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246292Your own home or business officeExpired 
302634yarker ontarioExpired 
71933Wyndham Bristol Place Hotel, 950 Dixon RoadExpired 
63469Wyndham Bristol Place Hotel The Wyndham Bristol Place Hotel, 950 Dixon RoadExpired 
214274World Wide On the InternetExpired 
159379world wide from your computerExpired 
351586World WideExpired 
364871World WideExpired 
107617World WideExpired 
66695World WideExpired 
351959World WideExpired 
354327Wooler near TrentonExpired 
180203wolfe IslandInactive 
209816within one hour drive from TorontoInactive 
327551within 5 hr from TorontoExpired 
371390Within 150 KM of GTAActive 
132751within 1 hr of TorontoInactive 
354841within 1 1/2 hours driving distance from Toronto Active 
376217Windsor to Toronto to Ottawa, north to Sudbury, Niagara Region Active 
371363Windsor to Toronto to Ottawa, North to Barrie, Niagara RegioActive 
375848Windsor to Toronto to Ottawa, N to Parry Sound, Niagara FallsActive 
371963Windsor to Toronto to Ottawa North to Newmarket, Niagara RegionExpired 
320766Windsor to Toronto to Oshawa, N. to Parry Sound, Niagara,Expired 
368952Windsor to Toronto to Kingston, North to Barrie, Niagara Region.Active 
358863Windsor To Toronto To Kingston, North to Barrie, Niagara RegionExpired 
288393Windsor to Toronto to Kingston, N. to Barrie, Expired 
366187Windsor To Toronto to Kingston, N to Barrie, Niagara Region Active 
366884Windsor to Toronto to Kingston North to Sudbury, Niagara region.Active 
343929Windsor to Toronto to Kingston north to Barrie south to NiagaraExpired 
377542Windsor to Toronto to Kingston Barrie Niagara regionActive 
304056Windsor to Toronto To Kingston and Ottawa, North to Sudbury,Expired 
285500Windsor to Toronto to Brockville, north to SudburyExpired 
364233Windsor to Toronto to Brockville, N. to North Bay, Niagara Region,Active 
369849Windsor to Toronto to Kingston, North to Barrie, Niagara RegionActive 
375308Windsor to PICKERING TO COBOURG to OttawaActive 
366720Windsor to Ottawa- North to North Bay; Niagara RegionExpired 
360546Windsor to Niagara to Toronto to Trenton then North to North BayExpired 
345369Windsor to Hamiilton to Toronto to Oshawa to Peterborough, N. to Barrie.Expired 
237799Windsor to GTA to Ottawa North to Lake Head areaExpired 
346885Windsor - Toronto - Kingston, North to Barrie, South to Niagara RegionActive 
373660Winchester SpringsActive 
250249Whitney to MaynoothExpired 
322811White LakeExpired 
366344Whitby, Oshawa, Courtice, Ajax, Pickering, Clarington, Bowmanville and east OntaActive 
186105Whitby, OntInactive 
97270Whitby, near Oshawa, Region of DurhamSold 
97261Whitby, Durham RegionSold 
337626Whitby to Oshawa to Lake OntarioSold 
218144whiby to brampton and 401 to new marketInactive 
145306Weslemkoon LakeSold 
189295Weslemekoon LakeSold 
289355Waverly Road, BowmanvilleExpired 
163889Waupoos Prince Edward CountyInactive 
307828Waupoos IslandExpired 
372874Waterloo to toronto, to Oshawa, to Barrie, Incl Niagara Region Active 
291167Waterloo to Toronto to Peterborough, N to OrilliaSold 
369430Waterloo to Toronto to Oshawa, North to Barrie, Niagara Region.Active 
352357Waterloo to Toronto to Oshawa north to Barrie and south to NiagaraExpired 
379505Waterloo to Toronto to Cornwall, north to Barrie, Niagara Region,Active 
334027Waterloo to Toronto to Ajax, North to BarrieExpired 
350708Waterloo to Mississauga to Oshawa, N. to Barrie,Expired 
182547Waterloo to Kingston to BarrieInactive 
338240Waterloo to Burlington to Toronto to Oshawa to Peterborough, North to Barrie. Expired 
361769Warden Rd & Hwy 401, ScarboroughExpired 
150538Wanted, Northern Ontario, Barrie to Timmins, Rideau,to Sault Ste Marie,Inactive 
135308wanted Toronto to Sault Ste Marie to Timmins to OttawaInactive 
307280wanted Kitchener to Coburg north to Orillia south to NiagaraExpired 
357870Wanted Burlington to Toronto to Oshawa North to BarrieExpired 
205539Village of MadocInactive 
132139Victoria County, OntarioExpired 
166890USA, Canada, Mexico etc.Inactive 
170821USA and CanadaInactive 
169746USA and CanadaInactive 
373566Upto 3 Hours from TorontoActive 
334012Upper Flinton RoadSold 
217303Upper Flinton RoadSold 
175840Tweed, OntarioSold 
283643Tweed, OntarioSold 
232481Tweed, OntarioSold 
211775Tweed, OntarioSold 
234741Tweed (north of Belleville)Expired 

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