ECONOMIST MAGAZINE RATES CANADA HIGHLY: Canada will be the best country in the world in which to do business over the next five years, according to a survey conducted for THE ECONOMIST magazine. This is the first time Canada has claimed top spot in the annual study. The survey gave Canada high marks for its high-quality infrastructure, its openness to foreign trade and capital, and market opportunities. The Canadian economy is also expected to benefit in the next five years from lower taxes and the election of a non-separatist government in Quebec. The survey placed Canada ahead of runner-up the Netherlands, which earned top marks last year by a tiny margin. Finland, Britain and the United States occupied the rest of the survey’s top five spots. Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Denmark, and Ireland rounded out the top 10. Nigeria finished last, rounding out the bottom ranks with Iran, Venezuela, Algeria, and Pakistan. Link:

Canada trumps US in broadband use
Apr 08 2003: New research from comScore Media Metrix indicates that Canada has a higher percentage of broadband Internet users than the US. Details