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Purpose: Networking Haves and Wants

Available at: http://www.iciworld.net/search/centralcanada.html

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One major advantage is networking with people you know you can do business with.  Chapter members meet each other regularly and know each other and this results in better business relationships with others. This of course helps to do deals.  It can be a major advantage to be a member of the chapter and meet with others regularly at monthly meetings and other events.

Includes: Unlimited Haves and Wants, Web Site, Training and Assistance.

The CCIM Central Canada CCIM Chapter is a local chapter of the CCIM Institute, a division of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS and has over 100 members who specialize in commercial real estate. 


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NOTE: This page is a proposal at this point for the Central Canada CCIM Chapter to place a link to this page on the www.ccimcanada.com web site.  If you as a member would like that, simply mention it to a CCIM Director for support.  We would like to present this to the executive in an upcoming chapter executive meeting.  The link would could be "Network Haves and Wants."