The Power of Linking

One of the True Powers of the Internet is Linking to other sites.

How To Link to Economic Development Agencies,
Chambers of Commerce, City Halls, Reasons to Locate, etc.
 to help sell the location of your properties.

How to Link to Photos, Virtual Tours, and more.

How to Link to a page of information on YOUR web site and much more.

The Internet Links Box

It is a special option in every Have message ad that you place on ICIWorld

To be used by Executive Members or you are missing opportunities in marketing to attract people to your area to do business and do not realize it!

One of the true powers of the Internet is the ability to link to other sites.

One of the biggest problems real estate brokers and salespeople world wide have in selling a property is many times not the property itself.  The property can be great! However it can be a problem just to get people to come to the location of the property in the first place.

I make a statement that 90% of real estate brokers and salespeople have not really arrived on the Internet in an effective fashion because what they are doing is throwing properties on the Internet with no due regard to the location of the property.

When you think about it, the three most important words in real estate estate that a lot of people say are "location, location, location" is totally being missed. 

Keep in mind there are 1.7 billion people using the Internet.  Do you think they know all about the location of your property as one of the best places in the world to locate a business or home?

So we suggest you place information about the location of a property directly in the Have message on ICIWorld.

Now if you had to do it yourself to build a web site to help to sell the location for every location that your properties were listed in, it would take thousands and thousands of dollars. 

It just so happens that these web sites are already built and you can link to them absolutely free!

Here is one example: All about Mississauga You will see the Top Reasons to Locate in Mississauga. This is a  powerful link that can help generate interest. Would you not agree?  Your community also has web sites that can help to sell your area, no matter where in the world you are located.

Find a page on a web site that helps to sell your location. Use that web site.  Or look at the URL, the web site address of the page that has the information about reasons why to locate in that area.  It is this address that you will be using.  You will copy it and then in the listing on ICIWorld, there is an Internet Links Box where you can paste it.  It will help to sell the location of your property to the world.

Keep in mind there are 1.7 Billion people using the Internet, do they know all there is to know about your area location? The Internet Links box helps to sell the location of your properties to the world.


You can find good web sites to link to by doing a simple search in google.

Look for the official city, municipal, economic development for business web site.

You can even look for a page within the web site that has the reasons why to locate in that city. Sometimes you will find it in the economic development link, or business link.

Move your mouse over the link, don't click on it and then look at the bottom left hand corner of your screen and you will see the address of that link. 

That is the link you will copy and paste into the Internet Links Box on ICIWorld! 

  • While you are hovering over the link, click your right mouse button once. 
  • Choose copy. 
  • That link is saved to a clip board that you can not see. 
  • Go to click on Log In Members Management,
  • click on My Listings and modify one of your listings.
  • Go to the Internet Links Box and
  • click on Add Link.
  • Remove the link in the middle of the three choices to the city of toronto and right click your mouse and paste the link in there. 
  • In the third line it will say All about Toronto.  These are the words that people will see in order to click on that link.  Change it to the city you just pasted in.  ie: All about [your city]  Add the link.
  • Modify your listing.
  • Always, always click on Latest World to see your listing, click on the message number and CHECK YOUR LINKS to see if they work properly!  See how it appears to the public, are there any mistakes, etc. All designers of web sites always check their links!

I have had stories about people sitting around a board room table who were considering different properties to follow up on. Information was passed around a board room table, discussing the relative merits of buying a property in one location or another.  This information was obtained through the Internet Links Box on ICIWorld, provided by a member, and printed out and circulated to people who were making the decision! It can include the demographics, and positive attributes of the area.   These sites have been built with thousands of dollars designed to attract new businesses to the community and you can link to them absolutely free.


Another major benefit of the Internet Links Box is to link to the page of information and photo of your listings.

Place the listing on ICIWorld.

  • Then go to your web site.
  • Find the full page of information. 
  • Right click somewhere on the page and you will see a URL. 
  • This is the address of the page you are looking at. 
  • Copy it. 
  • Paste it in the Internet Links Box.
  • Remove the link to Toronto, paste your link there;
  • in the third line that says All about Toronto, change it to: Click here for photos and more details.  These are the words that the public will see to click on.

Presto when people see your ad and click on the link on ICIWorld it will immediately bring them to the full page of information with photos and virtual tours on YOUR web site!

Placing the photos on your web site has the advantage that you will always have the photo and information. If you place it on other services, those services can not be depended on to keep your photos until the property is sold.  In fact you might get the property back for sale again in the future and if you still have the photos on your web site you can use them again! 

You should learn how to use the link to the page of information on your web site so that you can send that link to other people by email who could be interested!


The photo must be on YOUR web site.

Move your mouse over the photo and right click your mouse.

You will see a URL

You must copy and paste this link into the Internet Links Box on ICIWorld in the listing.

There are three fields in the Internet Links Box on ICIWorld.

The first one provides a sample guide on how each link is created. 

Choose Make a Photo appear in your ad.

You will notice only the third box contains a link, a sample of a link to a photo.  Place your link there. Remove our sample link and replace it with your link, add link, modify your message, click on Latest World on the left to see your message, click on the message number and you should see your photo in your ad.


One of the most creative marketing things you can do to individualize your web site is through the placing of pictures on your web site.

You can go to google, click on images, search images.  When you like one, you can save it to your computer. Simply right click on the photo and you will have choices. Save it to your computer.  On your web site when you are editing it, one choice will be to add a picture. Follow the prompts from there.

You will hear me say that you can have a jet outside your door but if you do not know how to fly it you aren't going anyplace.  The marketing tips including here will help you market your properties in what I call the Ultimate in Marketing on the Internet in a better way than ever possible before.

Call anytime for assistance.

Do not hesitate to contact me when you have any questions.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, Inc.

Since 1994