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ICIWorld Search Matrix
"the first of its kind in the world"

Helping people connect to do business quickly and in the most efficient manner known to mankind.

Helps you gain new members 
"On the Cutting Edge of Technology for the Commercial Real Estate Industry"

For compiling Have and Want Information in the fastest, easiest, most economical and quickest way possible in the world today.

Created January, 2002 for: 

  • Real Estate Boards

  • Commercial Real Estate Chapters

  • Commercial Overlay Boards

  • ICI Councils, 

  • Real Estate Companies, 

  • Appraisers and more. 


The Central Canada CCIM Chapter

Century 21

Coldwell Banker



Royal LePage

Sutton Group

Toronto Real Estate Board

If you belong to one of these groups or companies AND you are a member of ICIWorld and you information does not show, contact us now to be added.

All groups and companies are encouraged to place links from your own home pages to your very own Search Matrix Page.  It is free!  Indeed you can even send this link in EMail to other people.  Make a statement "to see some of our companies commercial Haves and Wants" click here and place the link in your email for them to click on.

To see your link.  Place your mouse over top the link but do not click on it.  Look at the bottom left hand corner of the screen where it says Start on your Task Bar.  You will see the link.  click your right mouse button and you can copy shortcut and paste it into your email to others.

You can do this for your personal listings as well.

ICIWorld is a "service bureau" for Commercial Real Estate Have and Want Information . . . world wide. Membership Details

The following is a Search Matrix, the first of its kind in the world. It would be the first for CCIM's world wide. It will have been started by The Central Canada CCIM Chapter. It is the beginning of a prototype that can be used by individual chapters, real estate boards, companies, overlay boards, ICI Councils . . .world wide.

It is the easiest, fastest and quickest way to network Have and Want Information in the world today.

Here is a sample:

The Central Canada CCIM Chapter Search Matrix
Search Haves and Wants

The above link would be placed on the Chapter Web Site and it could state Have and Want Information of Chapter Members

Colors can be color coordinated to match the color scheme of the chapter.

The pages can be redesigned.

The searches can be tailored to suit

A Sold button will be added.

A complete member profile page will be provided for every member and we are working on that now.

The search matrix page can reside on ICIWorld's computers or on CCIM Chapter computers

A List Service is provided. Every listing a person places can be sent to this list service. You can make this a public list service that anyone can subscribe to, or you can make it a private list service that only members receive the information.

Complete orientation and Training is provided.

it is for unlimited haves and wants

This is free to chapter.

There is a cost for this service.

This cost can be paid for in one of two ways or a combination of both


individual members

There must be an understanding that these kinds of information services cost considerable sums of money to produce and this revenue has to come from somewhere whether it be from advertising or an individual member.

We can discuss this later but would appreciate your feedback on the Search Matrix that makes finding Haves and Wants the easiest it has ever been.

You can have your designer work on the page, or put the link up or I can put a link up now. Although it is a beta test model, it is fully functional and has only Central Canada Chapter Member's listings who are of course subscribed to ICIWorld. ICIWorld in that sense is a service bureau providing these kinds of services to the industry.

We think this is exciting opportunity for chapter members to do even more business with each other and the industry.

Your comments appreciated.

Gary Nusca, CCIM
Contact us.