People are searching for information.  It is the gold that is on the Internet.  Add this "gold" to your web site within five minutes.

Call now 1-877-272-1721 for a five minute demonstration or assistance. If we are on the phone or in a meeting, please leave a message. We may have to schedule an appointment to give you our undivided attention.

Add Powerful Links to YOUR WEB SITE that generate enquiries. Call anytime for assistance.

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Leads for a Lifetime

Leads for a Lifetime is a link to add to a home page designed for every single licensed real estate broker and salesperson in the world to provide a continuous year round source of leads and opportunities for referrals. And it is simple to do.

If you need a home page, we will show you how to have a professional web site up and running within 60 minutes of joining ICIWorld.  A further 30 minutes and we will personally set up the links for you.  We will also show you how to have a domain name. There are some sample home pages below on this page.

Within five minutes, of joining ICIWorld, one can send instructions to their web site manager to add a link to their own web site, that links to 13,000 listings structured in such a way that people can not click on the listing numbers. Here is a sample web site:

A prospect must call the broker or salesperson who provided this information for more details on any listing.  This generates leads that lead to direct business and more often referrals.  Referrals are now averaging $8,000 for a five minute referral. 

If you were to do ten referrals that could be $80,000.  If only one went through that would be $8,000 for fifty minutes work. Call 1-877-272-1721 and we will show you how easy it will work for you.  And all the while you will be providing a valuable service for the public to connect to do deals.

Placing this link on YOUR WEB SITE will provide people who visit your web page and constant stream of new have and want information.  You can advertise and send people to your web site. You web site will continue to provide leads as a result of this information on it for the rest of your life. is a service started in 1994 to provide real estate database have and want information services for the real estate industry.  It is supported by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople world wide and is free to the public.  In one respect it is similar to "classified ads in a newspaper". Now you will have an "electronic equivalent of classified ads in a newspaper" on your web site in such a way that you receive the calls, you benefit.  You will also be making it easier for the public to find and search have and want information. We are finding every single broker and or salesperson who understands and sees this, orders it. It is only $240 per year and a one time $79 signup fee. Everything is automated on line and with this document you will have all the details. Join now details. But call anytime for assistance.

1-877-272-1721 24 hours per day.

Add $1 Trillion of Buyers to YOUR WEB SITE!
Add $6 Billion of Properties For Sale and For Lease to YOUR WEB SITE!

"We believe it is the most productive money making link that every single real estate broker and salesperson in the world should add to their web site and we have been helping real estate professionals since 1994 to make money in their service to the public."

It has taken thirteen years to build 13,000 listings. 
Now you can make arrangements to add them all to your web site within five minutes of joining.

"It is the power of the real estate industry and the power of the internet to work for you."

Generate Business!
Generate Leads!
Generate Referrals!

No home page? We will show you how to have a professional looking one free within 60 minutes of joining and hosted free.
It starts working the moment it is placed. An average lead referral today takes 5 minutes and generates $8,000.

Click here for non members, people who are not real estate brokers or salespeople.

All Executive Members should send this page to their home page designer and request: Please add Recommendation 1 and 2 to my home page.
(If you are using Internet Explorer, click on File at the top left on your browser, click on Send, choose Page by EMail)

Sample Web Sites with links.

This one feature of ICIWorld alone, has made and continues to make thousands of dollars for members in their service to the public. It starts working the moment you add it to your home page. It generates leads for doing business with people directly and/or through referrals. The reason many brokers do not work referrals is because they do not get them.  Now you will. Information is the gold that is on the Internet and now you will have it.

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There are over 13,000 Have and Want opportunities and growing of Industrial, Commercial and Investment Real Estate, Land, Farms, Business Opportunities, Financing, and more, world wide . . . in real time.

Place a link on your web site to thousands of Haves and Wants.
Give people a reason to visit your home page
Give people a reason to call you.
The Internet will work for you when you add these links!

For Members of ICIWorld, it is all structured in such a way that visitors to your web site must call you for further information on any of the Haves and Wants.

Why Link?

For the Public (Non Members)
Place any of the following links on your public web site.
Suggest you place the link in your Resources or Helpful Links Page.

For those who are NOT Members of ICIWorld, you can add any of the following links to your Home Page on your Resource Page or Links Page. It is FREE to do so and we can help you. Contact us anytime.
Link to any of these URL's:
USA Market | Canadian Market | World Market | | | |
$6 Billion of Haves | $1 Trillion of Wants | Over 10,000 Haves and Wants of Industrial, Commercial and Investment Real Estate, Land, Farms, Business Opportunities, Financing and more. 
Link using any of these banners: Place ICI World Banners and Links On Your Home Page

Instructions for Executive Members to have a Home Page Free and have it hosted free go to click on Member Management, click on Resource Center, look for the heading Home Pages FREE.

Instructions for Executive Members to add links.
Simply send this page to your programmer!

To All Executive Members:We suggest Recommendation 1 and 2 now.

It is information on the Internet that people are interested in. No matter how beautiful and home page looks, a home page can become stagnant because the information is the same over and over again. Now with database links from ICIWorld you can add thousands of Haves and Wants to your home page with one button. And there are 50-100 new listings coming in daily so that people will want to check for new listings!

Traffic building is important to the success of your Internet business and your web site.  It only takes a few days on the net to realize that your web site is an island without traffic.  Obviously, you need to do something to get people to your site. 

May we suggest you send this page or the link to this page to your computer programmer! (If you are using Internet Explorer, Click on file now, click on Send and you can send this page now by EMail.)  For assistance call 416-214-4875 contact us.

Please send us an email when you have implemented any of these links to confirming that a link has been added and inviting us to look at it. We can provide you with suggestions for specialty links as well.

Every Executive Member should start with Recommendation 1 and 2 immediately. After they are installed on your web site, contact us for specialty links.

Other recommendations and links can be added later. 

Recommendation 1 Place the blue banner on your home page and link to thousands of listings!
Recommendation 2 Place a link on YOUR HOME PAGE called My Listings. This relieves you of the burden of creating and maintaining your online listings
Recommendation 3 Specialty Links for YOUR HOME PAGE.
Recommendation 4 Company Links for you company, organization, chapter, real estate board, etc. home page.

Recommendation 1:

You can send this page or a copy of the link to this page to your programmer.  Here is the link to this page: Send this link to your programmer.  He/she will know what to do. 

Place the blue banner on your home page and link to thousands of listings!

Make a statement before or after the banner

$1 Trillion of Buyers | $6 Billion of Properties For Sale and For Lease.

We belong to a global real estate center for Haves and Wants of Industrial, Commercial and Investment Real Estate, Land, Farms, Business Opportunities, Financing and more.  If any of the listings interest you, please feel free to give me a call. There are thousands of listings with hundreds of new listings coming in regularly.  Please feel free to visit often for new opportunities. Click Here or on the banner.

The point is to make it clear there is a lot of information with new information coming in daily by clicking on the banner. Just by looking at the banner many people do not realize they can or should click on the banner. Making a statement does not leave it to chance. There can be a lot of money at stake here if someone does not click and connect with you, you can be missing making money and not even know it.

Place this banner on your home page

This is the address of the banner:

(and use this URL to link to the banner.  That way we can change and update it if from time to time)

and link the banner to this URL address:


USE this banner:

(and use this URL for the banner.  That way we can change and update it if from time to time)

and link the banner to this URL address:

Note for programmers: If you can frame the result within your site is the best. You may wish to have the members logo and contact information appearing in a top frame and the page with the results in the body.  Here are two examples.  You will see how a person can search while seeing the members information at the top and/or on the side. or Other ideas here, see Sample Web Pages of Brokers.

It makes it easy for a member of the public to search and have the members name and phone number on the screen the whole time.

Note for programmers: link to the image on ICIWorld.  Do not place the image on your web site. We change the image every once in a while in the future but not the URL address. That way we can improve on the design for members and no changes have to be made to a members web site. We will not change the size.

Note for programmers: In the absence of any instructions, all members should implement Recommendations 1 and 2 now.  They should contact me to request specialty links after Recommendation 1 and 2 have been implemented.

There are statements you can make.  See the statements on this page. When you have finished, please contact us or send an email with the finished page. We may have some other ideas you can add.  For instance you may want to place a specialty link.

May we strongly suggest you place this banner on the first page that people will see on your home page. If the link is buried on your web site, the member will miss making money with it. This link will attract people to back again and again because there are hundreds of new listings added regularly.  It is designed to make members money from the leads generated!  One contact can make $10,000 to $20,000 to $50,000 and more!

One can work the leads personally or treat them as referrals.  Most brokers do not work referrals regularly because they simply do not get them.  This will help generate referrals. The average referral takes five minutes and can make from $5,000 to $15,000 and more. I would get excited about this. Read the testimonials!

Most home pages are stagnant from lack of new information.  This link presents new information daily and it is all from YOUR HOME PAGE.

To make it easy for yourself, simply show this page to your programmer and they can set it up for you.  You can send them a link to this page or request it by email to us. 

Samples of some members who have started to employ these ideas that should become a lifetime of leads.

Roger Jain, CCIM, Associate Broker, Re/Max Performance Realty Inc.
You will notice that Roger has a domain name of We will show you how to do this as well in your training session.
Doris Parenno, Sales Representative, Royal Lepage Maximum Realty Corp.

Erik Turski, Broker, Sutton Group Icon Realty Inc.
Robert Mueller, Sales Representative, Trius Realty Inc.
M. Alam Qureshi, Sales Representative, Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate

Jack Roberts, Associate Broker, Sutton Group all pro realty
Nawel Seth, Broker, Coldwell Banker Trail Blazers Realty
Habib Quadri, Sales Representative, Sutton Group Realty Systems
John Campisano, Associate Broker, Re/Max Niagara Realty Ltd. TOP WEBSITE AWARD
Fred Lobb, Prudential Heartland Realty
Dan Van Londersele, Broker/Owner Real Estate Broker
Fausto Plos, Sales Represenetative, Re/Max Professionals Inc.
Tony DiCarlo, CCIM President, Incompro
Ray Yenkana, CCIM, Re/Max Little Oak Realty
George Cardona, Broker, Ken Peters, Sales Rep Central Commercial Realty

And don't forget to let people know you have thousands of listings on your web site.  You can place it in advertising in the newspaper.  You can promote your web site in many ways including on the Internet.

It is content that generates interest and the leads!

It is information that is the gold on the Internet. People are searching for it.  Provide it on your home page in a way that will benefit you. It gives you an opportunity to work with people directly or as a referral.

If you are talking to someone interested in commercial real estate, send them to your home page and suggest they search 13,000 Haves and Wants on your home page.  When they see something that interests them, have them call you!  It is that simple! 

Residential brokers can generate business by working referrals to commercial brokers.

Commercial brokers have an advantage using ICIWorld.  This is because many of them are already aware of open listing opportunities that can not be worked through traditional real estate boards but can be worked through ICIWorld!  You should read the thirty one pages of testimonials of deals done!

Secondly if you already have a home page, there already is commercial real estate traffic to your web page and by placing the link to thousands of listings, you will receive enquiries that lead to deals, enquiries that will lead to referrals.

One of the true value added services that all real estate brokers and salespeople offer the public is their information handling abilities.  ICIWorld is particularly suited to help all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the world to network information not just listings. One phone call to 1-877-272-1721 and we are 100% positive you can be benefitting yourself and the prospects and clients that you serve.

These have and want opportunities are just that . . . opportunities.  These are great opportunities to make money but are simply not recognized by some.  They can be worked as referrals. Referrals average five minutes in this industry and make from $8,000 to $12,000 on an average on ICIWorld.

All real estate brokers and salespeople in the world offer value added services to the public and information handling is one of the value added services.  So residential brokers can place the link to thousands of listings on their home page and work the enquiries as referrals as well!

This means that brokers and salespeople in every community can collect information for the betterment of the real estate industry world wide and make it truly efficient.

Members should inform me when you have your site linked. We may have some suggestions.   Keep in mind this is new technology and we are all on the cutting edge.  Contact us anytime when you have questions. 

Recommendation 2:

  1. Place a link on YOUR HOME PAGE called My Commercial Listings. 
    (Substitute your id for gbrunet in the following link:
    Place this link on your home page that pulls your listings off and displays them on the screen of the viewer. This relieves you of the burden of creating and maintaining your online listings.  Full details here: Integrate your Web Site with samples This includes information on; Home Page Design -free to $150 to $599; Hosting -free to $20 to $40/mo., Domain Names as low as $15 per year - search and register your domain name  Internet Solutions
  2. Place an ICIWorld banner or logo on YOUR HOME PAGE indicating membership in one of the worlds largest commercial real estate information services. See Place ICI World Banners and Links On Your Home Page

Recommendation 3:

Specialty Links for Your Home Page.

There are specialty links that you can add to your home page. Boris Piko for instance deals in hotels and motels and has a link for hotels and motels in addition to other links for his personal listings, and the link with the ICIWorld banner above to several thousand listings. 

If you have a specialty, we can provide you with a link for that specialty. Request by EMail or better yet call us. I find that in consultation speaking together sometimes sparks ideas that have never been done before.

Here are some choices: 1031 | Auto Related | Bed & Breakfast | Campgrounds | Car Wash | Church | Coffee Shops | Donut Shops | Gas Stations and Gas Bars | Golf Courses | Hotels & Motels | Islands | Properties with property Management and property | Manufacturing | Marina | Medical | NNN Triple Net Leased Properties | Photo | Pizza | Power of Sales | Resort | Restaurant | School | Trailer Parks | Variety Stores | Virtual Tour | Waterfront 

You can have a link for your business area that produces all the listings for just for your region, or state/province, city, etc. 

You can have a link that produces all the listings for Apartment Buildings | Shopping Centers | Commercial Buildings/Hotels/Motels | Office and Medical Buildings | Industrial Buildings For Sale | Business Opportunities | Sites Commercial and Industrial | Subdivision Potential/Condo Sites/Townhouse Sites | Recreational Sites/Senior Lifestyle Sites/Golf Courses/Resorts/Trailer Parks | Farm or Ranch Land | Related Professionals and Service Providers to the ICI Industry 

You can have a link for your city.

All these links are designed so that if a person wants any information on any listing, they must contact you for further information.

Here is an example of one link for Haves and one link for Wants.  It can be used for any Business Category or Business Area in the world that you prefer:

Have, Canada,Ontario, Recreational Sites/Senior Lifestyle Sites/Golf Courses/Resorts/Trailer Parks

Want, Canada,Ontario, Recreational Sites/Senior Lifestyle Sites/Golf Courses/Resorts/Trailer Parks

These links are placed on YOUR HOME PAGE with an appropriate statement that "We belong to a global commercial real estate information center, if any of the following interest you please feel free to give me a call."

Request special links for your home page: Request Special Links

Variations of the above links:

There are other ways to place links to the same information on YOUR home page.  Here are others:  

Recommendation 4:

Company Links - Place a link that brings up your listings "live."  You can call it Company Database or Company Haves and Wants on ICIWorld.   

For example, this is a link to all HomeLife Muskoka listings on ICIWorld:
You can substitute your company name for homelife+muskoka

If the above link is on two lines, make sure you copy and paste the whole link. 

Your company listings can be sorted in many different ways, by the Latest Listings first, by Price, by Location, by Type Description. 

If you have more than 50 listings, you may want to consider a "Company Search Matrix."  Here is an example for the Re/Max Franchise.

This can also be done for all different kinds of commercial groups and organizations, chapters, real estate boards, overlay boards, ICI Councils, etc. See:

There may even be variations of this that we have not even thought of.  One could be for the Society of Exchange Counselors for instance with a focus on identifying owner client details of information!   We can do this now but are waiting for people who are interested in this kind of information to discover it on ICIWorld.  Ask more questions on how it can work for you. 

Because this is a new service, we would like to consult with you on the best way to display your results, company wide.  Because these are cutting edge technological type services, you probably do not even know what you might want.  Develop a relationship with us and we will continue to help develop information tools that serve your company's best interests in your service to your prospects and clients and how you do business. 

A good many of these tools are being invented as we go along and it is you the people we serve that provide the feedback that is necessary to develop opportunities that take full advantage of information technology, computers, and the connectivity that builds communities on the Internet to serve the world.  

A wonderful prosperity awaits every one of you.  Many are already prospering and continue to be rewarded. See Testimonials.   And rightfully so, they are the leaders on the cutting edge of technology and they started with only a belief to try and make it work. 

You must subscribe to the ICIWorld Service Bureau to be able to:

  1. Add your Haves and Wants

  2. Obtain access to several thousand listings placed by the public.

  3. Access the Resource Center

  4. Receive Training

Subscribe now.  Everything is provided to automatically start adding Haves and Wants now, instant access, full details, Marketing Plan and Training Program, and support provided.

Contact us anytime for assistance, consultation and/or technical support.

It has taken thirteen years to build up thirteen thousands have and want opportunities and now you can have it all within five minutes of joining and it continues to work for you for a lifetime.

Gary Nusca, CCIM

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