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ICIWorld startup checklist.

There are a number of things to get things started. 

You only have to do this setup once to get started.

All residential and commercial real estate people start on www.ICIWorld.com

Once you enter your information there, your information will appear on all the other sites throughout the world instantly and automatically. 

In addition your information will also be sent out by EMail to the public and the real estate industry.  There are over 10,000 EMails distributing information daily to the public.

There are important videos,

  1. Website Workshop

  2. How To Promote Your Web Site. This alone can be worth the price of membership.

  3. Domain Names

Other items of importance:

  • We totally set up your first web site;

  • We provide guidance and support to help you customize it and get it working;

  • We provide links for your web site that generate leads;

  • You will be doing referrals on the commercial real estate enquiries off your web site;

  • telephone technical support for the web site;

  • Search Engine Optimization consultation. Setting up meta tags, key words, etc. We have attended one world search engine convention that cost $4,000 for instance to be with google, yahoo and msn, in order to learn how to help you personally with your web site;

  • knowledge how to make everything work;

  • strategies on linking all your web sites together;

  • The security page is important;

  • many tools such as how to stop spam instantly, shortcuts, more;

  • a Resource Center full of ideas

  • cost saving features of using Internet services for free or low cost world wide telephone services;

  • strategies on making your web site powerful;

  • consultation to analyze all your web sites to provide services, generate leads;

  • revenue producing links for all your web sites not just for the web site we supply to you;

  • if you are not making money or generating leads call us. We analyze for material defects. Once these material defects are fixed it can be like a light switch that turns on your web site to produce leads;

  • knowledge gained can help you will all your other web sites;

  • many salespeople express they want to learn more about commercial;

  • more.

Checklist to get started:

  1. __ Open up a legal size file folder

  2. __ On the tab, write ICIWorld.com

  3. __ Staple this page to the inside front cover of your legal size file folder.

  4. __ Write down renewal date: __________________

  5. __ Member id (log in) name: ___________________

  6. __ Password: ________________________________

    NOTE: This may be different than the log in name and password for the web site that we have distributed to you from Point2.

  7. __ Support numbers: Business Numbers: (416)840-6227 Tech Support (416)840-5787 After Hours 6pm Eastern and weekends (416)214- 4875.

  8. __ On your own time, become very familiar with all the choices on ICIWorld.com

  9. __ www.iciworld.com is the site designed for members.  THIS IS WHERE YOU LOG IN. Log in on the right, then Log In on the left. Log In Member Management is at the top in the middle to refresh the page.

    When you add your listings there, your information will appear on over 18,000 pages throughout the world instantly and automatically, plus your information will be distributed to the real estate industry by EMail.  There are over 20,000+/- EMails delivering information daily to the public.

  10. __ go to www.ICIWorld.com, click on Log In on the right, then log in on left hand green column with the red diamonds. Log in Member Management is at the top in the middle.

  11. __ There are three items you will use 90% of the time, they are all at the top in the middle: Search Database 1, Search Database 2, Log In Member Management.

  12. __ click on Log In Member Management, then click on Log In on the left. (in the green or blue column on the left with the red diamonds)

  13. __ enter your Username and Password

  14. __ If you forgot your username or password, click on Log in Help Password on the left.  It will get sent to you within a few minutes.

  15. __ click on My Record on the left.  Any changes you make will automatically be changed in all your listings. Fill in you specialty and market area. If you speak another language go to the comments area and type in Languages spoken: and list all the languages you speak.

  16. __ click on Resource Center on the left. This is a wealth of information compiled over the years.  Some members say this alone is worth the price of membership. Do not spend time in the beginning on this section until you have everything else working, ie: adding listings, your web site, searching, etc.

  17. __ you will also see ICIWorld Security page which every member should learn about. This is essential reading for everyone who uses the Internet. It will take a few hours just to start to understand the problems the Internet presents and how to avoid getting into problems. You can help protect yourself and others by knowing this information; 

  18. __ Click on Training Videos on the left.  It will be a dark blue page.  You will see little popcorn boxes.  Each one of these is a Windows Media Video (wmv) file that you can listen to on your own time by simply clicking on it. Click on orientation.  Your windows media player should open and start playing. Learn how to Pause and Play. Learn how to double click anywhere on the screen to make the screen, full screen.  Double click to reduce it. There are 17 videos to see and learn from all included in your membership.

  19. __ If you have not already printed out the Welcome Instruction Page, print it

  20. __ If you have not already printed out the Marketing Plan, print it.

A web site is included for all members whether you use it or not.  You just have to ask for it. For a presentation of why everyone should have one visit iciworld.com click on For Members, click on number 3 Mobile Websites the new Internet Revolution.

Web Site Start Instructions:

Once you ask for a web site, we send you an EMail with three important items in it:

  1. web site address.  This is for your own home page that was supplied by ICIWorld to you. You may have more than one domain name for the web site that we supplied to you, mark them all down here:




  2. username for your home page web site:


  3. Temporary password:


  4. Permanent password: You must log in yourself and design a permanent password:


  5. Print out the email that we sent you and insert it in this file folder.

  6. You must log in to your web site according to the instructions in the EMail.

  7. You can always go to the web site and at the bottom you will see a log in link to log in in the future.

  8. Once you have your web site, and once your web site is totally set up there are three things you need to do:
    - You must always log in at least once every 90 days or your site can go inactive.  We recommend a minimum of once every thirty days to look after your TO DO LIST. Included in this TO DO LIST is to update your your handshakes with other brokers who are joining the service and allowing their listings to be on your web site. You will have more listings for more opportunities for people to find something they like on YOUR web site and then call you. You have to approve them or their listings will not appear.
    - add and search listings from time to time.
    - promote your web site for the rest of your life. Let people know you have thousands of listings of homes with colour photos and slide show displays, thousands of commercial properties, that your web site can send them properties by EMail that match the description of what they are looking for, etc.

  9. You must send an EMail to our office with your username and password and web site address.  We will be spending a two hours to set it up with special links and content.

  10. Once it is built you must contact Gary Nusca for a follow up appointment. We check all things to make sure it is properly set up and to discuss other potential options. Together we can help you with designing a special domain name.  You can have more than one domain name pointed to your web site. We suggest a short one to give to people, and an ICIWorld recommended domain name that helps generate traffic off the Internet.

  11. You must see the Educational Help Videos Segment 4 Web Site Workshop and Segment 5 How To Promote Your Web Site and Domain Names. Go to www.iciworld.com click on Log In on the right, then Training Videos on the left.

  12. A manual is available for your web site. Go to www.p2a.com, click on support, highlight manual.

  13. Many help videos are available for the website. Once you log in to your web site, click on Customer Care Support. You want to learn how to add a listing, click on Listings and create listing, etc.

  14. A complete checklist for your web site is available here: http://www.iciworld.net/checklistwebsite.htm If you miss any item in this checklist we call it a material defect in your membership.  You can be missing doing deals and referrals and not even realize it.  Yes it is a little bit of work but once it is done you can make money the rest of your life!

Feel free to contact us anytime for assistance.

Business Numbers: (416)840-6227 Tech Support 416-840-5787 After Hours 6pm Eastern and weekends (416)214- 4875.