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Referral Brokers Program

Retired Brokers Program

You can do referrals.

You just need the leads.

If you have a lead ie: someone who wants to buy or sell a property, you can do a referral!

Typical referrals are 25% of the selling commission.

Typical referrals are five minutes to do.

If someone visits your web site and sees a property they like, we have structured it so they have to call you for more information!

If you do not have a web site you get zero leads. You have no chance and you are not taking advantage of the Internet in the smartest and economical way in the world today. It is an investment because every single member generates business every ninety days or you call us.

You get a call something like this "I am on your web site and there is a property that I am interested in Message #128645, can you help me?" You should say "I certainly can help you, I will have someone call you back."  Then you contact the other broker who has that listing and say "I have a lead for you, is a 25% referral fee okay with you?" That is a five minute phone call that is averaging $3,000 to $10,000 and more.

Without listings on a web site you will get zero calls.

People who are searching real estate on the Internet are searching for listings. What web site will trigger more leads, one with 15 listings or one with 15,000 listings?

We supply links to thousands of listings if you already have a web site.

We distribute web sites that have thousands of listings, MLS Listings. Exclusive Listings, Residential Exclusive and MLS, Condos Exclusive and MLS, Commercial Exclusive and MLS.

See samples.

The listings are set up by us.

Other brokers have agreed to allow their listings to be on YOUR web site.

The web sites are totally set up by us and we show you how to make changes.

We do this on your computer over the Internet in your home or business office.

See Daily Webinar Workshops by appointment 416-214-4875.

You will have thousands of listings all in a way that YOU get the leads.

There are two billion people using the Internet.

If you are not generating leads you are missing out!

I should know, I too have been a broker now for over 40 years but have been specializing since 1994 in helping licensed real estate brokers and salespeople take advantage of the Internet.

We totally set everything up!

Works for every single broker and salesperson on the planet earth.

It is for all real estate salespeople in the world including retired salespeople

Would you mind doing the odd five minute referral that makes you $3,000-$10,000 . . .  while you are retired?

There are over 2 Billion people using the Internet.  See statistics.

See the deals being done by ICIWorld Executive Members and referral opportunities are for every single member.

  • 74% of people looking for real estate start searching on the Internet. 

  • 96% of people are searching for listings.

You simply need to have a way to display some listings to them, in a way that YOU get the odd call, and then do a referral!

There is one thing better than listing and selling real estate and almost all will say "referrals."


Because they take five minutes to do and average $3,000 to $10,000 and more through ICIWorld.

The only reason most real estate brokers and salespeople do not do referrals is simply because they do not get the leads.

Now with the ICIWorld programs and web site you will.

In fact it becomes absolutely inevitable for you to do referrals unless you have a material defect in your membership or no traffic going to your web site.

See Our Pledge.

Time required?

No web site?

No problem!

We totally set up a web site for you!

This is a one time setup of approximately 90 minutes.

There are 50-100 new listings per day to come on to your web site and you do not have to do a thing except promote your web site once in a while and we will show you how.

We suggest you make this part of your life the rest of your life and have fun with it.

Promoting your web site is an easy way to generate business because when people know you have thousands of listings, exclusive, MLS, single homes, condos, commercial property, they will visit your web site.  When they see something they like they call you for more information!!!

We will totally set up your web site so that it is operational.

We will help you get traffic going to your web site.

You need to do referrals and follow up on them.

To get started, get a membership going with ICIWorld and make a 30 minute appointment with us.  This appointment is a workshop Webinar.  We conduct 10-14 a day by appointment.  Conducted in your home or business office on your computer over the phone or through the Internet. We suggest you have a USB headset and microphone.  See Daily Webinar Workshops.

Once set up most things work on auto pilot!

There are three things you must do:

  1. Log in to your web site once per month and look after a To Do List

  2. Add and search listings from time to time

  3. Promote your web site

  4. Follow up on your referrals.

Any questions?

"You could be a member of ICIWorld for ten years at $240 per year that is $2,400.  You do one referral with someone who visits your web site and make $5,000."

See Our Pledge that everyone does business or you call us!

Call for a demo anytime and lets get you plugged in to the Powers of the Internet for real estate.

If you already have a web site, we have thousands of listings that you can add to your web site with one button.  We help every step of the way to get this all working for you.

Call 416-214-4875 or 1-877-272-1721 North America Toll Free.

Reference: www.realestatebrokersandsalespeople.com

Every member does business otherwise you call me!

Have fun with it.

Details to start.

Call 1-877-272-1721 North America.

Contact us world wide free.

Since 1994

At the speed of business.

At the speed of thought.

ICIWorld started in 1994 pledging to serve licensed real estate brokers and salespeople to get the powers of computers and the Internet to work for them to serve their prospects and clients.

See the deals being done.

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