Our fee for an educational session for real estate associations, boards and large groups is $1,500.  However it is free for real estate associations, brokerage companies and organizations or any real estate brokerage group in consideration of allowing us to do an 8 minute commercial on our services.

More details on booking this seminar for your company or organization.

For those who have had the seminar and would like a follow up, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

"How To Use the Powers of the Internet"
with Gary Nusca, CCIM

A lot of money is being made with the Internet and real estate information and this presentation will demonstrate how you can make it all work to serve your clients and prospects. We call it "working smarter not harder."

Presentation for your Company, Real Estate Association, Group, Organization, etc.

We help improve the productivity of all salespeople.

We help enhance the use of tools you have now.

ICIWorld Internet Real Estate Seminar

Relevant audience topics designed to fit your meeting time 1-2 hours.

Topics to Suit Your Audience

For Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople

For Residential Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople

For Part Time Real Estate Salespeople

For Retired Salespeople

For Buyers and Sellers, tenants looking to lease space.

Real estate topics to suit investors, buyers, sellers, developers, tenants, owners and more.

How To Use the Powers of the Internet can include:

  • Internet Number 1 Marketing Tool in History.

  • Growth of the Internet to over one billion people - How to reach out to them effectively.

  • The Impact of the Internet on Commercial and Residential Real Estate.

  • Profile of the Internet User.

  • Cutting Edge Technology using the Internet.

  • Growth of the Internet to over one billion people - How to reach out to them effectively.

  • The Power of the Internet.

  • Number of deals and types of deals being sold.

  • Internet Leads.

  • Profile of people using the Internet.

  • How information identifies people with whom you can do business.

  • How to reach principals effectively.

  • Open and exclusive listings - a model that works.

  • Public information versus private information.

  • Donít forget the buyers. Work the "Wants."

  • Value added services appreciated by the public - information handling. Do you have the skills?

  • Powerful features of the Internet.

  • Powerful Marketing Techniques.

  • Powerful Listing Tools.

  • Print and Newspaper versus the Internet.

  • Email - group sends, list services, automatic generation to reach thousand.

  • Email - automatic drip marketing campaigns.

  • Email - Information Overload Problems - Spam Solutions.

  • Web Sites - A platform to communicate.

  • Web Sites - Add content that makes you money . . .for the rest of your life

  • Web Sites - How to Promote Your Web Site

  • Web Sites - Search Engine Optimization and strategies for all your web sites.

  • Web Sites - Philosophy of a web site.  Without this knowledge you can still be missing doing business and not realize it.

  • Web Sites and information - Material Defects - Why some are making money and others are not.

  • Information - Open and exclusive listings - a model that works.

  • One thing better than listing and selling real estate.

  • Working the "Wants" It's half the marketplace.

  • Some of the biggest deals start from the Wants. See how and why.

  • Powerful Marketing Techniques.

  • Powerful Listing Tools.

  • Number one thing public wants.

  • Number one thing realtors can give.

  • Number one thing they are not doing.

  • Number one thing so easy to do.

  • Fraud on the Internet - What to watch out for.

  • Print and Newspaper versus the Internet.

  • Training - upgrading skill talents, information handling value added services.

  • How brokers and salespeople are missing doing deals and do not realize it

  • Social Media

  • Tools for a "Broker's Information Tool Box"

  • Brokerís biggest responsibility regarding important information.

  • more . . .

Presentation- Gary Nusca, CCIM

Gary Nusca, CCIM The Market ICIWorld Real Estate Network

Gary Nusca, CCIM has been in the real estate business since 1972. He studied engineering in university. He has owned, managed real estate on his own account and has managed real estate brokerage offices, and has been involved in over 1,000 transactions. He started his CCIM education in 1985 and obtained his CCIM designation in 1993. He is Past President of the Central Canada CCIM Chapter, Past Chairman of the CCIM International Commercial Real Estate Conference at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel in Toronto 1999. He has participated and has participated and helped run many Have and Want Marketing Sessions where in some cases over two hundred million dollars have been presented over a one and two day period.

Since 1990 he has specialized in helping registered real estate brokers and salespeople make money using computers, information technology and the Internet in the commercial and residential real estate business to serve the public.  Now his service has a major residential component that is helping all residential salespeople as well as commercial real estate salespeople take advantage of the Internet through powerful tools.

Read Comments of Real Estate Salespeople Who Have Attended A Session and What They Had to Say

He has been a guest speaker, presenter, exhibitor and/or held marketing sessions at the following real estate boards and events:

  • Toronto Real Estate Board

  • Metropolitan Hamilton Real Estate Board

  • London Real Estate Board

  • London Real Estate Wealth Expo - group of 100 investors

  • Oshawa Real Estate Board

  • Vancouver Real Estate Board

  • Ottawa Real Estate Board

  • Canadian Real Estate Association National Conference

  • National ICI Council Marketing Session

  • CCIM Market Sessions

  • Vancouver CCIM Chapter

  • Central Canada CCIM Chapter

  • Arizona CCIM Chapter

  • Financial Forum Toronto

  • Investor Groups, Clubs

  • TREB Expo

  • TREB Realtor Quest

  • Fort Lauderdale Investment Show

  • Real estate investment clubs and groups.

  • PM Expo, Construct Canada

  • Numerous real estate company seminars and presentations.

  • Commercial real estate organizations, groups, etc.

  • Residential and commercial real estate offices too numerous to mention.  Literally any and all real estate brokerage offices world wide. We help improve the productivity of all salespeople.

  • seminars and recent past seminars.

Call today to discuss a potential presentation, cost and arrangements for your company, group meeting or function. Call Gary direct 416-214-4875. 

Typically cost is $1,500 + travel and accommodation, for real estate boards, associations and real estate conferences.  However it is free for companies and others in consideration of us doing a short commercial on our services. We usually get 50% plus of people attending subscribing for our services. It is inevitable that they bring in more business for your office.

Today his company ICIWorld.net is one of the largest in the world, with literally tens of thousands of unique viewers, over million hits per month, with 50-100 listings per day coming on line, over ten thousand of EMails distributed daily. There are over several computers doing various things with the main server in San Jose, California. Programming is by a former senior search engineer from the Nortel Corporation. There are several hundred members reporting deals regularly. 

He is going to share his insights into the business and the exciting opportunities that the Internet and information technology present to the commercial real estate industry . . . worldwide.

He has served on the Executive of the Central Canada CCIM Chapter
for many years and resides in Toronto and is engaged to be married. He has one son who is attending university in a business program.

Gary Nusca, CCIM is available by EMail or by phone 416-214-4875.

Results Written Evaluation Forms Seminar ICI Group

General Comments:
Great Organized Presentation, Meaningful, "Box Busting," dynamic, passionate, dedicated, exciting, appears worth trying, good info, opens your mind to think out of the box, good class, just super, very good.

Knowledge of Subject Matter:
Tops, Masterful - owns it! excellent, good, very good

Relevance to your business
Important, very, very relevant, can be, good, excellent, everything - you opened my eyes bigger than they have been, we'll see: may be the way for me to leverage my skills and experience.

Results Written Evaluation Forms Seminar ICI Group
General Comments:

  • Eye opening

  • Most interesting and informative

  • Looks like a great service

  • You were able to get me very interested in adding your service to our "tool box"

Knowledge of Subject Matter:

  • Excellent

  • Good

  • I thought the instructor had a firm grip on the topic

  • Excellent

Relevance to your business

  • 110%

  • Very good

  • Total

  • 100%

  • Very

Sessions can be long or short tailored to your situation. Topics to suit the times and group.

Typical session is 120 minutes with a Power Point Presentation simultaneous with live on the Internet demonstrations.

Company in house presentations average 60-90 minutes depending on agenda.  Seminars are designed to fit residential real estate offices, commercial real estate offices or a combination of both.

Optional: Members move to your computer room for on line live training.  2-3 persons per computer.

We supply one overhead LCD projector for a very hi tech presentation. With two projectors, Power Point will run on one, while demonstrating points on the Internet.

You will need to supply a room with table and chairs, or classroom or theatre set up, a screen or wall to project on, for demonstration purposes. Depending on size of audience a lavalier (microphone) to be supplied.

Optional: You will need to supply high speed Internet access.

A lot of money is being made with commercial real estate information.  This presentation will demonstrate and teach techniques and provide skill talents on how to take advantage of the Internet. The bottom line is it helps you provide better services for yourself and others to work smarter not harder.

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