Wed. Sept. 9, 2012 Notice to All Executive Members and the public:

We are excited to be moving all information today and in the next few days to a new "DEDICATED" server with some very impressive specifications. 

This has been a long time coming!! The increased success and volume much like our mail server that had to be increased to accommodate and deliver the volume of EMailing of daily listings to the industry, so to it is the same for the server.

We are asking for your help however in the connection to the new server.  Much like building a new office building and then moving in and having to connect electrical and plumbing fixtures, etc. The same is true of all links that have to be connected. We are searching them out.  We may miss some. Would you kindly let us know.  This is your service to benefit your real estate practice.

Many will not experience any changes whatsoever except hopefully faster delivery of information, especially in peak use. Let us know.

You can tell if you are on the new server by using the web site address of (at the moment without the www). (CIBBS Commercial Investment Bulletin Board System). We have fifty domain names to change over. Please either call me or send an email of absolutely anything that does not appear to be working properly. I will note them here so that others do not need to report them.

Keep adding your listings normally to

As of 9/15/12
Items noted that are not working.

  • Training Videos for Executive Members Only - /membonly/helpvideos
  • Resource Centre - membonly/private.htm
  • Log In help Password
  • Domain names need to be pointed
  • does not work sometimes only
  • Error message [404] 404 Not Found for port 80 on Wednesday, 05-Sep-2012 18:53:56 EDT

FIXED 9/5/12

  • Log in - FIXED
  • Log out - FIXED
  • Add Have/Want - FIXED
  • My Record - FIXED

Any questions EMail or Call 416-214-4875.