Instructions To Add/Modify/Delete Haves/Wants

There are two major databases that information can be entered on this service:

  1. Free Database 2 Free FSBO Area - Add a Have Want to the Free FSBO Area.  This provides for a limited view internationally and distribution by email to Executive Members of ICIWorld only.

Executive Members of ICIWorld are all registered real estate brokers and salespeople in the world (except where we do not have a member then a principal membership is allowed for a minimum of one term). Membership Details

To add a Have or Want Free go to and click on FREE AD or click on Free! FSBO Public.  Click anywhere you see Add Have/Want Free. One developer sold a major portion of his $150,000,000 portfolio through this way.  Placing your space for lease, any kind of a have/want in this business should be placed here!  It is an opportunity to harness the power of the real estate brokerage community to help you make a connection that can lead to doing some business for you.

  1. Paid - Database 1 You must be an Executive Member to place information in this database. This provides for maximum exposure, distribution and circulation by way of over 180 EMail List Distribution Systems that instantly and automatically deliver your information to appropriate list services through out the world reaching tens of thousands as well as being in a database that is receiving over 1,000,000 hits per month from over 90 countries of the world.  Members should go to and click on Member Management to enter information, click on Add Have/Want.
  2. Licensed real estate brokers and salespeople should read the success stories attributed to this service in the market place.

    It is a unique service that can work for you the minute you start placing haves and Wants on the Service.  Details to Join Now. 1-877-272-1721 Call anytime.

Call 416-214-4875 anytime for assistance or send an email to

Placing Have/Want Ads - Some Tips

  • Make sure you pick the right selections in the appropriate fields and categories.
  • The subject line is the most important item.  It should contain four ingredients:  1. AREA 2. TYPE 3. PRICE AND/OR SIZE 4. SIZZLE and generally in that order.  It is the subject line that people read. If it is too vague people today are so busy many do not have the time to check things out if they think it may not be productive and yet it might if they saw the right information. You should always have at least the four ingredients and you can't go wrong.
  • In the case of Wants, you must start the subject with the word Wanted, but Haves do not start with the word have.
  • When placing ads, try to include a key word identifying what you have in the subject line. Make sure you place the word donut for donut shops, not just Tim Hortons. Key words help people find things instantly!
  • Area - Your area can be a keyword. If you are in a small center, place the center name and its relationship to a larger center that may be well known. ie: Barrie (2hr. North of Toronto)  Keep in mind of the 200,000 hits coming in, 65% are from the USA and the rest of the world.  They may have not heard of your community.  Make it easy for them to relate.
  • You still have to fill in the body of the ad by repeating all of the same information that you place in the subject into the searchable fields in the body of the message.  However do not use short forms in the body, use 1,000,000 for price for instance instead of $1M.  This is a searchable field.
  • If you are not receiving calls, please contact our office and we will go over your information with you.  We have found the number one reason of the people who do not receive calls is because of a problem with their information.
  • Re circulate your information a minimum of once every 30-45 days.  It is similar in a sense to placing a classified ad in a newspaper for 30 days.  If it does not sell you should change your ad and you will have another major circulation of your information.  Also many people read the top part of the database and get so busy they do not even read your ad way down in the database.  Free public ads would have to be placed again. All new information and modified listings after 30 days receive a major EMail distribution to the industry.  If it is modified within thirty days it does not go out on the EMail List Service. If you need to send it out, place a new one.
  • In the internet links box you can place links to pictures, photos, site plans, maps, etc.  You should also place links to the local economic development agency.  They are trying to attract people to the area and it can help attract people to your listing.  There are help sheets for this.  Click on Member Area, Resource Center, look for Help Files for The Market ICI World Real Estate Network.  Look for How To Link To Photos and Economic Development Agencies and print it out and look for Training Program and print it out. You may have to log in first since this is for members only. Call for assistance anytime.  This is important to market your properties.
  • Print this out How To Link To Photos
  • Check your listing after you have entered it.  Click on search information, latest, click on the number and read the listing making sure the price is right, etc.  Free public ads, click on Limited View in the FSBO area.  You will only be able to see the subject line.  Always check your links if you place one.

Entering Listings print out.

Please take advantage of our one hour Training Program conducted in your office over the phone.  If you miss doing one of these concepts, you miss making money.

We welcome your suggestions and look forward to hearing about your next deal.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Gary Nusca, CCIM
The Market ICI World Commercial Real Estate Network
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