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Membership Sponsorship Program

Plan to Increase Membership and Pass the Savings On

ICIWorld aims to grow by using the power of the members to increase membership.

This keeps the cost down by not having extra expenses for marketing.

The following sponsorship credit program began March 12, 2013 for your benefit.

Members who sponsor a new member to join will qualify for a reduced renewal fee in 2014 and thereafter.

New members who are sponsored by an Executive Member of ICIWorld will qualify for a reduced membership fee.

If your broker of record is a member, your office has a corporate rate to join.

  • Membership renewals will be raised to $319 annually effective January 1, 2014.
  • New members who are sponsored can join at $240 for the first year. The sponsoring member qualifies to renew at $240 for a year.
  • If you as an Executive Member help get one other salesperson to join, your renewal rate will remain at $240.
  • Additional new members that you sponsor you can be credited with 3 months on your renewal date.
  • Non members of ICIWorld who are licensed real estate brokers and salespeople can also recommend other salespeople to join and receive credit towards an Executive Membership if and when they join. The new member gets a reduced membership fee. The non member will also get a reduced membership fee if and when they decide to join.
  • Requirement: An email from both parties to membership @ is required, in order for both to receive credit. Sample EMail to ICIWorld: I Sam Johnstone as an Executive Member of ICIWorld recommend John Smith to join ICIWorld. Sample EMail from John Smith to membership @ Sam Johnstone recommended me to join ICIWorld. Please confirm you have me registered for a credit. Then click this corporate rate signup or if you are in our database already call the office.
  • Sponsorhips do not apply to any special promotion that may be conducted.
  • Multiple years advanced payments of $240 per year are allowed irrespective of sponsorships.
  • Limitations may be placed at any time in the future without notice at the sole discretion of ICIWorld.
  • This program may be cancelled at any time without notice at the sole discretion of ICIWorld.
  • This program is about enlisting the aid of all members to grow the service. This keeps the price down while increasing networking opportunities for everyone.

A simple EMail to us from both of you will suffice.

Any questions or comments on this new policy please contact us.

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