Instruction Page for Links for a Company Web Site
(to install links)

To see links for an individuals web site click here.

For Companies, CCIM Chapters, and more.


Placing links on your company/franchise web site to the real estate Haves and Wants of your sales people.

Placing links on your chapter web site to members Haves and Wants.

Placing links on your company, chapter web site to the world listings in a way that your sales representatives, members receive the calls.


Help your sales staff make connections to do deals and make money.

Your company/franchise web site gets traffic. Why not have that traffic benefit your sales staff?

Instant display of all the Haves and Wants of all your sales staff.

For commercial real estate sales people, the average person has less than five listings on a real estate board.  However there are many more real estate Haves and Wants that can not be placed on real estate boards or typical internet type real estate services.  ICIWorld helps real estate salespeople network their Haves and Wants in the world marketplace and from your company web site to help them connect to do deals.

Traffic on a company web site can benefit your sales staff and members.

It is a free link for your company yet very valuable benefit for all your sales people.

Networking that can not be done on other services.

OPTIONAL DISPLAY: World listings structured in a way that the public can not click on the message numbers, they have to contact the sales associate or member.

Sales people work the leads directly or as referrals. Referrals are now averaging five minutes to do and eight to ten thousand dollars each. The only reason brokers do not work referrals is because they do not get the leads.  Now they will.

What links?

  1. Display links to Haves and Wants of sales staff or members. One can click on these because they are the members own listings.
  2. Display sorting options choice are many. Here are some: By Latest, By Price, By Type, By Location.
  3. OPTIONAL: Link to 24,000 real estate Have and Want ads structured in a way that your staff or members get the calls.
  4. Link to your own state or province. Specialty links page not required if you have a page like this.
  5. Specialty page of links if required.
  6. Tailored to suit your company.

Sample ways to collect and display and network Haves and Wants for your group.

Sample Commercial Real Estate Council We call it a Search Matrix

Sample CCIM Chapter We call it a Search Matrix

or you can do it this way:

Sample Company Web Site:
Click on Exit Listings. 
You will see choices for


Search By:

  • Displays Haves and Wants of the sales people of your company!
  • If you have traffic to your main web site, this will help them do business!
  • It is the database that we specialize in.
  • The way you display and frame the information is up to you.
  • For instance, Haves could be displayed separately from Wants.

Use the URL for each of the above links

Substitute your company name.

Companies can also place any of the following links on their web site:

Samples for individual sales people web sites click here.


  1. Link to 24,000 real estate Have and Want ads structured in a way that they get the calls.

    Place one of the following two choices of banners on home page

    This is the address of one of the banners:
    (Use this URL to link to the banner.  That way we can change and update it if from time to time)

    and link the banner to this URL address:


    USE this banner:
    (Use this URL for the banner.  That way we can change the number of listings from time to time)

    and link the banner to this URL address:

    Make a statement after the banner:

    $1 Trillion of Buyers | $8 Billion of Properties For Sale and For Lease.

    We belong to a global real estate center for Haves and Wants of Industrial, Commercial and Investment Real Estate, Land, Farms, Business Opportunities, Financing and more.  If any of the listings interest you, or you would like to place your Haves and Wants, please feel free to give me a call. There are thousands of listings with hundreds of new listings coming in regularly.  Please feel free to visit often for new opportunities. Click Here or on the banner.

    That's it!

    Note for programmers: If you can frame the result within your site is the best. You may wish to have the members logo and contact information appearing in a top frame and the page with the results in the body. 

    Note for programmers: It makes it easy for a member of the public to search and have the members name and phone number on the screen the whole time.

    Note for programmers: link to the image on ICIWorld.  Do not place the image on your web site. We update the information in the image every once in a while and that way members do not have to change the image.

  2. Place a link on YOUR HOME PAGE called My Commercial Listings or My Haves Wants

    Substitute your member id for gbrunet in the following link:

    Place this link on your home page that pulls your listings off and displays them on the screen of the viewer. This way when you add a Have or Want onto ICIWorld, it is instantly added to your own web site. This relieves you of the burden of creating and maintaining your online listings. 

    These listings can be displayed sorted in different ways, such as by Price, Location, Type Description. The default is latest listings first.

    If you want them sorted by Type Description, add the following into the URL &sorton=prop.type|Type+Description|char after the ntce
  3. You can now display the whole state or province with a link.

    One example is Ontario. Here is the URL:
    Call it Ontario Commercial

    Florida's would be Florida Commercial.

    Please call us for the URL link for your state or province.
  4. Specialty Links for Your Home Page.

    There are specialty links that you can add to your home page. Have a look at and click on a button that says Property Search. These are specialty links.  Links created to help you generate the kind of business you would like to do.

No Home Page?

  • Have one up and running within 60 minutes.
  • For a free web site and samples click here
  • You must request the free web site by email to gary @
  • ICIWorld is an authorized distributor of these free web site.
  • Once you have logged in, call us to install the links.

After all the links are installed on your home page.

Read a document called "How to Promote My Web Site"  It is at ICIWorld in the Member Management area, #9.

If you can do ten referrals this next year and a half, that would be a total time for you of 50 minutes.  If they all went through at an average of eight thousand dollars you can total that. It is called working smarter not harder.

However the number of referrals you do is dependent on the leads that you get.  The leads that you get is dependent on the traffic that you get.

This document will help you get into the top ten in any market in the world that you operate in.

It is our goal to get every member of ICIWorld into the top ten.

This is a secret competitive document that we do not share with non members.

If you have any suggestions or enhancements please feel free to contact us.

Questions and assistance to 416-214-4875 or gary @