Backups and Download the Whole Database

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There are three ways to receive our information: 
1.  By Free EMailing List Services  2. Clicking on Search Have Want Information and making choices in the left frame.  3.  Backups

This is a choice on the from the main menu at

Look in the left frame for Backups (USA, Canada are locations.) the files are exactly the same.  They are simply mirrors of each other.  There will be other continents that these files will be placed on.  These files are made each morning at 6am.  These files can be on YOUR COMPUTER.  The following explains how this is done.

I am recommending that everyone set up an icon on their desktop that with one click, calls their browser Netscape or Internet Explorer, that is set to open the file index.htm, that displays $10 Billion of Haves and Wants instantly and searchable on your computer WITHOUT BEING CONNNECTED TO THE INTERNET. 

This one feature will vault you into the forefront of demonstrating that you are well connected and informed.  There is nothing like going on a listing presentation with a developer and clicking on  want shopping centres and demonstrating a list of 50 buyers who you can immediately contact to set up showings. We believe this to be a powerful listing presentation and indeed our member brokers have related this to us. DO IT!  IT WILL WORK FOR YOU!

We know your are busy, but this is a time saver and powerful tool!

I have prepared for the infrequent but nevertheless annoying problems with the growth of the internet. An additionally provided the information at your finger tips to be used in presentations and as a major personal resource tool complete with phone numbers, etc.

I would like to take this opportunity to show you a way to gather information on to your computer that can have advantages versus searching information on the internet.  That is, you can download the whole database to your computer and read it offline.  You do not have to be connected to the internet.

You should also note that backup files can and should be used when we are doing maintenance on the main search engine.  If one site is slow, GO TO THE OTHER SITE.  That is one of the uses of in addition to

Your comments are always appreciated.  If you need help sit in front of your computer and contact us now. 416-214-4875. Or lets book a time.

Gary Nusca, CCIM

On Line on the Internet


You can do key word searches globally, that is throughout the whole database.
Pictures appear.
Links work


Sometimes slow.
Sometimes internet is down.
You have to be connected to a phone line.
Not portable to take to a clients premises.

Compare With:

Off line Viewing the Database as a file on your computer

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Instant information.
Ease of producing information. Over 3,000 phone numbers of every contact.
Setup an icon on windows 95 or windows 98 to call up Netscape, that calls up the database,
all instantly!
Portable.  You can produce the database where ever your client is located.
It is great in listing presentations.  Produce a list of buyers of shopping
centres for instance.


Links do not function since your are not on the internet Although you could be.
No Global key word searching.
Pictures do not appear.
Can not enter listings.
Made daily. You need to note the latest number in the backup and check listings since then.


If you are interested in speed and are frustrated with the internet here is a solution.  READ THE DATABASE FROM A FILE ON YOUR COMPUTER WHILE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET! You can view the whole database on your computer.  Open the file on your computer, WHILE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET. IT IS THE FASTEST WAY TO VIEW INFORMATION.  THERE IS NO WAITING FOR THE INFORMATION ON YOUR COMPUTER!

In fact you can use it in listing presentations. While making phone calls you can have the information on the screen. The speed that things appear is the speed of your CPU, not the internet.

You may want to click on this file and print it out with more complete instructions:

Depending on the speed of your modem it will take anywhere from 5 to 12 minutes to download the database.
Make a directory called ICIWorld.
Go to
Click on Backups in the left frame.
Mirror backup at USA and in Canada and on other continents soon.
Click on either one.
Go to the bottom of the file.
Download entire ICI World Database
It will be called about 2.5 megs in size.
They are made automatically made each day about 5am in the morning.
They are on two different sites, one in New York and one in Toronto.
Always be aware of both sites in case there is a problem with one.
Make a directory on your computer called ICIWorld
Download it to the ICIWorld directory.
Use Windows Explorer
Double click on the file and winzip should appear.
If it does not you will need an unzip program for windows.
Extract all the files, they total about 12 megs.
Using Netscape or Internet Explorer
Click on file
Click on open
Find the index.htm
Any problems contact me.
You will have functionality of the text in the database.

It is all lightning fast!

If you want the photos, get connected to the internet, using Netscape, open the file index.htm on your computer, do not go to the web site. Search the database on YOUR computer.  All pictures will appear.

Since new listings are added each day, you can search the latest listings and compare the latest listing message number with the message number of the latest listing in the database that you downloaded.  Check for additions or anything important.

You may wish to subscribe to the mailing list. This way you have the database on your computer, you will be getting copies of every listing within several minutes of them being listed.  You can always download the database to your computer on a regular basis. Perhaps someday we will automate this for you.

This can and will reduce the number of hits on the site.  But it will have the advantage to make the free flow of information more efficient.

Your suggestions and enhancement requests are always welcomed and encouraged.

This is the worlds first commercial real estate database that can be transferred to your office and run offline that we know of. It should be very convenient for your staff and personal use and showing to clients.

Please let us know if you like this. Send your comments to The Webmaster If you are not an Executive Member and would like to place your information now, all you need is a password and an identifier and you can place information now. Click here

Any questions do not hesitate to contact us at 416-214-4875.   Local telephone calling into our office is now available from most points in Canada. You just need the access number in your area.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Gary Nusca, CCIM
The Market ICI World Real Estate Network
2 Bloor St. W., Suite 100-A
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4W 3E2

(416) 214-4875
Over 200,000 hits per month, 65% from the USA and the rest of the world.