Want, Canada,Western Canada (MB SK AB BC NT YT), Business Opportunities

407262Want: Ontario and Canada Call Centre business $100K-$1M
406956Wanted, Toronto, Ontario, Alberta, Hotel $15M-$20M Buyer looking to acquire in next 6 months.
406905Want: Business Career College anywhere in Canada. Qualified Buyer.
405735WANTED Manitoba Drive-In Hunting / Fishing Resort. Qualified buyer, Quick turnover.
405712WANTED MANITOBA Fishing and or combination Fishing / Hunting Resorts. QUALIFIED BUYERS in various price ranges.
405691WANTED Manitoba Drive-In Resorts, Qualified Buyers ready willing and able to move forward with a purchase.
405509Want Canada Hotel, franchise name preferred, any Size and price $5M-$30M
404607Wanted Canada Hotels Motels $1M-$25M experience selling hotels 18 years, several buyers.
404602Wanted - Clients have several dentist clinics and are looking to acquire an existing operation to expand into the BC Okanagan.
402321Wanted Electrical Contractor Business for Sale in BC!
399088Wanted Canada, warehouse storage space business for commercial residential storage, $5M - $30M+, experienced buyer prefer 7% cap rate. Will consider building.
117481Want, Fraser Valley, manufacturing or service business. Must have potential for growth. Between $100,000 to $500,000