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Haves and Wants

"Haves" are properties for sale and for lease. | "Wants" are buyers and tenants acquisition criteria.

The concept of networking "Haves" and "Wants" is enhanced when you can deal with other people with whom you have developed a good business relationship with, such as with other chapter members.

By being a member of the Central Canada CCIM Chapter you have an opportunity to meet with your colleagues, buyer and sellers in the industry on a regular basis through monthly breakfast meetings. This gives you a chance to help you meet face to face with others to develop good business relationships which lead to doing business.

Chapter membership is open to the public. You do not have to be a CCIM to be a member.

A survey at one time indicated that 65% of members of the CCIM Chapter did business with one another.

To place your "Haves" and "Wants" you must be a:

  1. licensed real estate broker or salesperson,

  2. become a member of the Central Canada CCIM Chapter $129/year. To join the Central Canada CCIM Chapter come to a meeting by searching events at ask for a membership kit or contact the CCIM Chapter office at 416-244-0435.

  3. become an Executive Member of the, Inc. $240/year. See Buy Membership

If you are a member of both the CCIM Chapter and, Inc. and your information does not appear please call 416-214-4875 or EMail us.

If you are not a licensed real estate salesperson you should place your information through a member. Click here for the roster of chapter members using this Have and Want information service. This is updated to the best of our ability from time to time. You can notify us to add or remove your name, 416-214-4875.

The CCIM Central Canada CCIM Chapter is a local chapter of the CCIM Institute, which is a division of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS. The chapter has approximately 100 members who have an interest in commercial real estate., Inc. (Since 1994) is an independent service with Gary Nusca, CCIM as President providing this service on its own initiative to serve members of the Central Canada CCIM Chapter., Inc. Canada is a sponsor of the CCIM Chapter.

The, Inc. "Have" and "Want" information service was conceived by a Chapter member Gary Nusca, CCIM in conjunction with other brokers and salespeople since the early 1990's to enhance real estate networking for chapter members to do business with each other and it has evolved into a world service.

It became very difficult to record everyone's Haves and Wants when presented in one room.  This service has become a way to "not lose" opportunities to do business now world wide.

Canadian site is 50-100 new listings daily.

USA site is
Readership from people in over 100 countries.

World site is
26,000 Haves and Wants.

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May we encourage you to provide your comments, suggestions and enhancement requests.  EMail  Please consider this service as your service, designed to help you connect with others to do business.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you., Inc., (Since 1994) 33 Hazelton Ave., Suite 403, Toronto, Ontario M5R 2E3

For assistance call Gary Nusca, CCIM 416-214-4875 or 416-831-1620.

Dedicated to help you take advantage of the Powers of the Internet.



Recorded Webinars

This is a new developing service and please help us to develop it for you. We are open to ideas for design changes, etc.

Designed to provide services to all chapter members where distance and time factors make it difficult or impossible to attend chapter meetings which can include excellent speakers, education and networking opportunities. We will be able to present your Haves and Wants to all members through this service as well such as by displaying your web site with specific listings while you talk to everyone from the comfort of your own home or business office.

At this time we encourage you to see at least the first five minutes of any of the following videos. 

If see the whole video we ask you to pay $30.  This is on an honour system.

Any questions and for payment if you see a video please click on one of the following for payment or call, Inc. at 416-840-6227 Janet or Gary with any credit card or by Visa only Erin Dwyer at the CCIM office 416-244-0435 ext. 232.


  1. CCIM Institute Members and/or Central Canada Chapter Members Click here $30 CCIM Members
  2. ICIWorld Executive Members Click here $40 ICIWorld Executive Members ICIWorld encourages all members to join the CCIM Chapter and learn how to do more commercial real estate.

    NOTE: If you log in to ICIWorld first and then click on the amount above it will enter all your details automatically.  You do not have to be a member of ICIWorld in order to do this, just in our database.


May Breakfast Meeting Wednesday, May 26, 2010 *2 RECO Credits* An Economic and Financial Outlook for 2010 with Craig Alexander Craig Alexander holds a Masterís degree in economics from the University of Toronto. He has thirteen years of experience in conducting economic analysis in the financial industry. [read more]
Click here for video (starts properly after 1 min. 30 sec.)  
March 21, 2010 Jack Bernstein

Succession Planning featuring Jack Bernstein

Jack Bernstein of Aird & Berlis, guided us through an exciting discussion on succession planning. Jack focused on reducing income tax and probate fees on death to ensure an orderly succession, while also highlighting estate planning, family succession, wills, estate freezes and family shareholders agreements during this session.

Jack Bernstein is the senior tax partner and chair of Aird & Berlis' International Tax Practice. Jack is a member of the firm's Tax Group and Tax Litigation Group, as well as the Mergers and Acquisitions team. Jack is well known in international tax planning, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, reorganizations, and financing. He is also experienced in dealing with public and private corporations. Jack has also advised hedge funds, venture capital funds and real estate funds.

Webinar information

Click here for video (short delay but then starts properly)  

l discussion featuring Derek Lobo and Judy Kazimer while they discuss How a Broker can Best Prepare Our Real Estate Markets Going Forward, Benchmark GTA Transactions
Video (sound starts at 4 min 12 second mark)

A portion of the proceeds go to the Central Canada CCIM Chapter and a portion of the proceeds to, Inc. in order to offset the cost to produce these videos and make them available here.




Networking Have and Want Industrial, Commercial and Investment Real Estate Have and Want Information can help you identify people with whom you may be able in many cases to establish long term business relationships.  This can lead to doing business easier and be more cost effective.   See Value of Networking.

The following Internet database contains many such real estate opportunities to help you connect with others with whom you may be able to do business.  The content is provided by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople who are both chapter members of the CCIM Chapter and the, Inc. information service.  You do not have to be a CCIM.

It becomes an extra benefit to place Haves and Wants here, because if you have an opportunity, it is not much good if you can not find a worthy corresponding buyer or seller as the case may be. No sense keeping it secret.  You will learn you can explore the opportunities in a confidential fashion with limited information when necessary and qualify the respondents.

This Internet based service started out of CCIM Marketing Sessions where in some cases $200,000,000 worth of real estate was presented in a one day period to participants.

The following service started in 1994 continues to successfully serve the industry to this day to help you identify opportunities to do business, to make contacts where you develop business relationships that lead to serving your prospects and clients successfully.