Each hosting and server package features powerful hardware, comprehensive software, fast network connectivity, and tight security.

Because of the superior connectivity at our data centers, it is very likely you are just a few "hops" away from our site. Fewer "hops" translates into faster access times and less wait as clients access your on-line services.

Powerful Hardware  
  • Intel Pentium III CPU
  • 1 GB 50 ns ECC Viking memory
  • 3 10,000 RPM Seagate HDDs:
    • Dual 36 GB user volume with RAID 1 mirroring
    • 36 GB 24-hour user volume backup
  • 2 "Ultra SCSI 2" disk I/O channels


  • FreeBSD 4.4 Unix O/S
  • Telnet/SSH access
  • Apache 1.3 Web Server
  • FTP, POP, IMAP, and SMTP servers
  • Extensive library of add-on programs such as database and web traffic statistical applications for your server


 Network Connectivity
  • Redundant OC12, OC3, and DS3 Internet connectivity
  • Cisco routers and switches
  • Redundant power backup
  • 24/7 data center monitoring


  • Triple data backup:
  • Live redundant user volume mirror
  • Accessible 24-hour user volume backup
  • Regularly scheduled digital tape backups
  • Each Virtual Server resides in a protected sandbox
  • Potentially insecure programs are disabled/removed
  • Hacking alert system immediately notifies system administrators