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415231Condo Conversion Loans! Need to Re-Positioning an Existing Property To: A For-Sale Product in the form of Units-For-Sale? Then Contact us Today to learn more...
413759Croatia Adriatic Coast 2 Homes on an island, $ 980 euros $1M US, $1.2M Cdn. 200 meters to beach. Accessible by ferry 20 times a day.
407564Bridge Loans / Working Capital Financing! With loan amounts from $5M up to $50M Nationwide within the USA / Canada, and International Loans from $10M US dollars
383530PRIVATE COMMERCIAL MORTGAGES! Loan amounts from $2.50M up to $500M plus Nationwide within the USA/Canada, and International Loans from $5M US dollars.
382359CONSTRUCTION LOANS! With loan amounts from $5M and up to $500M Nationwide within USA/Canada, and International Loans from $10MUSD. Interest Rates from 6.50%.
222466Greece Waterfront Seafront land to build hotel approx 2ac $500,000 Euros beautiful view 1 hr. to Thessaloniki, services