Companies

  • Franchises

  • Appraisers

  • Economic Development Agencies

  • and more!

How to implement the Search Matrix?

  • Place the link to the appropriate Search Matrix Page on YOUR SITE. 

It only takes a minute by whoever does your web site!  That's all there is to it!

All groups and companies are encouraged to place links from your own home page to your very own Search Matrix Page.  It is free!  

Every franchise office should place can place the link  on their home page to their companies search matrix.  

Indeed you can even send the link to the Search Matrix for your company, in EMail to other people such as "to see some of our companies commercial real estate Haves and Wants click here." People can click on this link in YOUR EMAIL and it will bring up the search matrix page to all your listings!

To see the link, place your mouse over the line and look at the bottom left hand corner of your screen above the Start Button. 

You can do this for your personal listings as well.

ICIWorld is a "service bureau" for Commercial Real Estate Have and Want Information . . . world wide. Membership Details

And now 
The ICIWorld 
Search Matrix for the World

The following is a Search Matrix, the first of its kind in the world. It would be the first for CCIM's world wide. It will have been started by The Central Canada CCIM Chapter. It is the beginning of a prototype that can be used by individual chapters, real estate boards, companies, overlay boards, ICI Councils . . .world wide.

It is the easiest, fastest and quickest way to network Have and Want Information in the world today.

Here is a sample:

The Central Canada CCIM Chapter Search Matrix

Search Haves and Wants

The above link would be placed on the Chapter Web Site and it could state "Have and Want Information of Chapter Members"


Colors can be color coordinated to match the color scheme of the chapter.

The appearance of the pages can be redesigned.

The searches can be tailored to suit.

The page can be a revenue generator!  Sell advertising for your group!

A Sold button can be added.

A complete member profile page can be provided for every member and/or link directly to the members home page.

An EMail List Service can also be provided. Every listing a person places can be sent to this list service. You can make this a public list service that anyone can subscribe to, or you can make it a private list service that only members receive the information.

Orientation and Training is provided.  This can be done classroom style in a Seminar/workshop setting.  Training is also conducted for  individual members in their office over the phone, one on one, while they are on the internet on one line, while talking with one of our trainers on the other line.

This is free to chapter.  Individual brokers and salespeople support the service through a small annual fee.  This small annual fee provides for:

  • Reach over 70 countries of the world; 
  • Automatic and instant industry wide distribution by email to world;
  • Unlimited Haves and Wants
  • The market is over 500,000,000 people.  
  • One only has to compare this to newspaper advertising where $240 can be one ad, in one day and out the other and does not include photos, virtual tours, etc for free.
  • The best hardware and software in the world with the best connections anywhere in the world
  • Training, Education, and Orientation.

Your members can benefit immediately!  They can do deals.  You can see it in operation. 

Everything is automatic and online.

ICIWorld is a service bureau providing information technology and information services to the commercial real estate industry.

We have worked over ten years helping brokers make money serving their clients.  We do this by developing the best ways in the world to network information.  This is one exciting and major highlight of our dedication to the industry. 

Your comments and any suggested enhancements are welcomed.

Gary Nusca, CCIMs
Contact us.

Contacts . . . Make Contracts!

Add "thousands of Haves and Wants" to YOUR HOME PAGE with one button!

It is constructed in such a way that people have to contact you for more information! DETAILS

Every member of ICIWorld should be placing Recommendation 1 and 2 on their home page now!

"On the Cutting Edge of Technology" . . . for the World.

This is a database of Haves and Wants for your group.  Network information to connect to do deals in the fastest, easiest, most economical and quickest way possible in the world today. 

Not only does the group have access to each others listings, but information is also on an International Public Database where the public can read information and contact the member directly.