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ICIWorld is National/International Information Database of Real Estate Listings, Haves and Wants - 75% Exclusive.
Bringing together a community of people interested in real estate with readership from people in 138+ countries.

See circulation. 30,000+ real estate contacts to network with and do business.  See 50 pages of testimonials.

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ICIWorld is a Society of Real Estate Estate Brokers and Salespeople networking exclusive real estate information, advertising listings, on mobile devices and computers and reaching people in 138 countries of the world since 1994.


Free for everyone to search. There is no charge until a broker wishes to network and advertise in Database 1. It is free for the public to advertise in Database 2.


It is a daily, real estate networking, Listings, Haves and Wants,  industry wide . . . world wide . . . for everyone in the world interested in real estate. One latest comment from a real estate salesperson is "they prefer surfing here for real estate opportunities more than on Facebook."


See time required for members and the public:


  1. Search from time to time. It is literally within fifteen seconds when you know how.  Install the ICIWorld App or use daily. Click on Search Database daily for your city or interest.

  2. Place an ad and with one click . . . reach the world. Your information works instantly and automatically, industry wide, world wide, available 24/7 for every interested in the world to see.
    See circulation, distribution, readership.


For brokers and the public, ICIWorld is similar in one respect to classified advertising in a newspaper. If you could advertise free in a newspaper all year long for a small fee, would you?  Then you should be advertising on ICIWorld on the Internet, a constantly changing database of real estate opportunities, up to the minute.


Some say up to 90% of apartment buildings, shopping centres, office buildings, land and more are not on real estate boards, and more. ICIWorld is built to handle this type of exclusive information, worldwide. It is up to the industry to take advantage of it. There is no other service like it.


75% of the 30,000+ contacts, Listings, Haves and Wants are exclusive from ICIWorld members of real estate boards yet the information is not on real estate boards. It is here.


We will show you how to work exclusive information in a competent business manner compatible with all services in the industry. The public has more opportunities to choose.


There are 3.5 billion people using the Internet. ICIWorld is built as a broker service to serve them. Latest technology: world wide the ICIWorld App and, add it as a shortcut for all mobile devices world wide. Do both.


Let some of these testimonials be your inspiration as it is ours to grow the service for you to serve the public. This  demonstrates that you are not wasting your time.


For instance one broker placed a $4M shopping centre on TREB and got four calls. He placed it on ICIWorld and got over 30 calls and sold it.  Both services are important and essential in our opinion to serve the public.


They say that 90% of the millionaires in the world made it in real estate. Members of ICIWorld help the public create wealth through real estate and earn money as a result.


The advantage to the public is that there are more opportunities to buy and sell real estate that are not on real estate boards or available elsewhere.


Traffic and statistics demonstrate a large following on ICIWorld over the years.


You can literally make money with what you can think! Or if someone says bring me in a buyer and I will pay you a commission but I do not want to give you a listing. There are special ways to work this kind of information. Sample


Just one example of many:  If you you are getting a listing on a property in one month from now because the owners have told you so, that is information that you can network. See Coming For Sale.


But you must do it in a manner that is compatible and professional with the industry and we can suggest to you how.  ICIWorld Since 1994.

Who, What, Where, When, Why.


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Learn from our education channel on YouTube.


For brokers and salespeople, please consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant to you personally.







See Our Pledge Make money and/or connections every 90 days or call us.


One short 30 minute meeting with us once per year is all that is necessary to help take full advantage. We can immediately identify any issues with a checklist of responsibilities for you and help solve them.


ICIWorld has evolved into a unique National Database of Exclusive Contacts for Real Estate Listings, Haves and Wants.


Here are list of members.

  • ICI stands for industrial, commercial and investment.
  • The service also includes residential real estate, business opportunities, land, farms, recreational, senior lifestyle, all properties, all types, all price ranges and more for everywhere on the planet earth.
  • Haves are real estate properties for sale and for lease as well as business opportunities for sale.
  • Wants are the acquisition criteria of buyers, tenants looking for space.
  • Haves include exclusive opportunities that can not be placed on a real estate board.  There is a special way to handle this kind of information.
  • Members also advertise their real estate board listings
  • It is free to search this information for everyone, the public, buyers, sellers, developers, Pension Funds, Reits, and all who are interested in buying, selling and leasing of real estate.
  • Place your Haves and Wants and with one click potential buyers and sellers are only a phone call away from calling you, just like ads in a newspaper.
  • The public can see contact info of Active listings only in Database 1 placed by members.
  • The public can see a limited subject line in Database 2 the Free FSBO Area. Members have full access.
  • Listings must be less than 90 days old to appear on ICIWorld Mobile Apps world wide and
  • Please make your suggestions and comments known to us.  It can help grow the service on your behalf.  Keep in mind this is a broker centric service with the advantage that more information becomes available to the public as a result.
  • It expands everyones opportunities to do business.
  • Simply . . . more connections, business for everyone.
  • Join the service and go right to our log in page color coordinated for teaching purposes over the Internet, and start adding your listings, Haves and Wants.
  • Complete support. Contact us.
  • Know Our Pledge It is a measurement tool to ensure every member is doing business every 3 months.
  • ICIWorld is well poised to help the real estate industry world wide to network information not just listings on all mobile devices and computers world wide. It is 15 seconds to real estate networking.
  • Applicable for every country in the world
  • Consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant. Call to see how it can be setup very easily for you and/or your group, company, real estate association. Call for a Seminar or Webinar.
  • There are now solutions for real estate boards and associations to add this service for their members.
  • We believe all companies and real estate boards should have this service working.
  • Systems can be integrated to serve all kinds of entities and it can help countries grow their economic commerce!
  • If you have ideas to accelerate this service to the world, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.
  • Feel free to call any time. 416-214-4875.
  • Gary Nusca, CCIM


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On behalf of all of us on ICWorld and the members we thank you for the opportunity to serve you.


People from 138 countries are researching here regularly making contact with members and doing business.


See testimonials so you know you are not wasting time.


We appreciate your feedback to help grow the service for you and the industry we serve.


Call today.


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