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One of the main problems that people have is receiving too many emails. That may be because you were taking the emails one at a time instead of the DIGEST method. Digest means you will only get one email with all the listings in the one email.

Let me know if you wish to change to this method. 90% of people prefer this method.

We have over 300 EMail List Servers - these are daily EMails containing new properties for sale or for lease and buyers or tenants looking for space.

We also do a monthly EMailing to the industry.  This is different from receiving daily EMails of properties. It simply contains the latest monthly important reminders on connecting with others in the marketplace. 

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If you think of an EMail List Service that would be helpful for you, your area, your kind of business, or anything beneficial to help make connections in the real estate industry, please contact us. There may be no charge for this service if it benefits the industry.  We build them anyway to facilitate networking.

Groups and organizations can also have EMail List Servers.

If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to contact us.

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